I Google Myself

Markipler: Hello, everybody! 😀 My name is Markiplier! And welcome to the video where I Google myself to see what the internet has to say about my everyday lives. Or at least what you guys wanna know- so, I’m going to do this in a few ways, I’m going to let Google decide what to autofill in the search for myself. And then I’m going to… try to… [inaudible gibberish] It’s a little bit- I don’t know where it’s gonna go with this, but I’m gonna assume it’s gonna go somewhere bad… So let me just search up… Markiplier… Just baseline. Oh! Ah! Ooo! So nice…. Oo! Cool! Goodness grievous. Oh, there’s my search popularity over time. Well, it peaked there, so I think we can all agree that’s when I peaked… And then I’m just- I’m basically operating in 50% value. Alright, this is pretty much what I expected it to be but I want it to be a little something, more than this. So let’s let Google decide Markiplier is… “Dead”! “Dead”, “Asian”, and “Short”. “Markiplier is this the end” What is that? “Is this the end?” Is this the end for all of Markiplier’s HUNIE’s? Is this the end for all of Markiplier’s HUNIE’s? Have I finally accomplished my goal of bumping glorious sexicles? Tune in right now to find out! (X-Files or illuminati theme plays) (MLG version) (“It’s Everyday Bro” remix plays) People think that I peaked with Five Nights at Freddy’s, no, no, I’d like to think I peaked with HUNIE POP And I’m just waiting for the sequel to come out so that I can peak once more. Markiplier is…. Dead. Oooooh, good. Markipiler is dead… 100% proof. In-video Markiplier: You first want to start out by heating up- *explosion* *leaves from inside the video* Right. Okay. Cool. Markiplier is Asian, in case you didn’t know, Yes- *giggles* there I am! Yes! I am Asian. I am half-Korean. It is- uh, mixed. Markiplier introduces his extremely-looking Asian…? Brother To- What the fuck does that even mean? – So I have some proof that… Markiplier is just a big act. Just a big shtick. He doesn’t really care about his followers. It’s a play. like- like no shame at all. He’s purposely trying to be funny, and it doesn’t work cuz he just looks like a little bitch. – He’s just it’s so sad to see how pathetic he is for money where he’s all like-
Markiplier: [holding in laughter] – “Oh I gotta make a funny face.” – He’s just- he makes me sick. Markiplier: I know this has to be a joke because there’s- Look at the top left, in the top tab “free porn sex tube”(EXPOSED) Merry Christmas, ob- oh. Christmas! Christmas Markiplier is awful! – Okay, so I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all my fans out there, and, a Terrible fucking Christmas to Markiplier. – I hope he got coal from Santa Claus this year and by the way if you notice something different
Markiplier: (laughter) – I got a great awesome new microphone that my Mommy gave me and it sounds fan-tastic.
Markiplier: (more laughter) – So yeah, Merry Christmas my fans and fuck you Markiplier fanboys and Markiplier, – So yeah, Merry Christmas my fans and fuck you Markiplier fanboys and Markiplier,
Markiplier: Uuuuhhh… Fuck. – So yeah, Merry Christmas my fans and fuck you Markiplier fanboys and Markiplier, – So yeah, Merry Christmas my fans and fuck you Markiplier fanboys and Markiplier,
Markiplier: Yeah! – So yeah, Merry Christmas my fans and fuck you Markiplier fanboys and Markiplier, – hope you all die. Markiplier: (laughter) This is quality content! I- I want more of! *laughs* *Cries on the inside* {just wanted to point out, I fixed the majority of the wrong subtitles from 0:00 to 3:27. No disrespect to the person who did the subtitles from here, but I just want to say there were a lot of issues and as you can see I’ve fixed them. I’ll finish the rest of the subtitles from now on but I’m saving it here -Ijustgottabehonestbut} Bystander: “You’re so short! You’re so short!” “I know” (Mark on the inside: WHYYYYYY) Let’s go with something, a different angle to this. Is Markiplier married to Jacksepticeye (Kinky much?) No thank you. How tall is Markiplier? 5’10” hell yeah Markiplier, Dadio There’s my pictures of my dad That’s me and my brother. Oh look at us Oh look at us we’re so cute Oh look at bee Look at bee, oh my God Markiplier crying, oh here we go. Okay “Try Not to Cry Challenge” Markiplier version, oh oh Great. Oh, this is what we need. Oh, this is what we need oh Great look at this bullshit here. I know what this, this is from my twenty thousand fan Twenty thousand Subscriber fan video, and I just was Balling like a baby Well, it’s not the first times I cried on camera, and it wouldn’t be the last Oh look at me, Oh of course it was Bob and then again just Recently Bob on the tour made me fucking cry on stage like that asshole He said that in no uncertain terms he was just like “I know he doesn’t need anything else to inflate his ego” But he honestly and truly thanked me you know for bringing him on the tour, and I was like “I’m fucking- come on dude I’m in front of people.” Yeah…………. As if I haven’t cried in front of like forever a fan-made subscriber Milestone video apparently this one has over a thousand fans reacting to me reacting to something or other as with the six million Oh, I should do another fan reaction video. I know I should I’ll cry like a BATCH Ill cry like a biatch. I cried so much more in this one than I did in this one Hey guys is the lightly different video than what you’re used to oh jeez that was I wonder if those Other of those have they actually made another one yeah, I don’t think that this video has ever come out. This is It was originally markiplier sings badly, and now it’s friends always mattered just to make it a rebranding. Which is totally fine But then like this video was supposed to be the 10 million, Subscriber, Milestone but then it came and went so fast and the the video got so Ambitious that I think it just became harder and harder to manage And then there probably was like a file loss or something but either way if this video is still under way like because if you guys haven’t seen the the the you guys haven’t seen the video and I know there are other reaction compilations here because even the Fuck I Didn’t notice that before ethan you cunk. You come come come and bummer punch you so nice oh geez oh Yeah, if this video is still under way in any capacity just please…. Let me see it. I would love to see it. I would love to react to it!

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