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  • Thank you to everyone who has sent me support and their own stories over email, private message, and comments here. I'm working on responding to them. If you want to support my next project, check out my Patreon page.

  • As someone considering starting a short film, I clicked expecting an information do and don’t video, I was wrong. Instead I got an amazing and beautiful story. Thank you

  • All I learned from this video is that if you want to increase morale just punch the director

  • As someone who has worked in film for 30 plus years, went to film school (Columbia College and the American Film Institute) and has taught film at the college level, I will say that your moment of self-awareness is refreshing and unfortunately rare. There are a lot of filmmakers who go through what you did and learn nothing from it, instead – blaming the lack of success on all the ancillary problems.

  • “I’m Austin McConnell and this is my Master Class.”

  • I will listen

  • Thank you for sharing the wonderfull story we can all learn from, Ill stick around.

  • Hey Austin. The "What To Do If Your Parachute Fails" video was the first one I saw that got me introduced to your channel and the YouTube algorithm feeding it to me. Procrastination is how I ended up on this one. Wow this was a captivating story, and oddly motivational too. I watch way more YouTube than I do feature length movies of ANY kind, and I think that I enjoy it more too. Just my individual opinion for whatever it is worth: the success you find here on this platform is just as credible and impressive as any feature length movie, and I view you as a filmmaker, which is what YouTubers are.

  • No word. Just no word. That was… Just… Perfect men. Good luck, I'm with you.

  • Beautiful my brother. I think maybe you know now what the story is? You remind me of my children, and myself at your age. We all, if we're open to it, learn these same lessons because there is only one story…the story of us. Being a storyteller, for me, is almost an identical emotional experience as combat was (Retired Army, and actor) I went to LA when I was 18, ready to change the world, the world changed me….but for the better. Hi, my name is Eli, and I'm glad to be here…I'd work with you any time because you are a storyteller.

  • Movie making sounds a lot like App development in many ways. All I can say is that sometime our greatest accomplishments are also our greatest failures. We may not get another shot, but you can be sure if we do we will get it right this time.

  • Holy hell the plot makeup is horrible also seeing a little skinny dude fight and punch looks very weird not saying I could make it better but damn also not a fan of sci-fi

  • that was so beautiful, i know I'm not a movie maker or have any sort of experience but the way you spoke at the end was so touching and i think if you have that kind of feel in your next movie than it might go somewhere. 🙂

  • Where can I get this movie

  • Wow what a wonderful life you have,it's really a wonderful life you are enjoying,You are a lucky man indeed. You also have a great Jay Baruchel vibe going on,it's a really cool look. I must say this video is a searingly honest Confession of a film Maker. So many lessons here,l hope this video recoups any losses from your Movie. Finally l have to say you really have a beautiful Nose in profile shots plus l had no idea one could buy Frozen Custard? Sounds delicious. It is something we can only dream of in my Country,Well done on a fantastically informative Video.

  • Hey, I live in Springfield lol. You still live close? I used to go to the art house theater all the time. Anyway, good job man, I'm working to be a film maker as well. Best of luck to you.

  • Oh my fuck the ending got me good.

  • Ironically, the movie does tell a great story – just not the way you thought it would. Best of luck.

  • That story was dumb

  • Is there a place where I can watch/buy a copy of the movie?

  • Wow…I didn't know what to expect from watching this video, but I certainly wasn't expecting that ending.

    I enjoyed the words of wisdom on filming, but what really stuck with me is what filmmaking can do to a person. How it can change who you are and how it affects the relationships of people around you.

    Thank you for being brave enough to share this with the community. I really hope to see more projects from you in the future.

  • You made me cry… The last few minutes of this video are so real… Thank you is all I can say ♥ 💚

  • I keep coming back to this video every few months. I end up watching the whole thing every time, and I think that's a testament to just how compelling and powerful it is. I really, really hope you get the chance to make the feature film of your dreams soon, Austin. You deserve it.

  • cheer up, buddy

    you got this

  • Me heart is in shambles

  • Auto play really tryna get me depressed here

  • Very few YouTubers can say that they're willing to put this much of themselves out there. I respect you, for whatever that counts.

  • This actually made me cry.

  • That was.. emotional. You are a great storyteller and I anticipate your next step in moviemaking.

  • I made a game engine and 5 games that took me 10 years to stop developing. My failure. Think i'm lost now. Been thinking of deleting the project from the web. How that for failure.


  • Honest and inspiring

  • Why was i expecting him to announce Sprouting Orchids 2 at the end of the clip?

  • Thanks so much for sharing this,
    I have just ended a two year partnership with my buddy, trying to "make it" in filmmaking, I can certainly relate to how you feel.

    And at the end of the day, I still love film as a medium of expression, I will learn from my mistakes, and get back up again, lets grow together 🙂

  • Extraordinario 👏👏👏❤️ eres un héroe! 🙏

  • You'll try, you'll fail, you'll try again, and you'll fail again, you'll feel hopeless, you'll find inspiration, you'll make something amazinh out of the experiences you acquired from your past mistakes, you'll win.

  • Gets punched

    Austin: ItsToTALlyWOrTHiT

  • Moving is extremely stressful. I saw a "top 5" once and I remember the worst being 1) divorce and 2) moving. I think #3 was a wedding.

  • This video is art

  • What I started to watch of this for the amusement of the process of trying to make a movie, capped of so well with how much emotion I can hear in your voice. This was not just some video, this was an experience.

  • Sprouting Orchids was a very deep and thought provoking movie with just the right mix of believable realism and suspensful science fiction. This movie will leave you wandering if we are really alone in this world or are their other forces influencing change and development within it. If this is any indication of what Austin McConnel is capable of, in a small budget independent film, I can only imagine what he will do in future films. McConnell's choices regarding the relatively unknown actors Serena Lee and Kyle A. Hammonds appeared to be perfect for the characters that they were tasked with portraying. I am confident that we will be seeing more of Kyle and Serena as this film illustrates their undeniable tallent and comfortable presence on the big screen..

    ==== ====

    But seriously, now that he has the "first movie bad movie" under his belt, he can make his "Reservoir Dogs"

  • Sweet 👏🙂

  • It takes so much courage to look at the past and be able to criticize the work that you grew up caring about so much. I can understand how in the process you end up falling in love with your ideas and thinking about the future with high hopes. It shows how tremendly mature you are to accept how things turned out, and despite the fact that your movie did not become a masterpiece, the fact that you were able to finish it, in a world were dream jobs are nothing more than a fantasy for kids, is the greatest success you could possibly imagine. Thanks for the video, it was really inspirational and I wish you the best

  • I rewatch this video constantly as I write my first feature. It helps keep me humble and keep everything in perspective. Thank you Austin for this wonderful piece of informative art.

  • wow – great video – if your next feature can have the rawness and honesty of this then it will do well.

  • My buddy told me to check this channel out, this is the first video I clicked on.

    Hands down this has to be one of the best videos I've watched this year, an unbelievably mature reflection on a film the commentator himself created.

    Beautifully edited, and definitely gives you a fantastic idea of what indie movie developers go through.

  • I really want to see this. The plot sounded very interesting.

  • You should be happy that kyle did not hit you with a Monster Energy drink Can

  • This was great. I really want to see the movie now.

  • it has a 8 on imdb wtf u mean

  • Starting my first year of film school with an air of anxiety, uncertainty and stress.
    I am a social flop, my current filmmaking abilities are hardly serviceable and I clearly have much to learn.
    I always put off watching this video, mostly because of its length, but after a super stressful day and some half-hearted note-taking, I decided to watch.
    Eerily good timing, this really put into words how the production process, when done on a shoestring budget, will often be like.
    I don't know if you read your comments much, but I wanna thank you for showing this valuable lesson in film. Spectacular video, my man

  • Hey, bro, you should make stop motion animations. I do, I make them with Lego. But if you are really good, they would come out pretty good.

  • "That's vanity.Not art "

  • I mean…It got 8/10 by IMDb

  • Thank You…For teaching things I didn't knew I was doing wrong

  • This is the most memorable videos I've ever watched on YouTube. I'm so glad I accidentally ran into it. I'm a film student, and disagree on its effectiveness, but I think we could both agree to disagree. I wish I was able to help on this film, because for me it would have just been another opportunity to help another passionate artist succeed. I cried watching your video, knowing what you meant in a lot of what you said. I cant imagine some of the bigger life and movie challenges, but I'm glad you made it through. Thanks for making this video. It's an insight to an independent filmmaker's life, that nobody ever sees, and nobody ever asks to see, but it needs to be shown. Thanks.

  • First to make a book it sucks then you make a movie I don't know I'm seeing a pattern here

  • I know that this video is nearly 2 years old, but I just saw it today. Gotta say, I believe in you, if you ever try again. I want you to try again because, through your videos, I see someone who understand what makes something good and bad, has stories and thoughts and feelings that he wants to share and has the talent and knowledge to do so.

    If… no when… you try again, you should make a movie with the same morals as this video, of triumph, failure, trying to be a better person… and learning. A coming of age story but not like all the rest, you aren't some kid who's learning basic life lessons, you're an adult learning what stress, depression, dangerously high aspirations, and the rest really means, not that it exists, but that its toxic nature, how its plagues you… and how its escapable. I want to see that. I dont expect you to read this, or even make a movie about this… but still, hope is what pushes us forward, not anger, not greed, not a pretentious attitude… and I love that you've shown that with this video. You quite possibly have changed my life more in 30 minutes than my parents did in the 6 years between becoming a teen and now… not for lack of trying, but because of my lack of listening. So thank you for that.

  • That ending got depressing real quick

  • Came here looking around short movie editing advice to edit my own, what a wonderfuly sad yet inspiring surprise.

  • As an aspiring filmmaker, I truly enjoyed this video. Thank you for posting it :))

  • I loved that. That was an emotional perfect video. Thank you for sharing your story. Keep filmmaking Austin.

  • Man. This was a tough watch. I'm not into amateur filmmaking, but that was haunting. I teared up, honestly.

  • This moved me a lot. I even cried towards the end. Thank you for sharing this story.

  • when's the next movie coming out?

  • I don't why I think that's so funny: "messy, confusing, and at times, confused".

  • this video … can not be on the same website as … 5 FORTNITE YOUTUBER WHO'VE SWORN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think your biggest problem was forcing yourself to make a feature length film in a year. From writing the script to post production, that's too much. If you had given yourself, like, 2 or even 3 years it probably would've been better.

  • w h a t is this movie

  • Agreed with the comment that said bad movie turned to the best video on youtube

  • This video should be a movie

  • wait i think 0:45 sound is from do i wanna know and it came out in 2013 reminds me of 2013 so, a very smart detail right there

  • I look at alot of filming videos
    .probably how this got into my recommended..just want to say Austin..i appreciate the video bro…judging by the title and the beginning..i thought this may discourage me…but it actually encouraged me ..IM in the process of making my 1st film…and this was an informative video..where i actuallly was able to take some notes…and hopefully ill be able to copy some things you did well and avoid some things that went wrong…so much appreciation and love for sharing…hope your blessed in whatever you pursue next

  • Never got to make my feature, but I remember all these emotions during short films. I thought it was just me, I'm actually tearing up.

  • This is one of the best YouTube videos I have ever seen. It’s so full of truth. And pain. And honesty. And, as a dude who made a couple of disastrous short films (with exponentially larger budgets!) I relate deeply. It was cathartic and made me feel better about my own failures.

  • yep, film school is shit

  • this was very insightful.. i will try not to lose my passion! very inspiring, thank you so so much for sharing your experience

  • Casually crying as I will say to you, sir.


  • Where can we watch the entire movie

  • You again forgot to thanks your actors. Which was my mistake too. It's not only about us film makers, Its about the actors who beleive enough in our dream to be a part of them. Remember they also had dashed expectations too.

  • This video hit me right in the feels, man. I can recognise a lot of the same feelings I had when first starting out as a musician, and now when I listen to those records I just hear me and my friends starting out as passionate teenagers and spiralling into depression and drug abuse. It's painful to hear the lyrics I wrote then and how warped my mindset was, I'm just glad to have crawled out of the hole I dug for myself

  • This is by far one of the best youtube videos I have ever seen

  • At 2:19 the subtitles make it sound more horrifying that it is

  • Damn, this got seriously real. Watching this in 2019 and when you choked up towards the end I could feel everything you were describing.

    I'm 21 and am a completely different person than I was even a year ago. Too much has happened and evolved in my life for me to remain the same. I shudder to think of how I'll look at myself now when I'm 23, let alone how I'll think of myself at 23 whenever I'm your age.

    Imagine I'm toasting you. Here's to growth. Hope you're doing well.

  • This whole YouTube project is a learning process for me. Thank you for your contribution to the experience. 🎥👍🏼💕

  • What’s the song at 0:35??

  • Lmao this video was a whole ass short film itself. I loved the vid bro! I hope you haven't given up on your dream either.

  • This is an awesome video, and DAMN IT YOU MADE ME CRY XD Which, of course, is a great thing. It was a really inspiring and moving video, you should do something with it!

  • 8:50 – Well, you did the plot of Star Wars 7 before they did! So that's good 🙂 And hey, you made 'something'… people talk, talk, talk… but you got it done.

  • Woah man, relax you are a little too worked up over the film. People just GAVE you $2400 to make a movie, that's a pretty cool accomplishment.

  • how to make movie better:
    keep the mushy lovey lovey "meant to be together" stuff
    drop the alien stuff

  • Utmost respect for how real and personal you got with this behind the scenes story. It really gives a sense of perspective on what it’s like creating and being involved in a short film and chasing personal dreams.

  • This is what people don't realise about films they easily deem to be "shitty". The passion, dedication and love for the craft that goes into these projects. It's easy to write a bad review. Not so easy making a film tho.

  • this video made me like you more than virtually any other content creator on YT. i'd like to think we could be friends if we ever met.

  • You have a 8/10 on IMDB so you did good

  • the actress was smokin hot

  • Wait…you won an OSCAR???

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