I run VR you

I am 43 years old,
I was a passionate athlete. I loved being active. I participated in competitions.
Though Mudder, Triathlon, those kind of events… And then the accident happened. I jumped into that ball,
and the next thing I know I’m laying on the ground. I immediately felt something wasn’t right. I just said: “Help me, I’m paralyzed” and since then… …my life mostly consists of long hospital stays
and doctors appointments. I’ll run with a 360° camera and Michael can follow me live in Hamburg. Today, we run together! Michi – I RUN VR YOU! To everyone who might see you and your virtual reality camera today:
make sure to wave and say „Hi“! Hey Michael, are you ready? We’re about to get started. Yes, Moritz, I can see you! Wow, I’m running. I’m getting goose bumps.
It’s like I’m running myself! We’ve already done 15, Michi! I’m about to start sweating like you. Wow. I’m touched.
This is an amazing moment. Hey man, is that a herd of sheep running alongside you or what? I have a friend who didn’t leave my side and was at the hospital bed
in Holland for two days right after the accident. His name is Tommy.
I’m extremely thankful for that until this day. I can read my name… Tommy and Katharina!!
What are they doing there? What a surprise. I can’t believe it! That’s crazy! Give it your all. Run, Moritz! And still so many people in the race. Check out that brass band over there.
Go take a look! Moritz, the Catcher Car is coming! I was able to experience a 30 km run with Moritz today
and soon, I’ll manage the first by myself. I brought you a little something.

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