If Google Was A Girl

[MUSIC] I’m feeling lucky. [RECORD SCRATCH] No, I’m sorry, honey. No one’s feeling lucky today. Ew. Hey guys! It’s Google. I got this idea
from College Humor, because they did if Google was
a guy, and it’s really funny. So I’m going to put
the link down below. You should go watch it. I’m currently having a
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up if you like it, and comment down below what
you would respond to these, and let’s get on with the video. Yo, quick, how do I
clear my search history? Fast! I can clear it, but
what were you looking up that was that bad? Let’s see. [RECORD SCRATCH] Oh! It’s in the trash. No one will ever find out now. So where do I get a
little black dress? Well, you could see this
black dress, which is cute, but you can also see this black
dress from the company that paid us to show it to you. Oh, cute. Let me see that. Perfect. Can I rent– A car when you’re
under the age of 25? No, you can’t. But look at that. We’re already finishing
each other’s sentences. What are you doing after this? Want to maybe get lunch? Is it true that Zane
left One Direction? Yeah, he left a while ago. Oh my god! Do girls like man buns? I mean, yeah, some girls– oh. Yeah. What do I do if I accidentally
made out with my twin sister’s boyfriend? What? OK, I’m sorry, honey. How do you accidentally make
out with someone’s boyfriend? It’s not an accidental thing. When’s Valentine’s Day? It was last week. You might want to
download match.com. Maybe I will join this. Is Louis Tomlinson’s
baby a paid actor? Proof that Larry is real. I have it right here, actually. Is Kim Kardashian’s butt fake? I’m not going to say anything,
but here’s some pictures that people claim are before
and after from the surgery? What do I do– If I accidentally made out with
my twin sister’s boyfriend? Wait, what? I’m way closer with you then
I am with your twin sister, so I had to tell you. Sorry. jebbush.com. Here you go. Took me to the wrong place. This is Donald Trump’s website. I didn’t have
anything to do this. Are Kelly Jenner’s lips fake? Rclbeauty101. Or, no. OK, try Rachel Levin. Are you really googling
yourself right now? What are DJ Khaled’s
keys to success? Oh. DJ Khaled’s keys to success. Lion order. And another one,
and another one. I need pictures of hot girls. Here’s some hot girls. These are all pictures of you. Show me [? dorper ?] sheep. Kanye West Taylor Swift. Kanye West Wiz Khalifa. Kanye West bankruptcy? What’s going on? I don’t know. Why are cats afraid
of cucumbers? I don’t think that cats
are scared of cucumbers– oh, would you look at that. Oh my god, they’re so cute! What do I do if I spilled
water on my computer– Hello? You there? Oh, his computer
must have broken. That sucks. Hello, what can I help you? Wait, you’re not Google. Sit down. I’m better than Google. I’m Yahoo. Yeah, I gotta go. No, wait, come back. No, no– Yahoo. So what do I do
if I accidentally made out with my
girlfriend’s twin sister? I’m done. I’m done. I quit. So I have
[? aggression toward ?] this video. If you didn’t see my
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not subscribed already. OK, I love you guys so much! Bye!

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