Huge Scandals That Rocked The History Channel

In an era of fake news, it’s refreshing to
be able to count on the proven facts of eras past. But while you might put your money on a network
whose literal brand is bringing bygone times to life, let’s just say not everything on
the History Channel, now known simply as History, is particularly respectable. Ancient Aliens might hold the dubious crown
of the History Channel’s least historical show. It also made its way onto Southern Poverty
Law Center’s Hatewatch blog for showcasing white supremacist theories. “Is it possible that the course of human civilization
has been determined, not by history’s most profound thinkers, but by some external force?” The idea that ancient African, Asian, and
Native American architectural marvels could have only been built by some kind of alien
entity isn’t a new one. Hatewatch reminds us that this concept was
used by Andrew Jackson to justify the Indian Removal Act of 1830 in North America. In fact, much white supremacist literature
over the years has suggested that non-European civilizations didn’t build any wonders of
the past, and that ancient Aryans are somehow secretly responsible. Switch out Aryans for aliens and you can see
why people find the show so distasteful. And, as Hyperallergic points out, we already
know how the pyramids were built: ramps. When it comes to The Curse of Oak Island,
there exists a piece of so-called evidence that we know is a fake: the Oak Island map. This particular map looks like it got torn
out of a journal someone purchased at the Dollar Tree, but the notes are in French. According to the show, this map is connected
to a much more mysterious and valuable Templar document. “Zena’s map and her research I find incredible,
I wanna prove that it’s authentic. And to that end, I think we’ve made some strides.” But according to Donald Ruh, who was once
in possession of both of those documents, the two are unrelated. He also says that the Oak Island Map is a
fabrication, created by someone in the ’70s. If the show’s use of those two pieces of evidence
is what amounts to “proof,” we don’t really believe anything else on Oak Island. The fact that Counting Cars star Danny Koker
is living a hippy-hating, muscle car-loving, masculine stereotype, isn’t surprising. He’s a car guy, and he likes combustion engines,
loud noises, and high speed, and really none of those things are compatible with a cleaner
environment. “Guys, I’m just not feeling this.” He told the Canadian Morning Show in 2013, “Prius, I’ve got no use for. If it gets 4 miles to the gallon and has 800
horsepower, I’m thrilled. We’ve got more oil than we can shake a stick
at. The politicians are playing a game. Let’s burn this stuff and have a good time.” According to the Vegas Tourist, Rick Dale
from American Restoration was called out in 2012 for restoring a 1950s-style jukebox but
failing to actually repair the thing, per the original agreement. Now, it’s great to have a sharp-looking jukebox,
but what you really want is a sharp-looking jukebox that plays music, especially if you
paid someone $4,000 to do it. But not only did Dale reportedly fail to acknowledge
that the work wasn’t complete, he also cashed the check and stopped returning his customer’s
phone calls. “It’s not all about the money. It’s about making something that you want,
your memory, alive.” Sons of Liberty is what American history would
look like if the Founding Fathers were all moonlighting as characters on Riverdale. Actual history recalls the Sam Adams of 1765
as a middle-aged dude with a paunch, but in Sons of Liberty he’s…hot. And that’s not the show’s only inaccuracy;
the Journal of the American Revolution listed 22 missteps within the first episode alone. “This is yet another incident in a long line
of treasonable acts committed by a childish and insubordinate colony.” Of course, this is historical fiction, and
almost every piece of historical fiction ever written contains inaccuracies. It’s called creative license. Just don’t believe everything you see on History. “That freedom cannot be taken away from us. That, that is our God-given right.” In History’s defense, Vikings is based on
the old Norse sagas, which National Geographic reports were written down in the 13th century
but were passed down verbally for centuries prior. So the “facts” recorded in the sagas have
likely been embellished, altered, or even completely made up. Historians don’t even agree on whether the
show’s central character, Ragnar Lothbrok, even existed. “Who wants to be king?” One of the biggest liberties showrunners took
was with the relationship between Ragnar and Rollo. In real life, assuming Ragnar existed, the
two men were not only not brothers, it’s unlikely they ever even met. And the show’s timeline is suspect, too, as
we see our favorite marauders raiding a monastery in Season 1, and then attacking Paris in Season
3, two events that happened 120 years apart, according to Ranker. Also, the Vikings did wear helmets, though
not horned ones, Christians didn’t crucify heathens, and Vikings almost never fought
pitched battles since they preferred raids. Sadly, that doesn’t leave a whole lot of room
for the truth. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite
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  • If there ever were any true historians associated with the show, they are long-retired or dead now.

  • Asshole it’s called entertainment! If you want to be educated go to school! Big Scandal, the Count likes fast cars! This guy is a fucking moron, what’s next, is he going to tell us the mermaids don’t exist? Give me a fuck break, it entertainment!

  • I suppose you think extraterrestrial life doesn't exist either. You ever hear of, or research Remote Viewing? They did not build the pyramids with ramps.. Go ahead and believe the government disinformation. This channel must work for the schills.

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  • It's a scandal that Vikings is historical fiction? Like, did anyone think it was supposed to be historically accurate? I never assumed it was anything more than entertainment, maybe helps knowing some of the figures it's based around, so seeing that it was a drastically different thing, but I think those without that knowledge would just assume it was entirely fictional. I'm not sure this qualifies as anything resembling scandalous.

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  • Lol the pyramids weren't built with ramps its been proven that if they used ramps that the ramps them selfs would use more material than the actual building of the pyramids and that the ramps would have to be two miles long to be able to have the right incline to pull a 3 ton granite block up it

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  • You see White Supremacy in Ancient Aliens? You gotta be a snowflake.

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    Only if you're a sad cunt with no life who twists what someone else says to fit the conclusion they want to hear.

    How exactly is a non human being from a species that HAS NO CONCEPT OF RACIAL identity comparable to human racism?

    You need fucking help. Oh is that racist as well too? I'm sure you'll find something to claim it is.

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