HPSC0003 – History of Science: Antiquity to Enlightenment

My name is Simon Werrett,
and the course code is HPSC0003, and the title is History of Science The module is a survey of the history of science from antiquity to about the time of
Darwin, and the idea is to set up first-year students with a good sense of
the history of science as it develops over that long period. We look at a wide range of topics,
so we look at science in China, we look at science in Islam, we
look at ancient science, medieval science, science in the Renaissance, the
Scientific Revolution, people like Newton and Copernicus, and we look at the
Enlightenment, the role of women in science – so really there’s lots of topics
that we cover. The assessment for the module is an essay,
2500 words, which is done during term time, and an exam which happens at the
end of the year. There are no prerequisites for the module.

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