‘I Don’t Want To Impose’ Official Highlight | American Woman | Paramount Network

– I think we’re good together. – I think we’re
real good together. (kissing) – Greg? – Alan! Hi! – I thought that
was you. (laughs) How are you? – Great, yeah, just great. Uh, Kathleen, this
is my friend Alan. Alan, this is Kathleen.
– [Kathleen] Hi. – [Greg] Alan and I used
to work at the mail room at William Morris. – [Kathleen] Oh, so
you’re old friends? – Ugh, seems like a
million years ago. – Now he’s a big time agent. – The biggest. Very nice to meet you, Kathleen. – Likewise, Alan. (Greg chuckles) – What have you
been up to, Greg? Are you still at Paramount? – No, no I left. We’ve actually started
our own casting agency. – Really, the two of you? That’s exciting. I’d love to hear
more about that. We should have
dinner and catch up. – That’s a wonderful idea. We’re having some
friends over tonight. You should join us. – Oh, well thank you, but I wasn’t fishing
for an invitation, and I don’t wanna impose. – Yeah, babe, I mean
none of your friends work in the business. It might not be a good mix. – Nonsense. I’m sure Alan can talk
about other things besides being an agent. I insist, and I don’t
take no for an answer. (Greg chuckles) – Yeah, I can see that. You look good. – Oh, thanks. Yeah, you too. – My address. Seven p.m. work for you? – Yeah, I’ll see you then.

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