I Wore a Man Thong For a Week And This Is What Happened || Funny CHALLENGE

What’s sexier, and more useful, than a thong? From exotic dancers to people not wanting
to show underwear lines, the thong is there to titillate and aid in keeping you from embarrassing
yourself in public. But what is it like to actually wear a thong? Well, we could’ve simply asked literally any
female in the world- but we thought it’d be really funny- err, we thought that we needed
a scientific investigation into the pros and cons of this underwear choice. So once more we turn to your favorite guinea
pig as we task him with wearing man thongs for a whole week! Day 1: Is anybody else in our audience old
enough to remember The Thong Song? Just curious, because that’s been stuck in
my head now since I first opened the email with this challenge. Wearing man thongs for a week? Well, I’ve already went commando so honestly,
what could be so hard about this? Well, turns out I have to go buy them first,
because of course Infographics isn’t going to spare a single ounce of potential humiliation
if they can help it. Oh, and I also have to go to a public pool
and try out the swim style too, because apparently that’s important to the thesis of the challenge. They literally wrote in the assignment email
that they needed to, and I quote, “understand how thongs operate in an underwater environment.” Right. It has nothing to do with public humiliation. Well, the one person who’s got no problem
with the challenge is the girlfriend, who’s been looking at me with this weird half-smile,
half-day dreaming look on her face since I told her about the challenge. I asked her what was going on and she finally
kind of blushed a little bit and said, “I don’t know, I think I’m kind of turned on
by this whole idea.” I blame that male stripper movie- what was
it called? Oh yeah, Magic Mike. She never saw it- we don’t do anything that
could take the intimacy focus away from each other, and honestly, we never really need
to. But I think she really likes the idea because,
well, she’s had me strip for her on more than one occasion. Hey, when you’re with someone long enough
you have to put effort into your romantic life and keep it exciting for both of you. So now she’s apparently kind of really excited
about me having to wear these for a whole week. If this turns into a whole roleplaying thing
and then ends with me getting a job at a male strip club, I’m gonna be calling it quits
on this whole challenge thing… The rules are simple: buy man thongs, wear
man thongs, 24 hours a day for a full week. I’m not sure what to expect. I’ve never worn anything similar before, honestly
it kind of seems like thongs would just give you a permanent wedgie and you’d have that
uncomfortable feeling all day long. I guess I’ll be finding out. See you guys in three days. Day 3: The first thing I had to do was go
actually buy me a thong, and turns out you really can’t just go anywhere and buy a thong
for men. I went to Target at first and well, they didn’t
carry any though the girl I asked for help finding them gave me a very odd look for a
moment after I asked her. I went to another chain store and same luck. Finally I text the girlfriend for help in
finding somewhere and I could practically feel her rolling her eyes through the text
message. She immediately told me to go to an adult
clothing shop. In hindsight, that’s kind of obvious. I asked her to come with me because I felt
really weird going to a place like that on my own, and I guess I thought it would be
less weird if I went in there with my significant other. She agreed and an hour later we were both
in a small boutique shop- that’s the great thing about Los Angeles, you can find literally
anything here. The store was run by an older woman who was
super friendly to us as soon as we walked in, and then immediately started asking us
about ourselves. She told us she had been married for over
twenty years, and then went into way too much detail about their love life and why she opened
up this store. Then she looked the girlfriend up and down
and said something along the lines of, “oh you’re a hot momma, have I got some things
for you to wear that’ll put him on his knees!” That’s when I had to explain that we were
actually here for me, and she sort of looked me up and down and said, “oh well good for
you, honey, you know most men don’t even put any effort into it!” Did I mention how overly friendly this woman
was? Well, I told her I was looking for thongs
for men, and she showed me to an astonishingly large selection of them. Let me tell you, I’m a pretty confident guy,
I exercise regularly and watch what I eat. But man, I was immediately intimidated thinking
about having to walk around in one of these things. I feel like for a man to confidently walk
into a store and buy a male thong, he either has to be European or a male stripper. Well, I selected three- although the girlfriend
made me put back a kilt-thong and told me to not be ridiculous. Yes, a kilt-thong, as in a tiny little kilt
that was also a thong. I’m not making this stuff up. I went into the changing room with my three
thongs, and slipped the first one on. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure what it was supposed
to feel like, what would be a ‘good fit’ so to speak. What I do know is that I turned around to
look at myself in the mirror and realized something: there were no mirrors in the changing
stalls. There’s only one mirror, and it’s outside
in the small hallway where all the stalls are at- and which is wide open to the rest
of the store. That seems like poor design choices in my
opinion. So I slid out of my stall, hoping the store
didn’t immediately become packed with people while I was in my stall- and I ran straight
into another guy. Like, we literally ran into each other and
touched chest to chest, and, well, other parts too. I guess his girlfriend or wife or whatever
was in another stall and he was going to check on her or something when I came out of my
stall and we ran into each other. Hey, you know what’s the most uncomfortable
thing in the world? Making chest-to-chest contact with another
guy when all you’re wearing is a half-millimeter of fabric wrapped around your package. I think I saw him die a little inside when
I looked into his eyes. I know I certainly did. He hurriedly shuffled past mumbling an apology…
oh man, this is going to be a hell of a week. So, the girlfriend was waiting by the mirror
along with the shopkeeper for some strange reason. Somehow she had become part of our shopping
experience, as if she didn’t have a store to run. The girlfriend’s eyes immediately went wide
and then she started laughing, but then she kind of quieted down and bit her lower lip. The shopkeeper looked at her and winked at
me and said, “I think she likes it!”. I looked in the mirror and… well, you had
seriously better have some good body image if you’re thinking of wearing a thong, because
those things leave nothing to the imagination. Also, um, they are drafty, to say the least. Like I was there, on full display, keeping
almost no secrets from any prying eyes. I decided I really didn’t need to know what
they looked like on me and rushed back to the stall. The challenge was officially on, so I just
wore it out under my jeans and ripped out the tag so they could be rang up. The shopkeeper was even nice enough to recommend
a swimming set, but she warned us that some public beaches forbade the wear of thongs
for men or women. No mention of public pools though. So I’ve been wearing these things for two
days now, and well, it feels strange to say the least. Before I even went to try one on I realized
that these things are so tiny that I’d have to, well, manscape, if you will. Only turns out you have to manscape like,
a lot. Basically, unless you want to look like a
gorilla in a speedo, you have to weed whack almost everything away. That left my skin extremely sensitive, and
well, the material is really soft and the feeling of it on your skin can sometimes be…
kind of nice. I didn’t mind that much, what I did mind is
the tendency that thongs have to ride up on you. More than once my thong ended up poking out
the top of my jeans and I’d catch people staring. Once it happened in front of a lady and her
small kid while we were waiting in line at Panda Express, and I am pretty sure that lady
now thinks I’m some sort of deviant, because she quickly moved her child to the opposite
side of her body, away from me. Oh, I very quickly forgot about bending over
to pick things up. Instead, I bend at the knees now for everything,
which is kind of really weird to see a guy do. But, you know, I don’t want to keep looking
like a tramp in public. That’s half my week’s worth of observations,
see you guys at the end. Day 7: Who knew wearing man thongs would be
such a journey? One of the things I regularly do is go to
the gym to do laps in the pool, it really helps with my back and leg injuries from my
service years and keeps me from getting really sore. If you’ve been watching our show for a while,
then you already know that going commando is nothing too new for me, I occasionally
do it and you know what, if you show up at the gym changing room and drop your pants
and aren’t wearing underwear, it’s literally no big deal. There’s tons of naked dudes in a men’s locker
room, it’s the most natural thing in the world. Dropping your pants and revealing you’re wearing
a thong though, now that gets attention. And it’s not very comfortable attention. It’s just not… normal. Also- and I didn’t expect this at all- I kind
of felt extremely self-conscious. Which is weird, because I just mentioned that
at least once a week I drop trousers in front of several dozen men and shower off in a big
shower room full of them. Being naked is honestly not a big deal for
me, but being in a thong- well that was different. Wearing a thong is like making a statement,
and my uncomfortable feeling came from a nagging question in the back of my mind which I couldn’t
help but ask myself: can I pull this thing off? I feel like when you’re wearing a man thong,
you’re saying to the world- look at me, I have the body to do this. Am I the only one that thinks this way? Like I said before, I’m in good shape, but
I’m definitely not like the male models in catalogs that actually sell these things. I guess this is what it feels like to be a
modern woman. Wow, I’m so sorry ladies. Well, if it was weird to drop my pants and
show to the locker room that I was wearing thongs, it was even weirder to then switch
into thong swimming bottoms. How can I explain them? Well, imagine you have the tiniest sack in
the world, and you have to stuff all of yourself into that sack and then the tiniest bits of
string stretches around your waist to keep the whole thing from falling off. That was my bathing suit. I think I was 99.99% bare flesh. Nothing, and I mean nothing was left to the
imagination. Not knowing if I’d get kicked out or not,
I strutted out to the pool and waited for a lane to be clear so I could hop in and do
my laps. Lucky me, the place was pretty decently packed,
although since it’s at a gym there were no kids around. Pretty sure at this point I could’ve been
arrested as a sex criminal if there had been a minor in that gym. Nobody started at me more than the head lifeguard
on duty. It was like he was trying to figure out if
there was any sort of regulation against my swim wear. Obviously, you’re not allowed to swim naked-
that’s against regulations. But how much of a difference is there between
naked and the few inches worth of cloth I was physically wearing? In the end, none of the lifeguards said anything,
and I was happy to get in the water and get my shrink-wrapped plums out of line of sight
of several dozen eyeballs. When I tell you that this left nothing to
the imagination, I mean it. Although, as I was doing my laps I have to
admit, it feels so much better swimming this way. It felt so free, like it was just me and the
water and nothing between me and the sweet caress of mother nature. I felt like a dolphin just sliding through
the water effortlessly, no friction, like a hot knife through butter. This is the way man was meant to swim. Then I climbed out of the pool and realized
why I had been feeling so free- my thong had slipped completely off and was floating somewhere
in the middle of the pool. I stood there, my captain’s mast on full display
to men and women of all ages, and the next thing I remember is like four lifeguard whistles
blowing at the same time, and the nearest lifeguard throwing her towel on me and yelling
at me to get out. And that’s the story of how I’ll never be
returning to that gym ever again. Thanks, Infographics. Alright, so other than marking yet another
public place off the list of places I’m allowed to show my face at, how was my week wearing
man thongs? Honestly you kind of get used to it. The string up my cheeks really bothered me
for a while, and then I kind of just got used to it. It really just sort of fades from your mind,
although it does make you… strangely sensitive to stimuli like the fabric
of your jeans rubbing against the fabric of your thong in the front. Also, it turned the girlfriend into a total
hornball. I don’t think either of us knew about this
secret fixation she apparently has with man thongs, but even though I won’t be wearing
them voluntarily ever again- and definitely not for swimming- I’m also going to hang on
to them for, you know, special events. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m pretty sure that
the girlfriend is about to ask me to sign up for male stripping lessons. That’s another pressing scientific question
answered by your favorite lab rat, and now that you’re at the end of the video, why not
discover more about the weird, wonderful world we live in- or maybe you just want to see
other ways we’ve tortured everyone’s favorite guinea pig?! Click on this video over here, or this one
right here!

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