Immigrants at Ellis Island | History

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  • Wait, an actual history doccumentary on the history channel?

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  • This seems so simple and easy. Literally less than 15 minutes to get through it all. Today people are stuck waiting 10 years + just to hear back.

  • Finally real history and not propaganda of the left, also the ellis island immigrants brought papers fyi

  • Very helpful, Thanks

  • Finally, immigration white people like! Haha!

  • I was expecting some alien twist at the end….

  • Word cause the average income for an immigrant traveling to America in the 40-50s was about $1000 annually yet a cheap seat cost $300?

  • Ellis island was in New Jersey

  • And of course that's what happened after Ellis Island opened. Why not talk about all the immigrants that went through Castle Garden. Thats where most of my family landed in the 1870's & '80s from Germany.

  • i have been been their before

  • REAL IMMIGRATION. Not illegal immigration, crossing over the river or border without vetting and checks.

  • Both my maternal grandparents came through Ellis Island. Glen

  • When immigrants actually used to come legally and follow the immigration system. Back when Americas immigration system wasn't a joke.

  • 4 dei miei 8 bisnonni sono passati lì

    4 of my 8 great grandparents have passed there

  • i love ells isand

  • So these people just entered and that was it?? I'm over here running from Border Patrol.

  • Yeah but today you wait year's

  • This is not the way the Mexicans came to the US. They came in two categories: Wet backs & Scratch backs. Wet back were the one's who swam across the Rio Grande river while the Scratch Backs crawled underneath a barb wire fence. Hence their backs got scratched by the barb wire.

  • Most smart immigrants come to America and work for the rest of their lives. But when they retire they go back to their country while collecting social security check or retirement checks and live a better affordable life because retiring in America is just way too expensive and the dollar go's a long way from another foreign country. There are many American born citizens that decide to leave America because of this and retire abroad.

  • I needed this to do a project on Immigrants at school, Thanks!

  • Even before the turn of the century, each individual was accurately accounted for. Even back then, these immigrants had proper documentation. They were held in facilities if they didn't and were ultimately required to provide documentation before being approved entry. It is rarely discussed, but a few were also deported.
    Today, no proper accounting and fake documents…….if they had any.

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  • We need a new Ellis island built on the south border and on the North border


  • This is always interesting to me, learning about immigration to America then and now. Oh, by the way, I'm not one of the 40%'ers. When my ancestors emigrated to America, the last Ice Age was coming to an end and woolly mammoths still existed. They crossed the Bering Strait Land Bridge instead of a gangplank. I'm not as all-American as I thought. 1/16 of me is French, with that great, great grandfather coming over before Ellis Island.

  • This is when the racist white man allowed all his dirty buddies to come live on the continent he just stole and had slaves build

  • come faccio a trovare i nomi d i immigrati'

  • Du bist cool mach weiter so bro

  • It kinda bugs me how you show German WW1 soldiers and say "persecution" at 0:40

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  • I am Italian and my great grandfathers name was spelt wrong and now the misspelling is my last name

  • Alors toi aussi tu regardes cette vidéo nule

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