I am an Architect – The History of Architecture

Let’s look back in history with this little rhyme To the architecture trends since the beginning of time The birth of architecture  so simple so sweet a design so magnificent it can’t be beat It’s the primitive hut hearth, roof, and foundation I’m the first architect and this is my creation  Now chop off the top and you have a new design an era for the gods and pharaoh so divine mud­bricks and limestone  aligned to constellations built along the nile in a pyramid formation Your pyramids are cool but they lack in practicality we’re the Greeks and Romans and we build for immortality from the Parthenon to Pantheon  and the Imperial Forum Look at our town plan and all our decorum Welcome to the Renaissance we have a new objective Brunelleschi led the way with linear perspective Artistic expression   at its core  form and engineering for you to adore With iron and steel our building stock grew Crystal Palace, Eiffel Tower and bridges to name a few New innovations like the high rise made cities grow to unprecedented size Less is more strip all ornament build for the masses and the less fortunate black thread and circle specs  are the new attire steel and glass facades for you to admire Reject the modern rules they’re boring and bland  this is postmodernism where ornament is grand fractured designs and the rules undefined The crazier the better  let’s all lose our minds The past shapes the present and now we’re here today With environmental standards we’re building in new ways sustainable sites LEED certified recycled materials that are locally supplied The future looks bright with less limitations Architecture is evolving with more applications create the next trend and build in new ways frame the future starting today!

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