I read 200 pages a day! 😱 Cozy September Wrap-up β˜• [CC]

hello beautiful people it is time to
wrap up what I read in September So I changed things up this time.
this time each week I had a particular theme or something that I was trying to achieve
and I really think that that reflects so well in my stats this is my most
successful reading month I had 6014 pages overall
which comes to 200 pages a day ten will read audibly six or read
physically so not great in terms of trying to read more physically.
11 were scifi/fantasy, 1 non-fiction, 5 were contemporary.
we also have 6 ya, 7 middle grade and 3 adult and the overall star rating was 3.8 so not
fantastic I have had better months in terms of enjoying them but let’s get
into it the first week of September was taken up with Sobathon so I took part
in that over a weekend and I prioritized two books the first of those is
heart-stopper vol 2 by Alice Oseman when I’d finished reading a
heart-stopper vol 1 in September I could not wait to go out and buy this and read
it this story is a boy meets boy, boys
become friends, boys fall in love it is so sweet and so charming and I love the
fact that it’s literally just a love story about two boys and it’s about
acceptance it’s coming out but also it’s just a love story between two boys much
like you would have between a boy and a girl or just anybody and I think that we
need more stories that are just so freaking cute well no massive trauma
happens and they just fall in love and everything’s rosy why can’t we have more
stories like that and Alice Oseman is doing a fantastic job bringing these
outs. the illustrations in these are so so so sweet and I think that my favorite
thing about these is actually the illustrations because they’re really
emotive and you can fall for the character so easily just looking at
their expressions it’s so sweet I blubbed my heart out to a particular
points in this and I also filmed a weekend reading vlog which included this
book and the next book I’m about to mention this was a five stars I think
that everybody should read it’s super easy for readathons really
really quick I read it within the space of three hours and
just because I was taking my time with it. You could read this in an hour –
it’s just so good and I really cannot wait for vol 3 Another book that I read
was Sobathon and one I thought that I was going to be really emotional over
was orange volume one but it should be said that this wasn’t for me and I gave
this two stars just right off the bat – This is a manga and
it tells the story of a young girl who receives a note from herself from the
future and it tells her that this new boy is about to start school and she has
to complete all these tasks every single day in order to brighten this boy’s day
out because in the future they find out that this boy who died in their school
actually committed suicide and his death wasn’t an accident. I think the people
who struggled with mental health might feel the same way as me about this book
I felt as though as somebody who has been through dark times I don’t want
anybody else to feel responsible for me because I know that there is nothing
else that anybody can do yes it’s important to not be a shithead
especially when people are going through stuff that’s very important but it’s not
your responsibility and there’s nothing that you can do to change what’s going
on internally depression is loneliness but depression is physical and this book
perpetuates the idea that if your friends all acted a little bit
differently then maybe you could be safe and I really disagree with the premise I
think that the pacing is really good I think the characters are really
interesting and each has their own particular voice each has their own
style they’re all different from one another and it is an intriguing premise
however just know just it wasn’t for me and I gave this yeah two stars in the
second week of September I read seven middle grades over seven
days I’ll put the vlog up top because you will get all my in-depth real-time
reactions to each of the things that happened in these books but let’s go
through them now I won’t go too deep within these because I have a full vlog
for that and it is actually my best performing vlog ever
I’m really proud of it and I really tried to read these in seven days for
you it was tough it was tough I was really looking forward to it it was a
fantastic experiment and there’s definitely some recommendations there
for you and also just my thoughts however let’s just go through them
quickly so firstly – City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab this is
about a girl called Cassidy who moves to Edinburgh with her ghost hunting parents
but in fact there is something that her parents do not know about Cassie – Cass
can see Ghosts after she had a near-death experience a year ago she has
actually been able to see ghosts and she has a ghostly companion called Jacob
and when she moves to Edinburgh ‘The city of ghosts’ it is incredibly
haunted and of course high jinks ensue I didn’t think that much happened in
this I felt as though it was like the pilot episode of a new children’s
animation and in that way it’s really good and I could see it really
transpiring on television but as a first book and as middle grade it just wasn’t
enchanting enough and I don’t think enough happened I don’t think it was
particularly unique in any way and so I think that I gave this three stars
overall it was well-written but it’s not the writing style that I love I think
that Victoria Schwab is great in terms of her concepts but when it comes to
writing and writing compelling and emotive characters I always feel like
she falls flat a little bit and this is something that I found when I read the
darker shade of magic series yes it’s just a shame I don’t think that she is
probably the author for me. Then I read furthermore by Tahereh Mafi this is about a young girl called Alice who is in a magical world where color is really
important the more colorful you are the more magic you have but Alice doesn’t
have a scratch of colour no she’s got zero pigment and her father has gone
missing and she goes on an adventure with a boy to find him in the land of
furthermore which I described as like an Alice in Wonderland area it’s a very
vivid story but I think that the plot is wild I don’t think that there is
anything here that is particularly memorable and I don’t think that it’s a
game changer Tahereh Mafi is actually the author of the Shatter Me series so it was interesting trying out some different material from her and this is
very different from the shatter me series but holy fuck I have just whoa I have
just read the back where they talk about the author and holy holy fuck she is
married to Ransom Riggs who is the author of miss Peregrine’s Home for
peculiar children how did I not know this?! this is awesome information amazing
Wow I gave her furthermore three stars. I read one of my favorite middle grades no I read my favorite middle grade this
month and this author has become one of my top authors their name is now in
every single one of my videos in my top author section and I’m really fell in
love with this book so damn hard and that is the land of yesterday by K.A.
Reynolds where do I even begin I cried my heart out at this book and I was
deeply deeply moved by I thought that it was an incredible piece of literature
not even children’s literature the parallels that are drawn between mental
health in just a general children’s story were so well crafted in this we
have a little girl called Cecilia whose brother died seven weeks ago since then
she’s been having a lot of panic attacks and we entered this story with her
having a panic attack at school and the way that it’s described is that
everybody else is speaking this mumbled language and she can’t understand it
because her brain is just completely full and stressed and her family
situation has also changed a lot within that seven weeks her mum won’t stop
crying her dad is quite distant and the house which is an animated house that
has feelings blamed Cecilia for her brother’s death and makes it known in
the first chapter we find out that her mother has gone to the land of yesterday
which is kind of symbolic of suicide her mother goes to the land of yesterday to
be with her brother and it’s so sad and she’s talking to her dad and she’s like
‘why didn’t you stop her?’ and he’s like: ‘I can’t. I couldn’t have. It was her
decision it’s not my responsibility to stop her going to the land of yesterday’
but cecelia then goes on this adventure to save her mother from the
land of yesterday bring her mother back and is so beautiful we also have the
little prince in here it’s like an ode the prince are so many small parts that
are a nod to him and it’s beautiful and fantastic if you are fans of the little
prince, if you struggle with mental health or have friends that have
struggled with mental health this is an amazing story not just for children but
also for adults too it’s a story about grief about loss
about self-loathing about bravery and it’s absolutely just swept the carpet
from underneath me five stars after reading the Land of yesterday I
did immediately by Spinner of Dreams and I’m looking forward to reading that four
believathon which is a readathon hosted by Gavin Hetherington and it’s
running all the way through November and it’s basically just enjoying all the
beautiful children’s stories and middle grades I’m really looking forward to
that I’m really looking forward to Spinner of dreams. Then I actually had
a DNF and that was Willa off the wood by Robert Beatty. I started reading it I wasn’t
interested at all I felt like I was thrown into a world I didn’t really
understand and then after DNF-ing it I actually spoke to a couple of people and they said that this author is the
author of the Serafina series and the Serafina series is actually based in the
same world and so I was missing quite a lot of context to that and potentially I
should read that first and then try this again so this is going to go into my try
it again pile because i dnf’d it so early on i am not giving it a rating a book that I had wanted to read for so bloody long I picked it up from one of
the first Amsterdam bookstores that I went to when I did a vlog which was like
the best book shops in Amsterdam and I bought it because it was a cover by but
I really really enjoyed the story of A song before a whale by Leanne Kelly
in this we have a little deaf girl she’s changed schools and there’s actually no
deaf kids at this school we only have one girl who pretends that she can speak
sign language and it is really annoying because she’s throwing her hands up in
Iris’s face pretending that she can actually sign but she can’t and it’s
really frustrating in any case that’s kind of like a sidestep because what the
story is about is iris finds out that there is this whale called blue 55 and
blue 55 has been travelling the oceans calling out and singing and
trying to find its pod but it sings to a different tune than all the other
whales and nobody can understand it and it’s so so sad this lonely wailing.
Iris feels for this whale and she is actually a bit of an expert when it
comes to radio signals radio waves because she fixes radios by feeling the
vibrations and with that she develops this technique she puts this song
together and she sends it to the aquatic team the marine team are trying to find
this whale an adventure starts that with her trying to find this whale she goes
on this adventure with her grandma and it’s so sweet because her grandma just
lost her granddad and her grandma’s been feeling lonely and this is just one big
epic adventure for them it was a really sweet book four stars absolutely loved
it and the thing that I loved most about this was about there were chapters in it
that were told from the whales perspective and not just they were my
favorite chapters the only reason this wasn’t a five stars because some things
happened at the end that I was like no it just got into the unbelievable
category I wanted this to remain contemporary and it is contemporary but
some things happen and I just think that is not possible that would not have gone
that way so it’s a shame but it is still magical and absolutely fantastic book
for you to recommend young readers and for you to read yourself a book. I picked
up on recommendation from Gavin Hetherington: Malamander by Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor was actually the illustrator for the first ever Harry
Potter books so I’m glad that he’s finally got his own words on page and
this was a swimmingly good time it’s an extremely nautical read and perfect for
just when the seasons are changing from summer to autumn because this is about a
seaside town after summer is done and it becomes this eerie quiet ghost town just
filled with all the general occupants there’s a boy who is the lost and found
at this hotel the ground nautilus hotel and this girl crashes into his window
and screams ‘hide me!’ and then an adventure takes place. he has to figure out who she
is why she needs hiding and who is chasing her because somebody with this
big hook is after her we don’t know why and it’s about this legendary lizard malamander, things that happened in the past things to do with her parents and
honestly if I haven’t sold this to you already because this is like I said a
very swimmingly nautical good time there is an eerie book dispensary in this and
I think that it’s the most incredible concept ever so instead of like going to
just a normal library you go to the eerie book dispensary and you ask this
magical mechanical Mer-monkey which book you need at that point and it’s
going to prescribe you a book like you would get prescribed medicine but it’s a
book and it gives you the book that you need right then and there for whatever
reason I just think how bloody wonderful would it be if we could actually go to
an eerie book dispensary and say look these are the issues that I’m having
please perscribe me the book that would be perfect for my heart right now why
aren’t we doing this guy’s why haven’t we created one of these yet why don’t
our librarians do that I know it would be a tough job you would have to know a
lot I need a magical librarian I need to
write about a magical librarian anyway case closed this was a great book I gave
this 4 stars and no reason why it wasn’t a 5 just it’s just a good solid four
star read and yes I think that you should enjoy this one. next up a book
that I really was like so hyped for and I was really looking forward to it the
dream snatcher by Abbie Elphinstone this has been cast as one of the greatest
middle grades and when I ask people over on Twitter what’s your favorite middle
grade this came up so much and I must have just completely missed why I just
didn’t fall for this at all I don’t really have anything bad to say about it
I just didn’t I just wasn’t really into it and also got confused over what
happens maybe because this was the last middle grade on my list to read I was
all middle grade downs so I think that this is probably again going to go on my
try again pile yeah I gave this two stars which seems really strong
considering I don’t any any feelings towards it at all this
is about a young girl who is in a tribe she wakes up in the middle of the night
in the forest and actually quite recently she has been waking up or
having dreams about being in the forest and there’s drums and basically there is
a dreamcatcher that’s in another tribe that’s trying to coax her out and
because she is very important and very special it’s a very action-packed
middle-grade I will say that I think that it is great for young readers but I
don’t really have much more to say on it because they just didn’t yeah I’m just
not really into it and for no particular reason so I’m really sorry about that I
can’t give you like an in-depth analysis on this one just two stars from me but I
will try it again at some point then in September we had contemporaryathon and for this I actually focused on lgbtqia+ contemporaries there is also a
wonderful vlog for that as well it’s me reading my queer babes and you need to
go and watch that because it was a decent book also again now you will find
my real-time feelings on these and you will see me crying desperately to one of
them the first one that I wrote is summer of salt by Katrina Leno. now this
is contemporary but it’s also witchy so we have two girls who’ve been living on
this island called – by the sea – and they are kind of like the practical magic
girls however one of them has magic and one of them doesn’t seem to she seems to
think that she’s a bit of a dud and that’s Georgie there is also a bird that
comes to this island once a year and it has very strong ties to the family it’s
a very historical bird in terms of their family but it’s also something that
brings bird watchers in and the main income via tourists but this year the
bird is late there’s something going on there at the same time something
happened with her sister and she’s really not sure what’s happening a great
deal of mystery surrounding that and this is also Georgie’s last summer on by
the sea because she’s going to leave the island to go to university she’ll be the
first ever person in her family to go to university what I do need to say for
this it’s strong trigger warnings for rape we do have sexual assaults in here
and we do have mention of rape I think that it was dealt with incredibly well
and I think conversations happened well I think that
each of the characters acted in a very believable and honest way I was deeply
moved and deeply affected by this book and like I said I cried my heart out I
was just really shocked at how much it affected me and as I said these books
are queer so in this we do have a female female relationship that is so gosh darn
sweet it really is so sweet there was one quote that I really likes
in here and I do mention it in my vlog and it’s I think a person can be a home
sometimes just as much as a place or a house can and that really resonated with
me because I’ve moved around a lot when I was younger and people had to be my
home not a place I found a really really powerful part which you think is
potentially spoiler territory because there was nothing a girl’s history that
might negates her right to choose what happens to her body yes exactly
there is nothing in a girl’s history there is nothing that a girl can be
wearing there’s nothing that a girl could be drinking in order to allow
something to happen to her body but she has point-blank said no to I just think
that this book was beautiful and whimsical lovely and heartwarming and
heart-wrenching and I think that this is a fantastic book for you guys to read then I read about a beautiful bisexual and a fantastically spoilt royal with
her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins this is part of the Royals series there
is another one called like her prince charming
or his prince charming I don’t know I need to read that one as well but
this is so sweet this is about an American girl who sees that her best
friend and girlfriend is kissing somebody else and this sparks her
decision to move to Edinburgh to go to this very exclusive school that she has
a scholarship for and there she is donned with a princess basically a real
goddamn princess who acts like a princess and she gets just completely
swept up in all this girl’s issues and her dramas and this girl is like
desperate to leave this school like she will do anything she’s trying to get
expelled and she’s kind of taking flora down with
I thought it was charming I thought that it was light I thought that it was
fluffy it is a fantastic filler and it was just really light breezy and a good
old gay romp and kind of into my crossovers as well I like the fact that
we have an American coming over to England and especially Scotland so I
have been to Scotland before I’ve been on this kind of challenge that they went
on here where they had to go into the outdoors and to count so I really
enjoyed that and I really enjoyed that being able to visualize my own home with
some of my American characters yeah four stars fantastic I then read my first
ever trans story and that was if I was your girl by Meredith Russo this is
Meredith Russo’s identity they have been living as their true self since 2013 and
now right trans stories we follow a girl called Amanda who was moved to a new
city who was struggling in her old room where her mum lived
especially because everybody knew about her history so she moves to this new
city to live with her dad her dad has to deal with coming to the realization that
his daughter is called Amanda and that is her true self that’s hard for him he
has to get through that that’s something that he’s dealing with and then we have
a Munder who is worried about sharing anything about herself
definitely worried about letting people in and being honest about who they used
to be and so they actually fall for a boy and they develop a relationship with
this boy and I spent the entire time through this book really worried about
what’s gonna happen to my Amanda when people find out because people are going
to find out this that was the book that was where we were going with it
and it was worrisome and things happened and we have sexual abuse we have
physical abuse we have depression we also have trigger warnings for suicide
so it is a lot but I thought that it was handled quite well I don’t quite like
stories based on a secrets that somebody is trying to keep I don’t like those
premises because it’s all going to lead to that and also you know where the book
is going to go but you’re also but what’s gonna happen when the secret
is out however I was gripped I do speak about this a lot more in my vlog and I
think that it’s important to talk about these topics especially because we’re
all learning and we’re all trying to figure out how we think about certain
things so a lot of my opinions are generally in flux but what I liked about
Meredith Russo’s kind of afterward Meredith was talking about the fact that
this story is not representative of most trans stories most trans people really
struggle getting the full surgeries some of them decide never to have the surgery
is totally valid also you are still a woman even if you’ve not had the surgery
you are what your brain tells you you are what you feel you are your own tree
that’s it but Meredith was worried because she did write a character who
was very female passing all the male characters tell her how beautiful she is
the fact that she’s the most beautiful girl in the world and that she was able
to get her surgery so soon so quickly so easily and that isn’t something that
trans men and women are able to get so readily especially depending on their
income or their social situation and I just like the fact that Meredith was
very honest about that and said that look this is not representative I just
wanted to write this story and I really enjoyed it I thought that was fantastic
and I gave this one four stars. As a buddy read with my best friend jaded
reader I read this savage song by Victoria Schwab I dunno why I wanted to
read this one I think that we were both looking at our bookshelves and thinking
okay what can we both read together and I did have this one available on script
we come into this story after some kind of war has happened and is when the
monsters have taken over there’s like demon monsters this is why a book and we
have a very powerful female in it which I really like she was strong she was
feisty she’s just moved in with her dad who seems to be some kind of crime lord
who works with demons as well she goes to this new school in the demon
territory in the monster territory and a new boy starts at that school as well
but he is a demon and he is going undercover you can see
I’m trying to figure out what the hell this book was about it was good again I
don’t really connect with Victoria Schwab’s characters so there was that I
do think that I’d read the next one because this is a duology so I can see
myself reading the next one especially just to close off that series I wish
that some more emotive things would have happened but everything happened the way
that I thought it was going to I like the fact we have soft boy and a strong
girl I like that dynamic between them so yeah
that was that one and there’s not much more I can say about that I gave that
one three stars on recommendation from AG MacDonald I read everything is fucked
by Mark Manson really enjoyed that one I thought that it was honestly it’s so
profound in many ways and it was about happiness and not striving for that it
was about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable it was talking about how
we separate ourselves into tribes and we separate ourselves into schools of
thought and we demonsterfy other people in different tribes who believe
different things and the way that we build these small communities there is
just there’s so much to unpack in this book the opposite of happiness is
hopelessness an endless gray horizon of resignation and indifference it’s the
belief that everything is fucked so I do anything at all the problem isn’t that
we don’t know how to not get punched in the face the problem is at some point
likely a long time ago we got punched in the face
and instead of punching back we decided we deserved it self control is an
illusion it’s an illusion that occurs when both brains are aligned and
pursuing the same course of action hopelessness is the roots of anxiety
mental illness and depression it is the source of all misery and the cause of
all the diction this book is so quotable and I thought that it was just
incredible really really enjoyed it and I gave that one four stars I rarely give
any of these kind of books high ratings just because five stars are like epic
epic epic but I really enjoyed this one and I think
should read that one too at the end of it we also dive into kind of sci-fi
territory and talk about how our lives one day will be taken over by robots and
honestly I was really into it like I’m down for that like if a robot can come
in and just take over our lives and fix the world then yeah we we kind of need
that. For the catch-up book club hosted by Becca and the books I read a feast for
crows we also have a live show for that which I’ll link up above and that was
over on Becca’s channel really enjoying reading this series I love my characters
I miss my character a lot as well I do miss them a lot
and it was difficult reading here honestly after such a shitstorm that was
the final season but I did enjoy it I did give faithful prayers for stars
because I really struggled in general with his writing style I don’t like the
way he writes female characters in terms of their sexuality I think that he has a
lot of work to do when it comes to writing believable sex scenes and also
when he’s writing it’s just it sounds grotesque and I sometimes feel as though
it’s just too much because this time we have Circe’s chapters we finally get her
perspective which we’ve not had in any of the previous three books it’s nice to
finally get her perspective along with Jamie’s perspective I digress in her
first scene she’s looking at somebody who’s died somebody who’s in her family
and she’s looking and talking about his pubic hair why do you need to do that
why is she looking at pubic hair why is she talking about his pubic hair there
is ZERO fucking need there is ZERO need nobody does that I’m sure some people do
but no answer see just she wouldn’t be looking at this person’s pubic hair in
that moment she just wanted comments on it anyway yeah I I get exasperated but I
do think that he has an incredible world incredible characters such a unique
concept and so intricate and that’s why I love this area it’s why I’m continuing
but I just think that some of this stuff is just too much and finally we have
darkdawn by Jay Kristoff do you have a live show for this because it was the
final book in the never night series which my book love the Royally booked Club was hosting so you can go and check that
out up top and we had such a fantastic time talking about this book talking
about the things that went well the things that didn’t go well talking about
our Mia are we happy with her ending we’re not happy with her ending and you just
need to go out and watch that live show in the end I gave this book 5 stars and
I want to reread these series all over again
I need to see everything from the start to really understand the full story
because I felt sometimes that I was out of it and I think I was struggling a
little bit this month with a few books just not feeling it and not diving in
and not not getting deep within there so I want to reread these all over again at
some point soon but until then jay kristoff has a new book series coming
out called empire of the vampire i think it’s coming out 2020 and very excited
about that very excited about vampires coming back are you kidding me I’m there
so they’re the nevernight series is set in a Venetian style place and
follows a girl called Mia Corvere who was raised to become an assassin in
order to avenge her parents her father was killed for being a traitor and her
mother was imprisoned her brother she also believes is either dead or also
imprisoned there’s also a lot of law in here the footnotes are incredible and so
funny this is so mater in many ways and dark dawn in particular there are many
points where Jay Kristoff is kind of laughing at himself as an author and
also taking the mick of his own books and I personally loved those moments I
loved reading that and I loved reading about our Mia and where things
weren’t for her Okay that is the wrap-up and I’m going to say goodbye
because my really needs some love thank you so so much for watching please don’t
forget to Like subscribe and comment all about Jazz, you can find me on
Twitter and Instagram and Goodreads my patreon link is
also down there in the description. I love you bye
buh-bye you

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  • Love what you said about orange

  • Congrats on a great reading month Rachael!
    HEARTSTOPPER! YES! I read all of it last month and it's SO cute and pure and good. It's just the best. You should check out OMG Check Please, its kind of similar to Heartstopper in a way.
    I absolutely loved your Seven Middle Grades in Seven Days vlog. But let's be honest, I love all of your vlogs.
    I still think I want to give Malamander a try. It just sounds like a lot of fun.
    The Land of Yesterday sounds incredible and I might have to look into that one a bit more.
    I can't wait for Believathon
    Song for a Whale has been on my radar for a little bit too and I'm tempted to give that one a try too. So many of these sound so good!
    I absolutely agree that people can be a home more than a place.
    I'm still on the fence about giving Her Royal Highness a try, but it sounds so cute and I'm garbage for that trope haha.
    I know a lot of people who really don't like GRRM's writing style. It really seems like most people either love the books or really don't like it. And honestly it's making me really unsure if I want to pick them up.
    I'm really hoping to get to Nevernight next month. I've got some really ambitions plans for November that I'm not sure I'll be able to, but I want to.
    Loved this as always Rachael <3.

  • Man I wish the swedish middlegrade book covers was as gorgeous as these. It would make my job so much easier haha!

  • Hey! Meredith Russo actually uses she/her pronouns, not they/them

  • I’m so thankful for your honest criticism of Orange. I was almost tempted to read it, but thanks to your criticism I know that I would absolutely loathe it and it would probably trigger a depressive episode. I am a suicide survivor and no one I knew at the time could save me. That’s not how it works.

  • you had such a good reading month, holy crap! so many books!
    glad to see you enjoyed summer of salt. i'm reading it right now!
    love you xx

  • i love summer of salt!!!!! loved this cozy wrap up! and your cat god how adorable!

  • Me: Homegirl turns into a bird. What the hell did I just read.
    All other Booktubers: Beautiful. Creative. I cried. 5 stars.

  • Oh I am so waiting for robots to take over and look after us! Now I actually want to read Everything is Fucked.
    I'm sad that Schwab doesn't seem to be for you πŸ™ but glad you did discover some new favourites this month πŸ™‚

  • I'm so intrigued by The Land of Yesterday! specially since The Little Prince is one of my favorite books πŸ₯°
    Everything is Fucked is also on my tbr, I loved the other book by that author!
    great wrap up :))

  • A book where a character has the same name is me? SIGN ME UP

  • https://bookerystore.com/downloads/heartstopper-volume-one/

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