In Search Of: Mystery of the Stronsay Beast (Season 2) | History

NARRATOR: This is the
island of Stronsay. Located due north of Inverness,
it’s a quiet and peaceful place for a seaside getaway. But as zoologist Jeff
Swinney will tell us, on a summer day in
1808, visitors were met with a terrifying sight. JEFF SWINNEY: A fishing boat
noticed something unusual. Their attention was drawn to
it by the screaming gulls that gathered around this
carcass, which had been washed onto some rocks. It was big. It was smelly. This was nothing like
anything they’d seen before. NARRATOR: The fisherman
who had discovered the carcass, a man by
the name of John Peace, approached it with
a group of locals. The island dwellers
were familiar with the occasional beach whale
or a shark carcass that could wash up on the Stronsay shores,
but this was something very different and very, very big. JEFF SWINNEY: What
they found on the beach was an animal with a
relatively small head, only about a foot long, and then
a body which extended 55 feet, and they measured this, so we
know that the measurement was accurate, and about a quarter
of the length of this appeared to be neck, made
up of vertebrae, and then the rest of
the vertebral column going off tail. There appeared to be
three pairs of legs. And the whole body
was covered in what appeared to be matted
fur with a mane of fur running down the
back of the body. This must have been an
extraordinary sight. Imagine, this is what
they would have seen. Must have been absolutely
terrifying, disturbing, this huge, 55-foot-long,
mysterious, six-legged, hairy animal just
lying there on the beach. These were not
just a new species. This was a new
species of megafauna. This was a big animal. This was a sea monster. NARRATOR: It was dubbed
the Stronsay Beast. And news of the discovery
began to spread. News spread fairly rapidly
worldwide that this sea monster had arrived on the shore. They convened a sort of
tribunal, two local justices of the peace taking
sworn affidavits from the local people
who had seen this animal. The remains of the animal
that are still in the museum consists of three vertebrae. I’ve had the opportunity of
looking at the three vertebrae. NARRATOR: After
analyzing the remains, Jeff concluded that the Stronsay
Beast shared many similarities with our potential profile
of the Loch Ness Monster, including a long
narrow shape, flippers on its abdomen, and of
course, its massive size. This is the first physical
evidence of a possible Loch Ness Monster type creature in
Scotland, not a blurry photo or a fleeting sighting,
but actual remains of a species that must have
roamed the area’s waters at some point. JEFF SWINNEY: There are myths,
stories, legends associated with many large bodies of
water all over the world, stories of unknown animals,
Loch Ness in particular. It would, of course,
be really exciting if we had some material
evidence of a new animal, a bit of megafauna, a large
animal, a sea monster. And until we have something
to actually examine, I keep an open mind. NARRATOR: Could the
Stronsay Beast actually be the same species as the
creature long identified as the Loch Ness Monster? The resemblance is
uncanny, as is the timing. In 1808, the year the
Stronsay beast was discovered, there were alleged sightings of
similar creatures in Loch Ness, and in Sweden’s Storsjon Lake. Is this just a
coincidence, or were several of these unknown
animals migrating through northern Europe? [music playing]

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  • Hmmm interesting

  • Thanks for inspiring me to make my own videos<3

  • The Island of STRONZI

  • WOW interesting.. 👌Amazing!

  • Yeah! About that! I'm gonna stick too swimming pools for now on!🐉

  • What about the 6 legs?

  • if the vertebrae still exist why do they not just test them? even if the genetic information is corrupted you can do bone comparisons.

  • I believe it's true because there are lots of unknown creatures in our Oceans to scientists. I am a believer.🍀

  • So this is a hearsay account of a sea creature found in 1808 during a time when people were highly superstitious? And the only evidence is 3 vertebrate we have no way of knowing actually knowing came from the same sea creature? Well, if a 3rd or 4th person telling is what’s covering for evidence these days then this is genuine, no? Of course it’s similar to the Loch Ness “Monster”, the story itself wouldn’t have the same made for TV drama if it didn’t, right? The ole Loch Ness monster, Norway lake monster, North American “Nessy” and Bigfoot…..mythical creatures and campfire stories people base their lives on and despite living in an age of technology where ANYTHING can be found, these creators still elude us? 7 out of 10 of all the photographic evidence of these creatures has been irrefutably proven as hoax’s and the 3 that are genuine are called inconclusive and provide no evidence…..sure, why not base your lives searching for them. The people who do show that the conspiracy, ufo and mystical creature entertainment industry that last year alone grossed $436 million in profits by way of books, TV shows driven the desire to be over dramatic so they can be renewed, documentaries, movies, syndicated radio and conventions, prove that you can’t sustain a suckers industry without the suckers to fund it, can you?

  • Old Oarfish came to surface got caught in a net

  • 55 ft and all they have of it’s remains are 3 vertebrae? X for doubt.

  • We’ve only explored and documented 1% of the oceans, billions of years ago the water levels were higher and we’ve discovered the fossils of animals that once lived in the oceans as they were much deeper and covered more lands. Why can’t these animals, some at least, have survived as the water levels decreased? It would seem that over time, as the water decreases, the animals would migrate. My $.02.

  • I saw Nessie while coming back from a weekend at camp. We were driving back after canoeing, and the teacher was driving the minibus. It was just as the IRA had bombed the Conservatives conference in the late 80s, so the date can be put down exactly…as we were listening too it on the radio. Me and six students, and the teacher all saw it for a good minute, but the teacher never admitted it to anyone else. That teacher has passed, but everyone else who witnessed it is still here. I don't need convincing…but I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it myself, so I don't blame anyone for not believing. I often wonder about Bigfoot and other mythical creatures, are any of those real also?

  • where's this beast located??

  • I feel like its a dinosaur and that dinosaurs and other extinct animals probably still exist here and there. I hate how humans think they know everything and that everything is discovered, its not. And whenever someone proposes something new, its rejected cuz if it exist "we would have already known". I think thats wrong.
    When I was little, around 7 years old, I was at the beach with my mum and we found a huge dead bird carcass. Only it had no feathers. Its wings was hooded with skin like a bat but thicker and it had a long beak with sharp teeth. My mum still remembers this and so do I and my mum is very sceptical of anything out of the ordinary. She doesnt believe in anything basicly. And we went back the day later, it was gone.

  • It was falcore

  • Leviath Confirmly unconfirmed

  • They should change their name to the Fantasy Channel, because this is folklore

  • Its either a carcass of a basking shark or a barn owl.

  • What happened to the rest of the carcass

  • I believe it's just a genetic mutation

  • Ancient astronaut theorists say “YES”

  • I call bs. Scots are the most delusional people in the world. They believe in the lochness, unicorns and that Celtic vs rangers is the biggest match in the world.

  • Rotting whale.. they get mistaken all the time.

  • I shouldn't say this but fishermen see them all the time. Just stay away from the area. The last thing these creatures need is hordes of people photographing them while they rear their young.
    (Good luck with the tourism guys 😉)

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