If I can’t choose between two, I eat both [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.02.16]

(Jjamjjamyeon is jjajangmyeon and jjamppong separated.) (No separation!) (The sauces are in the same bowl without a divider.) (It’s a fantastic balance between spicy and sweet.) (Mixed jjamjjamyeon is Gochang’s delicacy.) Thank you for the food. – Thank you for the food. / – Thank you for the food. Thank you all. This looks very interesting. This is very unique. This is half jjamppong and half jjajangmyeon. This is like stir-fried jjamppong. – Ravi. / – I’ll try it. (Slurping) How is it? (He’s happy.) Does it taste like jjajangmyeon or jjamppong? – In between. / – What? – In between? / – It’s right in between. I like the aroma and spice. (It makes him smile.) It’s not just one. It’s not just jjajangmyeon. (Jongmin tries a bite too.) What do you think? – I get what you mean. / – It’s odd, right? – Have you tried it, Mr. Moon? / – No. There should be no mistakes in the first experience. I’ve never seen anybody wait for noodles to simmer. This is a historical moment, so Seyoon is paying close attention. Seyoon is paying close attention. (He appreciates the aroma first.) (He eats all of it.) (Splendid slurping skills) He’s appreciating it. (They’re always fascinated.) How does he do it? (He inhales it without cutting the noodles.) I’m satisfied. When jjamjjamyeon first came out, some were happy, but we obese people were not happy. You should have one of jjajangmyeon and jjamppong each. There was a complaint, but it got solved – with this dish. / – Together. This is a good thing about Two Days and One Night. – What? / – Food you can eat in each region. Last time, Junghoon and I tried something. – Have you had Dasida jeon? / – Dasida jeon? You make jeon with Dasida. (It’s a kelp.) Kelp? (He’s embarrassed.) – Dasida? / – I knew you would do that. You don’t know what you tried. (I’m thirsty.) (Please remember the kelp!) It says Book Village by the entrance. How did you think of the idea? Gochang is a city of lifelong learning and humanities. I thought of a way I can contribute to Gochang. If you can recommend one book you read. It’s called “Eighty, Flower”. – What? / – “Eighty, Flower”. – 80 flower? / – Yes. Is it about how you can still blossom at 80 years of age? Or is it like this? The flower is the same and doesn’t change, but your perspective changes as you age and become 80. Were you always like this? – He’s good. / – That’s very deep. His thoughts are very unique. This old lady never learned to draw, and she could not write well, but something blossomed. She expressed that as a flower. When you ask what flower this is, if you know the name, you can tell people, but if you don’t know, then it’s an unknown flower. She made a picture book, and it was called “Eighty, Flower”. (Come to me like a butterfly) (I’ll wait as a hundred) (or a thousand different flowers) – The expressions are really nice. / – Right? “When green is deep in the ginkgo trees,” “things inside put on some weight.” – Animals inside? / – Yes. Spring is here. This is touching. She lived life to the fullest. The author passed away last September. (Ms. Kim Seonsoon passed away last year.) Really? We had a commemorative exhibition. It was our way of celebrating her life. (An exhibition to celebrate the author’s life) (“Village Book, Going to School Today”) (She held markers instead of hoe.) (They got left behind,) (but her dream of 80 years will blossom forever.) (“Eighty, Flower”) There were no contents like this before. There were so many talented people who faded away. Once you leave this world, your stories disappear as well. We’re trying to cherish it this way. – We might be like that too. / – Right. We have enormous talents, but we just don’t know. – I know what my talent is. / – What? Sleeping outside is my talent. – Really? / – I did it several weeks in a row. Keep showing your talent. We’ll write your name on the tent. This tent is DinDin – Oh, gosh. / – Outdoors is DinDin Nobody can approach you. From Gochang straight to home. (We’ll fly to anywhere in Korea.) A region that protected its long history… With firmness like that of an impregnable fortress. A region with its natural greens… Where you can spend a day as in the movies. (Chuckling) A region with scenery found in children’s stories… And full of warm smiles. (A region with scenery and warm smiles) Gochang, North Jeolla Province is romantic and delightful. – Please… / – Visit! Two Days – One Night! / – One Night! (Two Days and One Night)

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