I Bought My DREAM CAR and it’s AMAZING!!!

Hey guys, ChrisFix here, and hooooolllyyy smokes. I finally did it, I bought my dream car. It’s sitting right off-screen over there. Yet, it doesn’t feel real Now, being a YouTuber is an interesting job I never expected to do this. I always just wanted to help people I wanted to make videos to teach people how to fix their cars at home in their driveway using common hand tools That way they can learn how to fix their own car. They could get a new passion, a new hobby, maybe a new career But it’s always been about helping people and showing them the proper way to fix their cars and Obviously it was working out because I hit 100,000 subscribers and YouTube sent me out this exclusive silver play button Not many people around the world had this play button It felt so good to get it and this is about the time when I realized I have something good going on here. I have something I’m helping a lot of people and I’m gonna work on this channel full-time Now, fast-forward a little over a year and I hit 1 million subscribers This is something that nobody thinks is obtainable and I did it! I gave up so much There was so much hard work, so much passion into each video to try to make this possible to help as many people as possible And I did it! And I remember tearing up as I was unboxing this thing My parents were watching me and I could see how proud they were Even though they weren’t completely sure what my job actually was They weren’t even sure if I could sustain myself and make a living out of this Heck, I wasn’t even sure that I could What an amazing feeling, now fast-forward just a little more and I have hit 2 million subscribers So I thought it was time to get a dream car But not a dream car for me, a dream car for my mom My mom and dad have always supported me, even though they didn’t know if this YouTube thing was a good idea, and I should probably stick to my normal career No matter what they still supported everything I did. They let me use this driveway, Let me use their garage and let me fill it with tools and for that I got my mom her dream car What an incredible video I’ll link it in the description. You’ll definitely be chopping onions as you watch that video It is probably one of my favorite videos to date And then now we come to present time right now this video, I’ve hit over 5 million subscribers! But this time YouTube doesn’t give you a plaque for this milestone and I figured after all this hard work the 16 hour days Not taking a full day off for 4 years basically doing as much as I can to help other people Well, it was finally time to reward myself Plus I needed a daily driver instead of driving all my project cars because you guys know what that’s like So I bought my dream car or in this case my dream truck A 1996 a.m. General Hummer h1 Now hold up, hold up. I know before you start commenting. Of course, it’s unreliable. It gets horrible fuel economy They’re so slow. They make no power their ride is super harsh. They’re uncomfortable. Wait, wait, wait, hold up This is no regular Hummer This is a super special Hummer and I’m gonna show you why but first even if it was a stock normal Hummer This is what I’ve wanted since I was a little kid and like any dream car as a kid, you have posters on the wall this poster sums it up true the H1 isn’t for everyone, but it didn’t matter to me because I found something that I really liked. I wanted so bad So anytime I could find a model. I would go and pick it up and I’d play with it Imagining what it would be like to have my own Hummer and what is really cool is? What was once a model car I would play with is now the real thing Sitting in my driveway, but it didn’t stop at model cars every single video game that had the Hummer in it I had to get because I wanted to drive it I wanted this car that bad and I already told you I have super supportive parents Even when I was a kid, they would take me to the local dealership just to go and look at the Hummers it’s like a kid going to Disney World and Every time I went I’d make sure I’d pick up a brochure and then I’d spend all night long Just looking at everything looking at the Hummers going off-road and wanting to do exactly that forwarding water like that Reading all the statistics going up and down mountains and Hills and I mean as a kid this was paradise I got to see all the options at head and it’s just such a cool thing and opening up this brochure is just bringing back good memories and Speaking of Disney GM sponsors test track. It’s a ride at Disney World and That’s me and my sister right there And yes That is a Hummer Every time I’d go on the ride the thing I liked the most was going to check out the Hummer seeing it up close Seeing the interior and just walking around and getting pictures in front of it So after all the toy cars the brochures the posters the Disneyworld seeing these cars at the dealership I finally did it this Hummer right here is mine and with less than 12,000 made from 92 to 2006 this was not easy to find and a lot of these Hummers are in badge shape They cost a ton of money and they cost even more money to fix up so let me show you the advertisement that caught my eye and how I found this so the same exact site that I found the $300 del Sol and the same exact site that I found my mom’s dream car I’ve been searching Auto Tempest every day for my dream car the good thing about this site is it searches a bunch of different sites? All at once so eBay and cars calm for example It’ll search all of that so you don’t have to go to each individual website So it’s really helpful and if you go in search for a Hummer, well, there are tons of Hummers for sale Even though there’s not really many out there. So I searched and searched and finally I found this one He didn’t have too many pictures posted on here but this was definitely one of my favorite colors and this thing looked hooked up and when I took a look down in the description Man, this thing was hooked up. This is exactly what I wanted. And as you know, the rest is history So this is the third car I found on this website. I’ll link this in the description So you guys could try it out and I want to thank Auto Tempest for supporting the video I also want to thank you guys because on Instagram you guys sent me tons of DMS with all different Hummers from all over the United States Trying to help me find my dream car. So I really appreciate all the support from everyone So a reputable shop that only works on Hummers built this one and customized it. Here’s the invoice It’s six pages long and we TC the total at the end here this build without the cost of the Hummer cost the guy 58 thousand dollars and that’s with a 12,000 dollar credit So this build cost seventy thousand dollars on top of the cost of the Hummer? So let me show you the main things that this build included and why this is the ultimate Hummer So let’s dive right into it so the first thing and the most major Modification that makes this Hummer special is located under the hood to open the hood. We have to move this push bar So you have to pull this out first And then you could push the push bar forward so that we have access to the hood now with the hood We have a latch here that you just unlatch and now we can lift up the lightweight fiberglass hood So when this was stock it had a six point five liter turbo diesel engine made it to a four-speed automatic transmission. It made 170 horsepower and 294 pounds of torque and that is four eight eight thousand pound truck now It was slow zero to sixty was 16 seconds. Yes, zero-to-sixty was 16 seconds. Not the quarter-mile zero-to-sixty It was very slow. And on a good day. You got 10 miles a gallon so it wasn’t very efficient So that old transmission and engine was yanked out and they installed this this is a Duramax diesel 6.6 liter Lmm diesel engine made it to a Allison 1000 6-speed automatic transmission This engine has many upgrades full straight pipe four inch exhaust upgraded radiator upgraded intercooler and much more so it makes 450 horsepower and 900 foot-pounds of torque and what I’m telling you this thing is a torque monster. I’m not even kidding. This is insane. Why not? Let’s go for a ride first off. Listen to how good this sounds It’s not too loud and the turbo spool sounds amazing, but the best part is with the upgraded Duramax engine and Allison Transmission It’s super reliable and it drives like a normal car or truck on the road and I get an average of 15 miles a gallon Which is better than many pickup trucks and SUVs And then when you go to emerge on a highway this 8,000 pound truck we have a lot of traffic right here watch this Baby Just to give you an idea the zero to sixty in this takes only seven seconds Insanely fast and we merge into traffic with no problems at all Now when you add power and speed to a four ton vehicle You also have to have good braking So all four brake pads have been upgraded to alpha brakes which are huge and if you’re looking over here And you don’t see breaks. Don’t worry. You’re not going crazy Normally the brakes would be right here. But in this case we have a portal axle, which is an amazing piece of technology I’ll explain it in a little but instead of having brakes right here like a normal car if we follow the axle into the frame Of the car you can see the brakes are located right in there. And so you could better visualize where these brakes are Let’s step back for a second They’re located right in the middle at the frame rails right there, and there’s three benefits to that The first benefit is there’s less unsprung weight because you don’t have your brakes out at the wheels So you get better handling? the second benefit is you have way more protection up underneath for off-roading and making sure nothing hits the brakes or Damages the brakes and then the third one is with inboard brakes You’re able to fit larger brakes and make more braking power and what I’m talking about braking power. It is incredible on this car Why not? Let’s go test them out when I get to the cones. I’m gonna slam on the brakes So let’s get up to 60 miles an hour. It’s We can stop and we’re a little bit above 60 and I’m gonna slam on the brakes Oh Man holy smokes That was insane. I can’t believe how hard this thing breaks So now we can measure the distance from the front tires all the way to the cones Using this measuring wheel and we have just under a hundred and forty feet for this eight Thousand pound Hummer to stop from 60 miles an hour. So we have a crazy powerful and reliable Duramax engine We have a super-strong allison transmission and those brakes are crazy good to stop this 8,000 pound beast But wait, there is more so when they did the conversion they had to take the body of the car and lift it off the frame and since they had Access to the frame, they sealed and painted the entire thing check out these pictures This is what the car looked like at the shop getting the conversion done And since my buddy wanted to test out the weight capacity of his new lift I was able to get a good look underneath the Hummer. So check this out the underside of this truck is spotless There’s no rust at all and everything is painted and looks amazing You can also see the undercarriage protection like this diff protector and the sheet steel that protects the fuel tanks So nothing punctures the tanks while you’re off-roading It also has the transmission and engine protection and basically the whole underside has the optional undercarriage protection kit So when you go off-road or drive over cars, which I will be doing to finish up this video You don’t damage the vital parts of the truck and I still can’t believe how clean this truck is and not only is everything looking clean and painted but it’s also brand new all the suspension components from the lower ball joints to the upper ball joints including 12,000 pound axles. Well, they’re all brand new on all four corners So not only aesthetically does this truck look good But it also performs like a brand new truck with all the suspension components being brand new now talking about the aesthetics and off-road Capabilities they added a front push bar. And the reason why I need a good front push bar is because This is a lightweight fiberglass. So you want to make sure there’s no intrusion of sticks or branches or anything into the engine bay They have brand new xenon headlights, which work really? Well check this out at night Here’s a dark road with the lights off and then when we switch them on You could see everything plus there’s a nice cutoff so you don’t blind other drivers, but look at that It is nice and bright and these are amazing headlights for a truck designed in the 80s. Now what doesn’t work Well are the off-road lights with them on and they light the hood of the car up and make you night blind It’s just old technology the halogen lights just aren’t good as the new LEDs which are a lot brighter and throw the light better And those off-road lights are located right up there on the custom light bar. There’s four of them. They’re halogen. They’re old-school They draw a lot of amperage ends. You saw they don’t light up very well So I’m gonna replace those with some high quality LED lights. I need to figure that out but the other thing that this thing has is a 12,000 pound winch bumper. So there is a 12,000 pound winch in here. It could pull literally everything I pulled the car with the brakes on and a Hummer didn’t even budge So we’ll have no problem pulling ourselves out of anything we get stuck in or helping other people get out of whatever they get stuck In and the good thing about this aftermarket bumper is we maintain the stock 72 degree approach angle That’s 18 degrees away from climbing a vertical wall And this is impressive because stock without a winch the approach angle is 72 degrees and stuck with the Hummer winch bumper the approach angle Gets cut to 47 degrees And so you could see the difference right here is the massive stock winch bumper compare that to this custom one Which is really low profile. So this is a nice upgrade now at the back of the Hummer We have a custom ladder rack bumper. So we have a bumper with a ladder that goes up to the roof I’ll show you that in a second and this custom ladder rack bumper has Helicopter d-rings. Yes. You heard right helicopter d-rings And the reason why they call the helicopter d-rings is because in the military, this is where they would strap your Hummer to a helicopter Transported into the middle of the battlefield or into remote locations. They even parachute these Hummers Adam planes So this rear bumper is no joke It is very strong and it has a trailer hitch on it And this trailer hitch is something I needed because well check this out Because I finally have a truck that could tow I picked up a twenty eight foot aluminum trailer for the drift car and my future project cars So check this now This is such a huge trailer 28 feet and this truck pulls it effortlessly It’s a bare-bones trailer because I’m gonna show you guys how to hook this up instead of spending a ton of money and getting everything Already put in it. I’m gonna show you how to save half the cost Anyway, that’s for another video at the site escape door the drift car future projects All that stuff is going to be right here and I’m gonna have a giant toolbox in the front with cabinets It’s gonna be awesome and the best thing is because of my dream car I’m able to get something like this because I’m able to tow it and this Hummer tows it perfectly Barely any sag in the rear and we haven’t even done weight distribution. There’s no car in here yet So it’s so nice, and I’m so glad I was able to get a trailer So that is where that tow hitch will come in handy, and if you can’t tell already I’ll be using this dream truck It’s not gonna sit in the garage. It’s not going to be used everyone smile. It’s gonna be my daily So we’re gonna be towing things with it. We’re gonna be going off-road and check out this room in the back here There’s plenty of room back here for a fishing tackle for whatever it is camping supplies stuff that you need to put in the back of a truck and I love how that sounds and now there’s even more room upstairs and yes upstairs so you could actually climb up this and That gives you access to this gargantuan roof rack where you could store whatever you want on it It’s cool because you could actually walk on the roof of your car now Not only can you store stuff up here? But if you want you go camping you pitch a tent up here if you’re going to the beach set up some chairs Put the fishing poles out and you got a nice vantage point from up here. It’s pretty cool. So there you go There are all the modifications to this truck that make it perform just as good as it looks now Since this is gonna be my daily another important part of this truck is gonna be the interior SULLIVAN Now inside the Hummer is super nice and comfortable has almost like a trucker feel to it GIVE ME THE CHILD So it blows colder and warmer since we have such a big interior, you have a radio and a sound system. That sounds pretty good So that is very nice it’s enjoyable to drive around just play some music we have power windows power locks your normal shifter to put it into drive and reverse and we Have tons of gauges here that give you a lot of good information voltage oil pressure water temperature fuel Rpms now my favorite ones. There’s two awesome gauges on this now My favorite ones all the fuel gauge and the central tire inflation system The reason why the fuel gauge is so cool is because we have two tanks in this So if you see this right here You can see it says fuel main and auxiliary watch the fuel gauge as I switch from main to auxiliary So the main tank is 25 gallons. The auxiliary tank is 17 gallons giving us a total of 42 gallons over 600 miles of range and there’s just something about being able to go from a half a tank to a full tank with the flip Of a switch. That’s really cool. Now. My next favorite feature engage is the central tire inflation system So with this with the flip of a switch, we could inflate all four tires Deflate all four tires Or we could pick the front and inflate just the front or just the rear So if we’re at the trail or something and we want to deflate the tires You just hit this and the air will get let out of the tires No need to get out of the car and deflate each one by hand and you can see how the tire bulges out which gives you more surface area therefore more grip and then when you’re done going offroad you flip the switch and Inflate your tires no more waiting on lines for the air pump at the beach or the off-road park You don’t have to go to the gas station. You don’t have to wait for all the other jeeps and trucks You just flip that switch and you drive now It’s gonna take some getting used to and what I don’t really like is there’s no horn here You hit this. There’s nothing the horn is actually located on the signal stalk and The horn also doesn’t sound that great for this truck It should be like manly and beefy because there’s a giant truck coming at you. It’s like a little Italian horn there So we’re gonna have to fix that another thing that’s kind of strange is how far away you are to your Passenger but to pet Cooper I have to really reach over there. You’re so far away coop I can’t reach the passenger side and the interior here is huge because we have this dog box right here So the dog box is actually a housing for the engine The engine is right here because it’s a mid-engine vehicle and underneath this is actually the engine in the military They’ll pull this out and you’ll be able to get access to it and easily replace stuff Then we have the transmission that goes back here and then the transfer case under here so the reason why they do this is because it allows the engine transmission transfer case to be lifted up into the vehicle and Provide amazing ground clearance 16 inches from the factory and you still maintain a low center of gravity which is amazing and another reason why this truck is just So wide is because it needs to fit within the tracks of a tank So when this is out on a convoy, it doesn’t have to go off-road the tanks flatten the ground pretty good So the wheels fit right in the tracks of the tanks and that gives the soldiers a smooth ride So it’s actually really comfortable in here. It has almost like a cockpit feeling to it. And the front here for driving is great Great visibility, but let me show you the back and with such a large truck. What do you guys think? How many people can we fit in here eight? Well, you’d be wrong The Hummer actually doesn’t have a lot of seating room in the civilian Configuration because we have this giant doghouse in the middle that houses the engine transmission and transfer case so in reality We could see four people comfortably and the wagon this one specifically has the option of this weird bench seat I guess you could use four kids. There’s really not much legroom, and there’s really not much Headroom You’d hit your head against the top if you’re an adult sitting here But I’m probably gonna remove it and put some type of storage rack or something in here That we don’t have to put everything in the back But as a passenger There’s four of them that could sit comfortably and I really mean comfortably you have these nice leather seats You have plenty of legroom and speaking of legroom. Let me show you something on the passenger side This is a really cool option that most Hummers don’t have and it’s this knee cutout right here when they do the engine swap They add in this knee cut out because stock it’s horrible This protrudes out here and takes away all your legroom and as a passenger you want to be comfortable and have as much leg room as possible So now there’s plenty of room and this is just a really nice simple feature that makes this truck nice to ride in So daily driving this Hummer is not gonna be difficult It’s actually going to be because of all the options it has but this Hummer isn’t perfect There are a couple issues. We need to fix let me show you what they are as you guys already know I don’t like to buy vehicles that are perfect because I like to fix them up I save the money on the purchase price for doing my own work and this does need a bunch of work It only has 20,000 miles on the swap, but it’s due for a bunch of fluid changes the oils brand-new the coolants brand-new But it needs brand new fluid in the portal axles. There’s four of those There’s two differentials that need fluid the transmission needs fluid and the filter and the transfer case needs fluid So all of that would cost a lot of money If a Hummer mechanic did it also? We need to put in some new switches for the windows and for the locks because the front ones don’t work We need to add a light bulb for the central tire inflation system gauge And since we have seventy thousand dollars put into the car with engine and transmission all that We want to make sure that we protect it. So I’m getting some locking fuel caps to put in So nothing goes into the tank that shouldn’t be there and finally we’re gonna add a snorkel So if we go off-road and we go in the water and get a little bit of a bow wake we don’t have to worry About sucking up water into our very expensive engine so all that’s gonna be pretty simple to do but it saves us a ton of money from the purchase price and it’s gonna be Pretty cool to show you guys how to do all this. It’s very quick very easy. So let’s get started We’re gonna start with the four portal axles and change the fluid in those So to get the fluid out of the hub we need to take the wheel off So to take the wheel off we need to jack up the Hummer and I ended up having to buy a new jack that could Actually lift this huge truck and once it’s lifted slide a jack stand Under the frame and safely let down the truck onto the jack stand now This might look a little bit different because this right here is the central tire inflation system So what we need to do is remove this protector right here And now there’s a quick disconnect which we could disconnect like that and now we could remove all eight lug nuts holding in this giant 37 inch tire and with all the lugs removed carefully remove this very heavy 110 pound wheel and get it out of the way So this back here is a portal axle and it’s a pretty cool piece of technology Because it gives you maximum ground clearance So in a normal car or truck like underneath my pickup truck the axle goes straight into the hub so you only have this much Ground clearance, you can’t get any more than that unless if you increase the size the tires But with a portal axle the axle comes in from the top and not in from the middle, so we increase our ground clearance Significantly. We also allow ourselves to run central tire inflation, which goes through the middle and that’s what goes into the hub So that’s the benefit of running a portal axle. You also have a gear reduction in here So it’s a one point nine five to one. So basically a two to one gear reduction So every two spins of the axle equals one spin of the tyre Basically doubling torque now in order to drain this we have the drain bolt underneath the portal axle right down there So that’s where we drain it from and then to fill it up. We have the fill bolt, which is right there It’s very simple so let’s change the fluid in this I Always start by removing the fill bolt first cause if we remove the drain bolt first and can’t remove the fill bolt Well, how are you supposed to fill it back up? Okay So with the fill bolt removed now, let’s remove the drain bolt So break this loose and remove it the rest of the way by hand now as that drains out Let’s add some teflon tape to the threads of the drain plug that way it seals the threads and it won’t leak now we can Put the drain plug back in and tighten it up so that it’s snug don’t over tighten it next Let’s fill this portal axle up with gear oil It takes eighty w9d and you fill it up until it comes out of the fill hole Then we could screw in our fill plug and snug it up and that’s how you replace the fluid in the portal axles Now there’s three more I need to do so I’m gonna get the wheel on I’m not gonna bore you and show you the other Three I’ll get those done off-camera and then we’ll move on to the next thing So with the fluid changed in all four portal axles, the next thing to do is change the fluid in the differentials There’s a front differential and a rear differential. I already changed the fluid in the front differential So let me show you how to change the fluid in the rear differential. Now this right here is the differential up Here’s the fill plug down here is the drain plug So let’s break loose the fill plug and remove it and then let’s remove the drain plug and drain all the gear oil out With all the oil drained out. Let’s reinstall the plug and tighten it up. So it’s snug next Let’s add the new gear oil and it takes about two quarts of oil and we know it’s full when the oil comes out of The fill hole just like that. So now let’s tighten the fill bolt. So it’s snug good So with the differential fluid replaced in the front and rear differentials now, we can move on to replacing the transmission fluid so this is our transmission pan right here and we have a drain plug so we don’t have to undo the Entire pan to drain it. We also have a transmission filter right here So this is actually gonna be a really simple job So first, let’s break through the drain bolt and to remove it and the trans fluid looks nice and pink, which is good So we’ll let this drain completely Reinstall the drain bolt and tighten it down. So it’s snug Good, so what the pan completely drained now? Let’s go and remove our filter loosen the filter with an oil filter wrench and then it could come off the rest of the way by hand and Let’s try not to make a mess So out with the old and in with the new and with the new filter since it goes straight up and down I always like to fill filters up that way. They don’t run dry when you first start up the car with the transmission It’s probably not really necessary. There’s a ton of fluid still left in there anyway, but why not? It takes a couple extra seconds and it’s only beneficial. So now we could grab our filter Another thing to do is lubricate this o-ring on the top here with a little bit of transmission fluid That’ll make it easier to come off when we have to replace this again And now we could take this and install in the Hummer So let’s get this aligned and screw it on by hand and you only want to hand tighten oil and transmission filters They don’t ever have to be tightened any more than hand tight And the last thing to do is to write the mileage on the filter just for a reference So a year or more later, I could remember what the mileage was when I change this out. Okay So with the pan drained and filter replaced Let’s head up to the engine where the dipstick is located So we could fill this transmission back up and it’s very important that you use the correct transmission fluid for your transmission This Allison 1000 transmission uses decks around six full synthetic If you use anything else it will damage it transmissions are very picky and we drained out about seven quarts So now we need to fill with seven quarts now while this isn’t a complete flush It does change out about half the fluid which is good since our fluid was already in good shape and with his last quart finished Up, we could remove the funnel and put the dipstick back in to take a cold measurement Now, let’s pull it out and look at that right at the cold fill line. Perfect So with our transmission fluid replaced and good to go now Let’s go under the truck and replace the transfer case fluid this right here is the transfer case It allows you to go into two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive So let’s change the fluid Start by removing the fill and I don’t know if you guys are noticing a pattern here and then remove the drain bolt And it’s good. We’re changing this fluid out because that should be a bright red like our transmission fluid So with all the fluid drained out now Let’s tighten up the drain bolt and you guessed it so that it’s snug then we can pump in the transmission fluid until it comes out of the fill hole and Finally tighten down the fill bolt And that’s all there is to replacing the transfer case fluid And with that all the fluids in this truck are brand new and the truck is ready to go Well, almost we have a couple little things that we need to do So let’s start out by installing brand-new window switches and door locks. So here are the buttons that need to be replaced Listen to this it locks perfectly fine, but there’s no unlock at all And then the windows don’t work in either direction. So both of these need to get replaced So to get access to the switches we need to unscrew the four screws holding it in and then we can remove the wires from the back of the switches and finally push the switches out of the holder so out with the old and in with the new and these just pushing through the holder like that and a little trick is to add some silicone paste to your electrical connectors and that prevents moisture from corroding the connection then we could connect the wires to the new switches and Screw in all four screws that hold the panel into place All right. So let’s try it out and we have our windows which work perfectly and Beautiful the door locks work perfectly as well. So that is done and not only do these buttons work better They light up and they look way better. These buttons are old and tired. So that’s beautiful. Glad that is done next Let’s real quickly replace the light bulb inside the central tire inflation system gauge at night You can see the lights work on everything except this gauge. So let’s fix that and this gauge is held in with four screws So let’s loosen them all up and then we can pop the gauge out and let’s take a look at the bulb No wonder we don’t have a bulb So let’s install a new bulb and hopefully that fixes that and a quick test beautiful and I’m glad that’s all it was So now let’s get the gauge back into place and tighten down all four screws to hold it in Beautiful. So let’s try it out. All right, that’s not talking about Ok, the last two things we need to do super quick and easy fuel doors and snorkel So let’s go get these fuel doors installed So let’s come around the side of the truck and there are two fuel doors back here We’ll start with the main fuel tank and all we need to do is remove the six bolts holding the stock fuel filler in then We can place the new fuel door over the stock one and then screw down the six brand new stainless steel Bolts like so now let’s open it up and there’s one more bullet We need to tighten that holds down the fuel filler cap And then we can lock up the fuel door and check this out. This looks so good Now we have a key to unlock it and to lock it So nobody could put anything in our fuel tank and not only that but this looks amazing especially compared to the old-school style So now let’s install the other fuel cap on the auxilary tank and instead of showing you the entire process out with the old and in with the new and the last thing to do is get my key chain and put the new key on there that way when I fill up I’ll be able to open the fuel tank So these look great and they function nobody could get in here and put anything in the fuel tanks. Perfect One more thing left to do and the last thing is to install a snorkel all this is is a PVC Coupler pipe and the reason why this is so important to do is because we’re actually going to be using this truck Off-road for real we’re gonna have water up to here, but we’re going to be pushing a bow wake a bow It could potentially come up and over and then this is where the air intake is for the engine So if a bow weight comes over and floods this well We could ingest water into the engine which would cause it the hydro lock So a simple solution is just to raise this up a little bit and that’s where this PVC pipe will come in handy We’re gonna make it look nice It’s not going to look cheap and it’s actually going to look like it fits plus it’s going to be completely functional So let’s go paint this black. Now any time you paint prep is the most important thing We’re going to be using an adhesion promoter primer and the same brand we’re going to be using a flat protective Enamel not to prep our PVC you want to make sure you scuff up the surface So we’re using 400 grit So it has some scratches on it for the paint to bite into and after it’s all scuffed up now we want to grab some soapy water and just spray it down to remove all the dirt and debris and any dust and oils we have on here now we could go and Paint this so we’re going to start with an adhesion promoter you want to do three light and even coats and this stuff is going to help bond our black paint to the PVC so Less likely to flake and it’ll have better durability and after letting that drive for five minutes now we can move on to our flat Black color coat just like the primer coat we want to spray three light and even coats working all the way around the PVC coupler Make sure you use an overlapping pattern to build up the coats and always follow the instructions on the spray can especially for drying times Now as we wait for that to dry, let’s remove the snorkel top all we have to do is unscrew the hose clamp and then slide this off and When the snorkel is dry we can install it and look at how good this came out So set it in place and then I’m gonna tap it down into the fitting. So it’s watertight and finally add that snorkel top and tighten it down and Check that out. That looks so good Not only does it match the black and it looks amazing But it’s completely functional if we have a bow wave and it comes over We’re not gonna suck in water now because this is lifted up now. It is time to actually put this thing to the test We’re gonna go off-roading. We’re gonna go through some water and we’re gonna go ride over some cars So let’s get out there So there aren’t too many legal spots to go off-road in, New Jersey But I do know a few in South Jersey and to get to one of them. There are some decent ruts We need to cross. Luckily with this Hummers 16-inch ground clearance and four-wheel drive system. Well stuff like this So let’s go and test out the snorkel and the waterboarding capabilities of this truck Alright check this out We are about to test out that snorkel and I mean test out there is some deep water here We’re in between two cranberry bogs and there is a flooded path here. He goes over 30 inches So we’re allowed to go technically 30 inches before we have an issue but we could definitely go over as long as it’s not for extended periods of time and we’re not Stopping in it We could stop in 30 inches, but that’s why we have the snorkel so that if we get a bow wake or something We don’t have to worry about water getting sucked in so I aired down the tires We have a nice big Footprint, and we’re about to try this out and see if we make it time to put the Hummer to the test, baby And that was insane, oh man, let’s turn around because we need to do that again And we have order up to the top of the hood and remember our tires are 37 inches tall So we’re in over three and a half feet of water effortlessly Holy smokes that was insane So we were way above we were like right about here on water and there’s a little bit water in here Not a big deal it drains out, but we made it We made it all the way across that was insane the snorkel Oh check this out. I got some lily pads up here the snorkel worked perfect that is Exactly what we wanted if there was a batwake that came over which we didn’t have too much water come up too high But if there was a bad weight coming over it wouldn’t suck it in like the stock location That’s exactly what we wanted and man. Oh, man What a cool cool thing to do a cool thing to be able to go through that much water confidently There was no tire spin you can air down no problem at all. Oh, man, I love this thing Now the next thing we’re doing is even crazier I can’t wait you guys I’ve been I’ve been planning this out for so long. You guys are gonna love it is nuts okay, so to finish off this video in the most epic way I could think of we’re gonna be doing something really crazy and awesome I’ve been planning this out in my head for the longest time. Finally. I’m able to do it So let me show you what we’re gonna be doing All right and there’s no better way to finish up this video then take my dream car the Hummer and Drive it over a pair of cars. Every Hummer owner has to do this. It’s just it’s a rite of passage So we have two Honda Civics here. Don’t worry They’re gonna get scrapped anyway for you Honda lovers and we’re gonna go and drive over them now I am a little bit nervous This is uh watching a video is one thing but actually doing it in real life is completely different So it’s it’s a little scary. But what we’re gonna be doing is pulling the car right up to the front here There’s a couple things that can go wrong We need to make sure that the roof collapses evenly on each one so that we don’t roll over and then at the end when we’re gonna go off I’m actually going to Go completely off. That’s the goal. We’re gonna go all the way to the back and drive completely off I have to be careful because there is an overhang on the Hummer It is armored, but I don’t want to damage it just cut this thing. I don’t want to ruin it So let’s finish this up in an awesome finale just drive over some Honda’s Okay, let’s get my seatbelt on and I can’t believe I’m about to do this I’m gonna air down the tires just a little bit just so we could get some extra grip and here we go Let’s drive over some cars And I’m gonna drive up right to the front until I bump up on the cars and now we’re gonna send it Holy smokes, this is insane. I’m running over actual cars This is so crazy. I can’t see anything the Hummers just tilt it up into the air And I think I’m not getting any grip, okay, basically I need more speed so if back off the cars and try Come on baby, let’s get some grip here. Oh, there we go All right, whoo, yeah All right There we go So that is how you finish up a video on your dream truck. How insane was that going over? these cars was just it’s it’s like you can’t feel the adrenaline through the video and it looks like nothing when you do it in a YouTube video but in real life it is Intense. It’s so cool it’s such a weird feeling to feel the roof collapse the glass collapse the car tilting sideways and This thing is just a beast the undercarriage protection worked the central tire inflation system worked. Everything worked. That is what I’m talking about I don’t know if you could tell if I’m excited here, but I do want to thank you guys. This is incredible and it’s only because of you guys that I was able to get my dream truck and Hopefully my videos have been helpful And if you guys were helped by any of my videos if you fix something on your car or truck or if you’re able to Learn something new comment below tell me what you were able to learn. That’s what drives me. That’s what keeps me going Keeps me pushed I haven’t had a day off a full entire day off in four years because of making videos and running this YouTube channel Totally ok with me because that’s what drives me teaching you guys teaching the whole entire world how to properly fix their car save money All that that’s what it’s all about to me So comment below and let me know what you’ve learned for my channel also Let me know what your dream car or truck is. This is incredible I hope the hard work that you guys put in the passion that you guys put in to your job to your work Pays off and you’ll be able to get your dream vehicle as always Thank you very much for all the support If you guys enjoy the video remember to give it a thumbs up If you’re not a subscriber Consider hitting that subscribe button and be sure to check the links in the description because I have some awesome stuff for you guys

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