In Search Of: SHOCKING LOCH NESS ENCOUNTER (Season 2) | History

end of Loch Ness, Captain Mike Lynch has spotted
an anomaly on his sonar. A dark form near
several shoals of fish that very well might be a
sign of the elusive monster. Whatever it is, the
anomaly is on the move. So the captain has quickly made
the call to deploy the dive team before it can escape. Already on the
count of three– 1, 2, 3, go. [SPLASH] Good, all right. Well done, guys. I say connected goods. [MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: The water is
thick with mud and debris. It also filters out more and
more sunlight with each foot the divers descend. [MUSIC PLAYING] A little bit deeper– past that point where
I can’t see them anymore that prey deep now– straight dark and
murky down there. [BEEPING] NARRATOR: The divers have
reached the upper level of the rock shelf
that the rebel’s equipment spotted from above. The shoals of fish
that initially drew attention to the area
have scattered, perhaps scared away, but by what? [MUSIC PLAYING] Tom is now searching
for anything that could have created
the massive unknown object on the sonar. CHRIS MCKENDRY: What
we’re looking for, the signal to the
surface, is they send me a surface marker buoy. That’s going to where it is
more if they made contact. [MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: The divers have
encountered something massive. As you can see, a large animal
with a vertical tail fin passed directly in
front of the camera, knocking it aside and
kicking up a large cloud of sand and debris. As the cloud subsides,
the creature has disappeared into the darkness. [MUSIC PLAYING] Tom and Ken would prefer to
continue their investigation. But over 150 feet down and with
their oxygen tanks running low, they must return to the surface. Tom prepares to
send up the surface marker buoy to let Chris know
the location of their contact. That’s their [INAUDIBLE] up. NARRATOR: The divers slowly and
carefully make their ascent. CHRIS MCKENDRY: The divers are
definitely seeing something. They definitely made
some sort of contact. It’s just hard to tell
what it is right now. That’s them coming up. We’re almost to the surface. So what did you guys see? NARRATOR: There’s a
chance we’ve identified something new tonight. We may have even seen it. No matter what, we’ve certainly
added to the rich history of this legendary creature. From St. Columba in the year
565 to Alex Campbell in 1933 to Gordon Holmes in
2007, to us here today. One thing is clear– something is out there. There’s only one
way to find out what the Loch Ness Monster truly is. And that’s to keep looking. The search continues. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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