Impeachment Trial Day 5: Trump’s lawyers to give opening arguments

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  • Our great commander in chief will soon be exonerated and ready for a second term .He always win, he won kavanaugh nomination and mueller hearing . Is just matter of time to send the Biden’s to trial .

  • The bulk of Democrats are blind…

  • RBA ALL THE WAY. RUSSIAN BRANCH OF AMERICA. THE USA will be DEAD. The same like when Nero Fiddled…

  • Pathetic and weak!!!! Must be tough representing a guilty traitor

  • If you believe these talking points, I feel so sorry for you.

  • Is this defence a joke or what? I cant believe what am hearing.

  • And just like that the Democrats case unravels. Took less than two hours.

  • #JeffreyEpsteins #pedoattorneys protect #thechildrapistinchief #PEDOPOTUS #whatasurprise!

  • Biden is not above the law just because he's running for office. He's corrupt and Trump has every right to call for his investigation. It's that simple.

  • I thought Rudy was gonna open for defense!!!

  • That was so damned weak and low energy!!!

  • Can't believe Trump and goons even lie to themselves – everyone knows that Germany puts in more funds than anyone else and the US – allies know they are lying too!

  • No evidence? And the Republikans support these liars? Fools.

  • People have already made up their minds. It's all political. He gave people the facts and clearing shows no grounds for impeachment. I know democrats want to believe otherwise just to secure White House. This is about democrats seeking power at any cost. Democrats truly only care about themselves. Democrats destroying our nation!!!!!!!


  • Excellent defensive arguments. Now we have two divergent opinions, enough now for the Senate to bring more investigation and or witnesses to clear up the differences.

  • Vote every republican out of office in november….EVERY. LAST. ONE.


  • All the talk about what the European don't do was to bring on the bribe.

  • We all know tRump is guilty. Just listen to the Parnas tape. Guilty.

  • He said to put our selfs in Trumps shoes, I would be under the jail. I’m just saying

  • The defense isn't worried about it because Trump has already warned Republican Senators that if they go against him that their heads will be put on a pike. Would you want to lose your job just like so many others Trump has given the ax? They are literally puppets on a string.

  • The Dems are hiding evidence?! The Dems wanted witnesses and subpoena documents the White House is literally hiding documents and witnesses


  • Why isnt local tv showing the Republican side but FULL 24 HR COVERAGE FOR COUP DEMONCRATS!

  • Its fun to read liberal idiots melting down

  • History will remeber ur names. The truth will prevail. #Impeach2020

  • None of this defense makes sense.

  • I call BS.
    So, they are saying that because we do more than the EU to support Ukraine, we should end our monetary support to defend themselves against Russian aggression?

  • Hey LC. You will never get that full bird dishonoring your oath like you did, you should be facing a firing squad.

  • My favorite part was when Schiff did a spot on impression of Trump. 😂

  • Pelosi has the letters in her name that tells a lot about herself POS

  • Clearly the #Trump defense is bore them to death. I mean really

  • Trump didn't put hold on aid until after the July 25th call…..90 mins later! Why? Obviously Trump wanted the Ukraine 2 investigate Biden his 2020 Presidential [opponent]

  • It is NOT the obligation of the defense to prove ANYTHING!! He is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty! It is CLEARLY the obligation of the house to ask for, and go to court to receive, witnesses and documents! It is CLEARLY the obligation of the Senate to look at that evidence and then decide if the President of the United States should be removed from office based on that information that the house has presented.

  • White House Council defense argument is Joke get rid of him.

  • OMB issued a report that stated that Trump withholding Ukranian aid violated law so how wasnt it an abuse of presidential power? They said it's no evidence so let's call witnesses Bill Barr and Bolton.

  • Defense language " CHINESE".

  • Explain to me again why all these countries… esp USA need to help Ukraine with money?
    ( I lived there 10 years… it just goes into corrupt politicians / gangsters pockets)

  • “Slight Schiff in gears” 😂😂

  • wow!!! half of the people watching this are brainwashed by adam'shitf

  • tons of evidence wtf is he talking about?

  • oh boy he is opening a can a worms so more European countries hate us even more

  • Here it is:

    Listen how Trump gets played by Parnas

  • this guy is awful no talent in presenting

  • Tear up the ballots. Um Trump lost the popular vote. We only have him thanks to the electoral college.

  • My lawyer cost like 400-450 per hour, so how much are these attorneys costing the taxpayer? How much overtime pay are these congress people gonna get for this and how much time has been wasted? My vote, for Tulsi, won't win most likely, but let it just go to a vote. Trump's campaign never colluded w/Russia nor affected the vote as Mueller's report said and Asking to look into Biden's & Barishma?? is no proof that he's trying to cheat in the next election. Really doesn't have to cheat against Joe, he'd win that debate hands down. If you can't let it go to a vote and are trying to exclude him from the ballot , then only you are cheating cause just as Al Greene said, he'll win if he's allowed to run. Too bad Tulsi, who would have had a fighting chance to debate him wasn't the choice of mainstream media.

  • This liar from CBS is not a reporter. She's a partisan hack. Sondland said he "presumed" that investigations were tied to the White House meeting, not aid. That's his direct testimony. Presumptions are not facts. They're opinions. Do we need to define the two? Because your seem genuinely confused, CBS.

    This is nothing but lies from the alphabet news, just like Russian collusion was a lie.

  • The GOP are snowflakes.

  • How about some REAL NEWS about what's going on instead of all this PURE PROPAGANDA SIDETRACKING? Our military is being MISused to continue following Bush's PREPLANNED war list that is installing U.N. NWO compliant leaders, and we have NO business even BEING IN the Middle East! 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB, and this has been exposed everywhere! Why are we giving ANY countries OUR money when we are TRILLIONS in debt?! That's pure INSANITY, deliberately ROBBING U.S. citizens and BANKRUPTING OUR COUNTRY! And THIS is what these scumbags have done and are CONTINUING TO DO! Including Trump! Please watch and share this with your sheriff. Also click my icon and watch my implants video, because I am convinced that ALL of us have at least the eyebrow implants, and we need to scrape them out.!

  • Is this supposed to be scary. Why is he talking so slow and spooky. This is a lawyer even elementary teacher don't talk to toddler's like this . Wow thanks for a copy of the transcript ah nah its been edited. Doe doe the bird. This guy is doing a two step. Side to side and rock ah ti do da. Is this apart of the presentation a dance. BORING AND VERY SLOW THIS IS A WORD A MINUTE. AND SHORTHAND TYPIST WOULD FALL ASLEEP.

  • The way you talk is a VIOLATION

  • Wow the response is: 2 vs 2 what a great country…I say freedom for speech for all.

  • We all have to know around the globe in America that all this lawyers for Donald Drum are all faked lawyers never listen or believe what they say just ignores them lawyer's don't waist your life and your time with Republicans

  • Trump's grandfather was deported from Germany for dodging the draft. No wonder he does not like his homeland.

  • The dems should be in jail for treason

  • Looks like Schiff has hit the fan.

  • Well, Trump always takes 4 scoops. So, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024. Then 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031, 2032, 2033, 2034.

  • In opening remarks the Trump attorney Cipollone waste no time and does just what the Democrats predicted they would do, attack the process, the presenters personally and lie. Look at anything but what the President did… Ann As for their lies (They locked all the president's people out of the process, why would they do that)…not true, remember the invitation letter sent from Congress? It was addressed to the very Trump attorney speaking the lie, that congressional invitation was rejected in a glowing refusal on the record and was followed with a blanket blockade of all legal congressional subpoenas for documents and witnesses that is the obstruction. Next the Trump team says (there is no evidence)…. wow, I just saw a lot of evidence in the last few days and I understand there is a lot more evidence out there for the American People to see and these attorneys even claim this evidence would exonerate the President but the President's Republican Party won't allow anyone to see it, how convenient is that for the accused. Imagine if any of us Republican or Democrat went into a courtroom and said, I'm innocent of the crime your honor and the evidence proves it, but you can not see it, yet you should still let me go. What do any of us think that judge would say? Obviously this Cipollone guy should be arguing his own defense in front of the American Bar Associations as to my understanding pandering to a tribunal is a serious violation of his law license. Lawyers are not suppose to openly and knowingly lie in a proceeding as he is doing and the presiding judge should admonish him. I guess if I were a Democrat according to Republican logic, I should just say this is happening because the Judge presiding (Chief Justice Roberts) is a Republican Partisan a Political Operative appointed by a Republican President he is illegitimate and therefor the trial is illegitimate. Yet the Democrats don't do that and in fact just the opposite. Wither it is this Chief Justice or if it was Comey "a Republican" or Mueller "a Republican" the Democrats respect the rule of law. They show up and testify under oath for 14 hours because the American People lawfully request to hear from them as did Hillary. The Democrats produced documents they did not obstruct the multiple investigations try to hide evidence from the American People even when it was Republican Controlled Committee after Republican Controlled Committee that Investigated Repeatedly over several years and spending millions of tax payer dollars to hurt the Democrats in a future election as Kevin McCarthy admitted on national TV to doing. The Democrats honored the Rule of Law. As A life Long Republican it sickens me to see my once great political party the party of Abraham Lincoln so corrupted and morally lost. Marsha Blackburn, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, Mr. Kennedy from Louisiana and so so many other Republican Senators, it is like watching a parade of of clowns dancing around a bonfire of their vanities. It would be laughable if it were not so tragic and dangerous.

  • So the White House lawyers argue Ukraine did not know there was a hold on the money for another month, but we had learned of various other reports they had learned hours and days later. Why are House lawyers ignoring the facts?

  • He says we need witnesses and documents

  • Then release the full call. What do you have to hide. JAIL?

  • Weak opening arguement

  • I have the Best Lawyers!! They are Cut from the same Dirty! Filthy! Cloth! As Me

  • Our media is turning into the same liieing manipulating media like the Russian media I see no difference anymore with all the lying and disinformation

  • Great Scott, Marty! It's Doc Emmett Brown! @ 3:26:55

  • What a shame of the US having to endure more lies at the senate by these lawyers. The evidence is so OVERWHELMING against Trump – no matter how the defense laywers try to spin it.

  • Schiff was paraphrasing. I think sensible people understood that.

  • Mr, pat cipalone the only evidence that is hide is the witnesses and documents those are the real facts now if you can dispute all them text and condinarion from officials if you can dispute that then but then the Americans people will believe you stop all your bs

  • There is channel for investigation and trump never did that

  • EATHER there are many TROLLS, Or they just weren't LISTENING to ALL the evidence that was presented the past few days .
    Obvious that the White House is hiding Guilty, CRIMINAL PRACTICES.
    IMPEACH and REMOVE the Lieing King PHYCOPATH Trump and his Administration.
    SelfServing GREEDY FASCISTS.

  • Defense needs to stop deflecting. i mean.. trump said it


  • What a sham

  • If pro life is the goal, wouldn't Mike Pence be a Way better person to further that goal?? someone who actually believes in the movement?

  • Then take out the full call all of it not just part of it all of the call and transcript being it on lawyer

  • What the Fock is wrong with magats?

  • where did shiff get the made up phone call What does he say is the origin
    of that transcript ?

  • If TRUMP was concerned about Burden Shares why when asked about hold up aide to Ukrainian How come TRUMP didn't state that.THAT IS WHY WE NEED A FULL TRIAL AND LET THE TRUTH FALL WHERE IT MAY

  • Thump didn't ask Ukraine about corruption in 2017 or 2018? What changed in 2019?

  • The "entire" transcript is not the full call. Classic.

  • After hearing more of the transcripts than what the democrats shared, how can anyone not see that this impeachment is not legitimate, and that CBS is bias!

  • Democrats are going down down down.. lol

  • Why didn’t Schiff show all the testimony from the wittnesses, only the ones that make their claim. CBSN is just as bias as CNN. Just listen to what the wittnesses actually said. Like the Prsendent’s lawyers state, why should you believe that they can read their mind and what they really meant to say.

  • Are these guys just killing TIME.

  • Sticks and stones break bones names will Never hurt us. And about those threats ? They proved Trump is a threat to society ! An embarrassment to our country🇺🇸

  • Time for witnesses and documents. This slapdash presentation was an insult to anyone with a modicum of intelligence.

  • Only the President and Rudy fruity and all the kings men are on recordings saying that they did it and that they were directed to quid pro quo everything including there underpants.

  • Trump threw his lawyer's under the bus tank and ship. They look dry and evidence less.

  • Trump Never Loses!!!
    ….. except the time he bankrupted Trump Taj Mahal (1991), Trump’s Castle and Trump Plaza Casinos (1992), Trump Plaza Hotel (1992), Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts (2004), Trump Entertainment Resorts (2009), Trump Steaks
    ,GoTrump (online travel site), Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgage, Trump: The Game,Trump Magazine, Trump University, Trump Ice (bottled water), The New Jersey Generals (pro football team), Tour de Trump (bicycle race), Trump Network (nutritional supplements), Trumped! (syndicated radio spot). but yeah except those things and the popular vote he wins everything!!

    Go Trump!!!


  • You must vote, that's the only way this will end.
    Than drain the swamp thru term limits and campaign finance reform

  • No mention of Rudy… hmmmmm

  • You need to yield to the bath house and vomit up that crap and find a new attempt.

  • Why doesn't Trump just release the full transcript of the call and have the people who could prove his innocence testify on his behalf? Because he is GUILTY!

  • Evidence is a bi-partisan issue: tell these Senators that the President’s impeachment trial must include witness testimony and documents. Allow subpoenas! Romney: 202-224-5251, Murkowski: 202-224-6665, McSally: 202-224-2235, Gardner: 202-224-5941, Collins: 202-224-2523, Burr: 202-224-3154, Alexander: 202-224-4944

  • This chick is a liberal hack

  • So then went from Ukraine didn't know the hold was on to ambassador maria's what. To what is his point now we in real time . Un organized. Thats the point.

  • Trump 2020!!!

  • Oh these guys get paid to flip pages.

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