Hurt after getting comments on his food [Star’s Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2019.12.09]

The second dish. (The second dish after ma jiang mian) Fried banana! Fried banana! He went with fried banana. I’m so curious. That’s going to be tough to beat. If you look here, this is Korean wheat. It’s Korean wheat grown in Gangwon-do. Next is, when you look at the fried banana, it looks a little green. Yes, it was tinted green. (The green color of the fried banana is) It’s sweet rice in Vietnam. I couldn’t get it, so I put flour in the batter and added powdered green tea to create that color. The bananas are senorita bananas available in Korea. – Senorita bananas? / – Yes. (Korean wheat batter, chocolate, frozen bananas) I’m going to make the crispy flakes. The batter is the key. (Use thin batter) They should be round. That’s how… You have to spread them out. If you do it in one spot, they stick together. (Like this) (He has weak hands) (It’s like lava) When they are done, spread them out. You need time. You have to deep-fry them again to get that color. Coat it like this. Coat it. – That looks simple and nice. / – The color is green. So easy. Seyun, you look like you want some. That looks amazing. (It hasn’t been deep-fried yet, but it looks yummy) You have to deep-fry it. (Deep-fry the coated banana until golden brown) It doesn’t take that long. – I’m curious. / – The color looks nice. How interesting. You have to dip it in chocolate. So? – That combination can’t be bad. / – I know. (The Hanoi mother-in-law’s food) (that made him stomp his feet) (So?) Did it work? (Yes) This is it! This is it! (Can you see) (the level of his confidence?) I’m scared. Fried banana! (He already looks like he won) His dish looks unbeatable. (His competitions are getting nervous) My dish is… Fried… Fried banana! Fried banana! He’s full of confidence. No wonder he won the first time. (Gyu Ikjeom’s second dish) (that drove everyone into chaos) The mother-in-law of the restaurant owner in Ho Chi Minh City who gave me the chance to make fried banana available for the people in Korea. Thank you. Vietnamese food is inside me! I wrote new history! Everyone, xin chao. Xin chao, xin chao, xin chao. He’s so excited. (Coming soon, fried banana) You got it for free while eating your noodles. That was accidental. Those who are lucky is always lucky. (He doesn’t care) Ma jiang mian is doing great, and this is great too! (I’m lucky through and through) The last contest’s winner, the creator of ma jiang mian. Here he is! Lee Gyeonggyu, please stand before the judges. (They can’t wait to see his dish) (Oh, I’m nervous) (The winner of the first contest walks over) (The man who lives in the past) (Here is the Boom-jukebox) There’s even background music. The winner of the first contest, Lee Gyeonggyu’s fried banana. Here’s your chance to advertise it. I’m the father of last week’s ma jiang mian. (Hahaha) Just eat it. (So much pride) I’ll talk to you after you try it. (Feeling excited at his high confidence) Okay. (Freshly deep-fried in passion-filled oil) (Perfect example of COMI) (Crispy outside, moist inside) (Perfect partner, when it meets chocolate sauce) (It creates the perfect sweetness) (Lee Gyeonggyu’s fried banana) Please begin. That looks good. It has to be. Don’t forget the chocolate sauce. (Excited) (His confidence made the judges more excited) (Looks good) (Harsh-tongued gourmet takes a careful bite) (Dips it in chocolate sauce) (And takes a quick bite) (Frown) (Odd expression) (Nervous about the unexpected reactions) If I may say one thing here… (Suddenly, he interrupts) (Out of the blue?) About the green rice. They only have that in Vietnam. If you choose my dish, I will go to Vietnam. I can meet the mother-in-law and improve the dish. (Lobbying for a consecutive victory) (The judges are done) – They didn’t finish. / – They didn’t. They didn’t finish. (Leftover fried bananas) You can eat this as dessert after eating ma jiang mian. I’m creating a series right now. My own series. Buy one, get one free. One ma jiang mian and one banana. (How did ambitious Gyeonggyu do?) Chef Choi Hyunseok? (Gyeonggyu can’t help but smile) Chef Choi Hyunseok is like my own child, I mean, like my own little brother. The key here is that he visited my restaurant many times. (The two had formed a close relationship) Really? (I’m counting on you, Hyunseok) Chef Choi Hyunseok? Generally speaking, when banana meets chocolate, you can’t fail. (The combination of the best flavors) With incredible planning, incredible idea and top quality ingredients, you failed in execution. You failed in execution. Failed? Did you say fail? He failed! He failed. (Lee Gyeonggyu, former winner, “I failed”) – How could he say it like that? / – He failed. I think the product itself is good. – But you failed in the detail. / – He failed. He failed. (Very adamant review) (Devastated) You didn’t have to go all the way… But you went way too far. It was too greasy, which was a shame, – so if you could work on it… / – I can’t stand it. Oh, I can’t stand this. (Covering his ears) (Hahaha) I was the king last week, so how could you destroy me like this? I can’t believe this. You should take a break this week. (Recommending a break) You should take a break this week. (Thud) (Harsh-tongued gourmet’s witty review) Oh, that’s really… (Is this the fall of the father of ma jiang mian?) Hang in there. Hang in there. (His confidence dropped) Without the chocolate, this is nothing. It’s so greasy I can’t eat it. Oh, make something else next week. (Shattered heart) – No, no. / – What on earth is this? I can’t even comment on this. (His consecutive win is gone…)

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  • This program can people idea on how to cook a lot of variety foods i love how yeunga give a lot of appetite while she was eating in the market before😊😊😊

  • I love cooking and i wish to watch the whole episode…its cut so i dont know which is which…i love this show😀👍

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