Imposing My Vision

I’ve tried to impose my vision on people who were not in agreement with it or passionate about that vision, and try as I might this is a failure and not a good way to lead. I had tried to get people to follow me and to help me to establish the vision when they really were not on the same page with me on basic visionary levels. For example, I had people that were on the board, people that were in eldership that I inherited, and I really wanted to raise them up to share the shepherding of the flock with me. But although they liked being on the board and making decisions, they did not have a vision of shepherding the flock with me. Nor did they have a vision of the seriousness of the Jewish life that I wanted to produce in our Messianic Jewish congregation. Then I began to realize that if you are called to a congregation, that God is going to raise up a contingent of people who have potential leadership, that really share your vision and want to implement it. And that if you try to force your vision on people that don’t see it and to twist their arms into it, you might be able to get them to do some of what you want them to do for a season, but it won’t last. Actually, you have to convey your passion to a group of people that are going to have this as a lifetime commitment to the basic things of how you see building in the kingdom of God. This takes place through preaching. Preaching produces a contingent of people who are willing to be discipled and mentored on a personal level, but it also produces a contingent of people that will want to come forth and help you to establish the vision. But if you take a group of people and you try to convince them through your human arguments without them being convicted by the Spirit of God, without them having passion for that vision, it’s very difficult. One leader told me that he wanted to disciple people who wanted to be discipled. He found that trying to disciple people who really didn’t want to be discipled is very difficult. I also found that if you have people that are in official positions of leadership, but they’re not wanting to be trained into your vision and how it’s to be implemented, it’s no end of struggling. I’ve watched some leaders go on for years with a situation like that, and never trained up a group of leaders to become the primary leaders with them of the congregation, and sharing their passion for the vision that they believe God has called them to implement. This is a very, very important principle and a mistake that I’m glad the Lord led me to overcome. My name is Cody Archer, and I’m a part of the Revive Israel team, and I hope you’re enjoying this series on Learning From My Mistakes. If you’ve not yet subscribed to our videos, I want to encourage you right up here, click the subscribe button, turn on your notifications. And also for more great content you can start with watching more videos right here. I used to share too much information with people who are not prepared to handle what I would share with them.

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