How YouTube’s Suggested Videos Work

Hey! Welcome to this series of videos about how YouTube’s
search and discovery system works. In this one
we’re taking a look at suggested videos. These are videos YouTube recommends based on
what viewers were watching beforehand related topics, and past watch history. You can find them
on the right side of the watch page below the video you’re watching
on the mobile app and as the next video to auto-play. Suggested videos can be from any channel
including more from the one you’re watching. What can you do
to get your videos suggested to more viewers? Consider the following. Make a strong call to action. Suggest they watch another video
in your series, and really sell them on why. Be mindful of long endings as
they might delay viewers from watching more. Use playlists, links, cards, and end screens
to suggest the next video. OK, so that’s suggested videos. But what about the Home screen? Where is Home, and what can you do
to help your videos get discovered there? Click here to watch the next video,
or go back and learn about YouTube Search.

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