If Your Search History Was Made Public | CLIP FROM BAD INTERNET EP 3

♪♪ [ominous music] Hello, America. Do not adjust
your television sets. The Coalition
for Transparency has taken over
this broadcast. Too long, people have
hidden their truths. The world needs
transparency, now more than ever. Two hours from now,
your world will change. Two hours from now,
we will know all. Two hours from now,
we will reveal your search histories. [all laughing nervously] That’s ridiculous. – Yeah, right.
– That’s silly. – This is silly.
– Big whoop. Okay. [static, beeping] Wow, well, I guess
I know I’m gonna delete
my search history once I get home. Folks, our producers
will figure out what that was. In the meantime… Honey, do you know where
I put my grey suit? I just remembered
I need it for tomorrow. – I think it’s–
– The laundry room! Don’t worry,
I’ll get it. Oh, shoot,
it’s Wednesday. I have to take, uh… I forgot tennis…
I’m so forgetful! I–I… – Yeah, me, too.
– Okay. ♪♪ ♪♪ [all exhaling] – Hey.
– [news in background] Olive, how was piano
this week? Folks, thank you
for sticking with us. We are now hearing that even if you delete
your local search history, it will still be available
somewhere else, meaning, in all likelihood, it will be released. Sorry, Parm. That’s gonna be
really bad. ♪♪ Thanks for watching
“Bad Internet.” If you liked that,
you can watch the whole series
at YouTube Red. Come on, I’ll take you. Don’t be shy. Eww, your hands
are clammy. ♪♪ Find your own way. ♪♪

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