Logang I spent 14,000 dollars on the contents of this box, so I could make history. DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN Ayo! Good morning, Logang! What’s poppin’? Ayo! Good morning, Logang! What’s poppin’? It is another good day here on Logan Paul vlogs. Today we are actually flying to Nashville We are actually chasing the Great American Solar Eclipse which is happening tomorrow happening tomorrow But yo, first…. *Shoots merch cannon at Evan the Dwarf* Yeahahahaha Woohoo! *Rage mode activated* Ooh! Ooh! *Smack* *Smack* *Smack* Evan: That thing’s actually heavy! Logan: yeah. Yeah, yeah, I just, I messed up That thing is actually heavy *Smack* Ow sh*t (Don’t start fights with Evan the Dwarf! ;P) *Yells of pain* *Dying Horse* Like and subscribe! Like and subscribe! Come on buddy, come on. We gotchu Back off, back off! Back off!
Back off! Back off. Back off Evan: Put Kong down. Logan: I’mma put him down… Back off ohhhhh nno (The real battle begins) (heh… um… Nevermind.) It’s okay, Kong. I got him. Okay, so fun morning, good morning! First item on the agenda guys…umm…the Why Don’t We Boys! They are still shooting they’re music video today actually|| Brendan: Aren’t you supposed to be directing that?|| Logan: Yeah, yeah, we should go to that now. Logang’s heavy today. I’m sorry, I have to go be a director! I say it all the time bro, Logang goes hard! I don’t know how they’re standing, people usually get kicked out..*Loses Breath* What does she have?!? What do you have?!? Fangirl: I painted Maverick! || Logan: What is this?!? I tried my best to paint Maverick! Oh My God! This is amazing! Can I have this? Yes! Please! Can I get a high five? Yes Please! Oh My God! Logang for life! Yaaah!!! *Logang screams with joy* Yo this is- this is actually awesome! Thats pretty cool! We’re here, I’m really late, we’re just gonna do it. *Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap* *Dab…?* Yeah!!! Hope everyone’s doing good. Just showed up 4 hours late Guys I’m actually only co-directing this as you know the real director, who’s saving my ass is right there. Sup, bro? Hi. Are you holding down the fort bro? No, it’s tough. Is it tough because I haven’t been here? Yeah, I mean I want you to be here. Please take this load off of me. No, bro! Please take this load off of me. I got an eclipse to watch, Eli! Sit. No. Come, sit. Go. Call action, please do it. Oh sh*t hell, man Action. Guys action! Nobody’s doing anything bro… Bro this is just… Like we got an eclipse to catch bro Like, you know how it is, so… We’re going to say what’s up to the boys And then let’s bounce $14,000 Lens Captures Solar Eclipse History

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