I Bought 5 Knockoff Tech Products From Wish

♪ This is Safiya’s new intro song ♪ Hello friends, and welcome to another video.Today, I’m going to be buying suspiciously low-cost electronics from Wish. That’s right! Wish sells electronics. Yeah…. They do. So, I’ve ordered some stuff from Wish before, including a week’s worth of $5 clothing, as well as items that were listed on the site as free, and in general, these hauls have been pretty hit or miss. But they definitely tend to be exhilarating. You’re never quite sure what you’re gonna get. So if you don’t know already, Wish is an e-commerce site, that sells basically everything at a huge discount. From fake tongues to wedding dresses. That said, I’ve never ventured into the gadget territory So I’m not exactly sure what to expect, but I hope nothing bad happens. So in terms of price, I’m going to put a hard stop at $100 per item as like the max MAX budget if we find something we really like. And I think we’re gonna get five things today just so we don’t go completely hog-wired All right, let’s ill-advisedly spend some more money on Wish. Okay, so I’m going to open up the Wish website Let’s go through the gadget tab, and see what they have for us. Okay, so right off the bat, we’ve got a large price range and a lot of different things. We’ve got what looks like a knock-off apple watch, for thirteen bucks and then, like an iPhone for three-hundred and thirty bucks, which for secondhand iPhones seem like the normal market price So like, that’s almost not really like a markdown. I almost don’t even know where to begin. Is this an MP3 player? For Free? I’m not trying to be too hard on Wish, but like what the heck is going on here? There’s no way that thing works! Wow, there’s so many things. There’s like mouses, I mean mice. SD cards that I could use but that wouldn’t make a very exciting video. What?! Is this real? I just clicked on this randomly cause I was confused as to what it was It’s called the Excelvan HD Camera Sunglasses Polarized Hidden Mini Digital Video Receptor DV Camcorder. It says that these have a mini recorder in them So it’s like Snapchat Spectacles, but a hundred dollars cheaper and you don’t have to just put it on Snapchat. The reviews are kind of like random sounding Great, exactly what I wanted Daughter loves them What an excellent product There’s not enough people saying “Wow, I can’t believe this thing actually works.” The only person I believe here is William, “pushing the control button is difficult with the glasses on” I believe you, William. I believe you are a real person I kind of think we have to get this and see if it works. So I am going to just add this to the cart, Well that’s definitely item 1 All right, lets take a look at what the next item will be. Is that a GoPro for 28 bucks? This is a 2017 Hot Fashion Outdoor Action Sports Camera Mini 30-meter Waterproof Ultra HD 4K Sport DV F60R Helmet Cam DV Camcorder Wi-Fi Remote Control LOV *contemplates exhistance* It really looks like a GoPro I mean my GoPro was like 500 bucks wasn’t it? Damn. So I wanna see if this works Because that would be a great deal All right, so this has 4.5 stars out of a 127 reviews I love this one from Eloise though, she gives it 1 star and she says very good Oooo, I get to choose a color for the GoPro I’m gonna get Gold Because that’s fancy All right, so for this one, the shipping is a little more expensive. The shipping is $13 so that makes the entire come out to 41 But if this is a functioning GoPro dupe, that’s still a good deal All right, so that is two products down We’ve got a couple of cameras going, so lets look for something else. This is a drone for 3 – nope. It’s landing gear extenders See, that’s why you gotta read what’s in here. Oh! That’s a vibrator. There’s more. This is NSFW Oh What is this? This is 29 bucks. It’s a Changeable Halloween Christmas Decoration Light Projector Lighting Outdoor So basically it’s like one of these things that you set up in your lawn and you like project stuff onto you’re house Um, these look photoshopped But it looks like they’ve got like stars and jack-o-lanterns and birds and skulls and Santa Claus I see these all over the place this time of year But it’s also something I wouldn’t usually buy for myself So lets try that There’s a lot of interesting stuff around here Wow there are hearing aids on here for $4 I hope those work Is this a drone? This is the Aerial Photography RC Drone Wifi with HD Camera 4-Axis Gyro One Key Return Drone Mobile Phone Control Toy The toy at the end makes it seem like this is going to be really small but I don’t see anything for scale as to how big it actually is The only person who’s review I can see who didn’t like it is Damien And he just says, “Not satisfied with the product” So that could mean anything. I’ve never had a drone before But I am interested in getting one for some cool drone shots and they’re usually pretty damn expensive So it’d be awesome if this one works and unusually enough, you can get it without the camera which I don’t really know what you would do with that All right cool, so I’m gonna get this in white. That seems like a classic drone color And um… lets buy this. Okay cool! So that is item number 4 So we just have one more to go I think honestly, we have to get this apple watch knock-off thing cause this is a gadget that I’ve seen the most in my time of sort of surfing around Wish So this is called the 2016 Newest Smart Watch Upgrade Smartphone Call SMS Anti-lost Bluetooth Bracelet Watch for Android Phone Oh does that mean it won’t work with my phone? Oh! Although it says fully compatible with smartphones, and they say apple iOS system This has 4.5 stars on 45 thousand reviews Wow People like this Except for Bryce, who “can’t figure out the texting.” I mean it looks like an Apple watch, it sounds like an apple watch, I’ve never actually had the desire to have an Apple watch, but we’ll see what arrives. And how it is Okay so, those are my 5 items So we got the hidden camera sunglasses the GoPro dupe the Christmas light projector the drone And this android slash apple watch I’m interested to see what’s going to happen. I’m excited I hope nothing explodes I was gonna make an ill-advised Samsung galaxy joke, but I won’t do it All right, so it’s been about two months since I’ve ordered all my Wish electronics And they’re all finally here So I’m thinking lets start smallest to largest So I’m gonna pluck this one off the top and uh get into it So this one is the smart watch Ta-da! Ooo instructions So the say “Hello friend,” What? They’re coming for my brand Tyler! All right, so here is the watch. It doesn’t look like it has any battery in it right now So i’m going to plug this into a computer with mah little wire And hopefully, some charging will revive it Or not revive it. Will vive it I’m gonna try and press this button again oh! uh It vibrated in my hand Oh, It’s upside down You know this looks almost exactly like my phone from 2008 It looks like they have a lot of apps including facebook and twitter. But I don’t think I can open anything without a sim card. So I think we should go and like get a sim card for this thing and then try and use it All right, so we’re in Best Buy right now, and the guy helping us actually tried to use the SIM card inside of my iPhone But apparently that’s a nano SIM card and we need a micro SIM card. So we’re adding this to my phone plan for 10 bucks a month just to see I wanna tweet. From my wrist. okay so we’re back, and I think we should try and finally do something with this watch all right So lets open twitter What It still says insert valid SIM card I also can’t even just open twitter just to see what it would look like like it won’t let me open anything, I just did a last ditch attempt at Bluetooth connecting it to my phone But it doesn’t seem to be doing anything even without the bluetooth on Okay, I know I can put a micro SD card in here for the camera, so lets see if we can at least take a photo. How do I – Where’s my face? Oh look. There’s Tyler’s face Can I take a selfie is the question I’m gonna have to take this off my wrist to get a good selfie Oh that’s not so bad It’s fun that there are some capabilities that do work but I’m disappointed that the SIM card that we put in doesn’t work at all so I think, that you know I’m gonna have to write this Wish electronic off as a failure I’m just sad that I didn’t get to tweet and I know that everyone is also sad Okay so next up, I’m going to tackle this package Which is the HD video camera sunglasses Let’s open these bad boys up and see what they look like TaaaDaa Wow Do I look like I just came from the optometrist? I think the camera is this hole right in the front And I think they put the button on the side that lights up is the record button It looks like there is an SD card slot here and the instructions say to charge it for at least four hours So lets leave it to charge and then go try it out All right so I’ve got my camera sunglasses and my instructions I’ve charged them for awhile so hopefully, they’ll work. I could use some sun protection right about now Did i touch the camera? Damn I hope I didn’t fog it up So it says that I should press the video photo button for 3 seconds and the blue LED indicator should blink and then it’ll start recording Oh I think it’s recording The blue light blinked All right So I’m just gonna look around. Look at those palm trees. Wow. So it’s pretty hard to tell out in the field if you recorded anything or not. So I’m going to tap this button once to turn it off and uh, hopefully it worked. So lets plug this guy in and see if we got anything so it looks like a disc called “no name” popped up So lets open that up and see nothing before we’re sure that it’s nothing, let me just try and put the SD card in directly instead of through the glasses All right here’s “no name” and there’s nothing on it I’m not surprised I guess because the sunglasses did feel kind of light and flimsy I mean there is some possibility that I used them incorrectly But to be fair the instruction were pretty vague and they were like “just follow the blinking light” And it seems like this light blinks pretty arbitrarily Instead of a suspiciously cheap gadget, I feel you might have gotten over priced sunglasses all right. So next up is this package. Which I’m pretty sure is the Christmas light projector thing Arrived just in time though this video maybe going up after Christmas So, for you guys’, it’s not on time It basically looks like it’s just like a light where we put one of these cards in And then it just sort of projects it back I actually think that all of this extra stuff is if you want to mount it into the ground So honestly, lets just see what happens when we plug this thing in Oh look! look at the little wall! All right, so it seems to be working Tyler’s going to turn the lights off so we can see it Oh it’s so cute. We should go prank people and project Santa’s on their houses Cool! Should we try some of the other slides? So it looks like they’ve got a bunch of different slides for different occasions Oh I love the snowflakes Oh yes That’s my favorite so far and then just for fun, the shamrocks! So this projector was super fun inside But we decided to bring some holiday cheer around my neighborhood All right so I’ve got a car adapter for our little winter time fun projector. This is my Christmas prank! Okay! Oh its working Oh look at that Ohh look at that We decided to go with the snowflakes for this one to spread some non-denominational holiday cheer. Good tidings to this construction site Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy new house I really like taking this thing out on the town Now THAT is a good hedge I don’t think you necessarily have to get this type of thing from Wish. I’m sure other people sell it but probably similar amounts of money because this thing wasn’t that cheap But I had a good time I would definitely bring it out again on Saint Patricks day and I am overall pleased with this purchase So next up is this product which is our GoPro dupe Oh hello Is this it? Boom Yep that’s it I mean.. It is a little lighter and like somewhat flimsier feeling that a true GoPro But it also seems a lot like a GoPro So I’m gonna plug it in and charge it and then we’ll take it outside and compare it to an actual GoPro. That was kind of a *GoPro dupe makes a chiming noise* Oh did you hear that? Tyler: Sounds like a pokemon. Alright so I’ve got my Wish 4K Sports Cam and my GoPro Hero 5 here So they do actually look decently different and they do have a different weight to them with the batteries inside The GoPro is a decent amount heavier which is kinda what throws me off about this thing is like how light it is Alright let’s record shall we. Ready? Tyler: Yeah Alright so looking at the footage there is no question that the true GoPro has better quality footage Than this wish dupe. Say “Hello” Tyler. I mean they’re both recording or at least they say they’re recording Lets just do a quick pan of our surroundings but this thing actually does kind of work. Tyler: Does like the monitors image look different? the monitors images actually look really different I tried to put them on the same settings, but the GoPro’s image looks much more zoomed out. the footage from the 4K Sports Cam look fine in our editing software and in the video but when I first played it in Quicktime, on my computer, it looked crazy I don’t know if it’s the file format or something, but it looks like the Blair Witch Project. Overall, I definitely wouldn’t choose this over my GoPro, And it doesn’t replicate the quality of a GoPro, But, it’s not not a camera I don’t know about 4K but it was OK So for our last item We’ve got this drone Tadaaaa This is not assembled I have never flown a drone before, but I’m excited about it I feel like Casey Neistat already So they don’t exactly have instructions of how to put it together But just from looking at the ending product I think I can pretty much guess It looks like this is the camera?
Question Mark? It’s very unclear what the camera is gunna do, because there’s no monitor down here to see what I am recording on the drone I would guess that it should go here but instead I just got the silver sticker, so we are just gunna be winging it Alright… let’s go fly a drone As I hold it it just feels so suspiciously light Like it feels like there is just not enough drone there. I feel like it is just gunna get swept up by the wind Even if it doesn’t take off. This looks like a nice little clearing! I’m gunna try and press some buttons *AHHH* *Laughter* so, after taking this thing out for a spin I am pretty pleased with the fact that it did infact levitate off the ground you know it did it’s drone thing it flew around a little bit Did I kill it, I’m sorry I feel bad. I’m not sure if it was hard to control or if both Tyler and I were just sort of bad it Should I try and catch it Oh my god I literally caught it in my hand, I don’t know if they could see that I would say that this is defiantly a fun toy We had a good time, didn’t hurt anyone It’s very stressful But I do not think it is the type of drone that I would have wanted because to me the main utility of a drone is to get some really cool like overhead shots of stuff for a video and this camera is none sense I put an SD card in here and it got lost inside and started jangling around There’s no input to get footage off of it there’s no way to turn on the camera You catch it in the light and are like “is that light on”. No it’s like a piece of red foil So, if you want a toy like it’s fun, but, if you want a drone that can actually take footage for you It is not that I feel like on a scale from 1 to Casey Neistat, I was like a single sunglass lense Okay, so that was my Wish electronics haul In general the stuff was pretty hit or miss I’d say that the only thing that actually worked as well as I though it was supposed work was the little light projector Obviously the sunglasses and the smart watch were pretty big disappointments to me The sunglasses I feel like straight up like may not have a camera in there at all But the smart watch was extra disappointing Because it gave me a false sense of hope the sports cam and the drone did function to some level but they weren’t good enough that i’d say that you would want to buy this stuff instead of the actual product I think in general the quality of the products that these things are trying to replicate Are higher than these products and even if the price is a lot cheaper, I feel like you are just not gunna get what you really want at all I think maybe the overall take away of this video Is if an electronic product is suspiciously cheap and also suspiciously light It probably is not gunna work It may fly off the ground and all most hit you in the face but it’s not gunna have a camera to record it Thank you guys so much for watching if you like that video make sure to smash that like button and if you wanna see more videos like this make sure to smash that subscribe button A big shout out to Brook Swaggerty Morrow for watching. Thanks for watching Brook and I will see you guys a next time

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