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ZHA (pronounced ‘la) Web TV Your Infotainment Channel Greetings… On August 15, when India was celebrating its 69th Independence Day In New Delhi. when
Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoisted India’s flag
and delevring his speech At the same time, another event
happened in India Karnataka, Maharastra, Tamilnadu
West Bengal and other states Twitteratis who write consistenly on Twitter created a hashtag Stop Hindi Imposition and tweeted their protest If we look at it’s reach, with in few hours It was one of Top 10
twitter trending in India In first place, it was #JaiHind an usual part of Independence day. Despite that, #StopHindiImposition hashtag trended Top 10 in India Soon, it garnered the attention of Media, Politicions, Government… its quite a surprising event. In Tamilnadu since 1937, 1938 there was opposition against Hindi Impostion But, for the first time outside Tamilnadu impostion awareness emerged online in Karnataka joined hands with Lingustic equality group… from tamilnadu and other parts as a pan India protest many surprised and couldn’t believe it happened! Since, few hundreds engaged
in this twitter solidarity and protest #StopHindiImpostion trended Top 10 in Twitter otherwise, it couldn’t have happened. Many wondering, how this happened on Twitter! Many tried of mocking it, such as “Against Hindi Imposition is bogus” “It’s past and dead protest against Hindi Imposition” But, what we have to look at is this storm which was only in Tamilnadu has moved to Maharastra, Karnataka, Andhra Assam – North eastern states, Punjab, Gujarat the reason, why it spread across has to be looked up on. Language equality rights awareness were there, among Students, leaders of Tamilnadu in1965. It wasn’t the same across India But in the last five years, people of the non-hindi speaking states witnessed the effects of Hindi Impostion, everywhere. When noticed, none speaks Marathi in Mumbai almost all speaks in Hindi. In Kolkotta, they speak bengali but Hindi tries replacing Bengali Kannada losses it power in Karnataka, Hindi imposing its power over Kannada commercial ads and central govt’s ads private ads all being occupied in Hindi they witness, there is no Kannada and its shocking to all. So, people of other states carry the protest of what we did in Tamilnadu. Its being carried out in the new generation methods and platform like twitter on Internet social media apart from that, they organise exhibition, conference, symposium… Even more, there is a Facebook group called Promote Linguistic Equality with members around 4000 – 5000 users. likewise, its been time people across India have come together to fight for Language equality. Though Tamilnadu was first to demand rights but in recent times, we didn’t do anything. But, in this 2015, 50th year memory of 1965 Hindi Imposition protest in Tamilnadu, Since Jan 2015, number of groups here joined together and formed a movement “Joint Tamil language rights movement” From that we create awareness through dialog. and fighting for our language rights Two months before, Chennai LIC Life Insurance Corporation of India employees went on a protest in Chepauk the motive was, “Don’t impose Hindi” Before that, it used to be with Indian Railways in South Indian railways, the issues started Last month, in BHEL Ranipet more than 500 employees went on internal protest against Hindi Imposition the main slogan of that was “Don’t impose Hindi” the reason is, all the top position jobs are placed, given only to people coming from North people here don’t get promotion, even jobs refused In 1965, we protested not to become second class citizens of India but today’s scenario, threatens us to be second class citizens in Tamilnadu itself. particularly, in central govt’s jobs top and intermediate positions are only given to people come from Hindi belt. So, workers forced to
fight for their language none would have expected this
strange situation in our place usually, people here in central govt jobs make fun of other,
“why don’t you learn hindi” but today, what they tell us because of Hindi, we are treated
second class citizens the notices which were been in English and Tamil only comes in Hindi and English, such impositions threaten their jobs and promotion and those would be only given to North Indians and these protests takes place in recent times Central govt consistenly imposes Hindi on us, not because we would get jobs in North, In india, Hindi speaking people are given priority and its a discriminative act, hope we shall realise the Hindi Impostion effect! So far we protested alone after observing Twitter protest on Aug 15 People of Non-Hindi speaking states across India, concur with our reason the protest we started 50 years before might have lost its stength, but today it spread across India 20 – 30 year old yongsters risen to their language rights Our united demand is the same including Tamil, Kannada,Malayalam,
Telegu and all other languages must be given offical languagel status of India from that, several demands for language rights must be implemented, is our single motive. Given that, on Sep 19th, 20 – 2015 we planned for Language Rights conference Language rights protesters across
India participating in this event all groups in Tamilnadu joins us all for language rights. There is a prejudice, whoever protest against Hindi Impostion are not considered as Indian patriots by Hindi imposters. Truth is India’s non-hindi speaking people joined together, we have unity among us we demand a question of a different India. we hope for the right answer.

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