How Will History Judge Trump?

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50. Let’s go to our caller from the 5 7 1 area
code who’s calling today from 5 7 1. Sadhus Rodriguez. Hey, Rodrigo, it’s up. And now I just want to ask you. Oh, we all like seeing the news and everything
and how like Fox and like. Slowly and then how they interpret things
versus how CNN approach interpret things, those asked like. How do you think future generations are going
to look at this, because there’s obviously like the worst president maybe any country
has ever had. Yeah, handling. This, Slaten, you get what I mean? I mean, sort of an out and out totalitarian
murderer. We’ve got a pretty bad president right now. Yeah. Yeah. So my question really is like, how do you
think this is going to play for future generations? Look at this and this pandemic. It can be like, how are they going to view
this president and your opinion? You know, the pandemic is harder to say. But as far as you know, the retrospective
on how Trump will be viewed in the future. My fear is and this is ultimately going to
come down to historians to deal with. My fear is that because for everything Trump
has ever done, there’s always been a propaganda counter-narrative. Right. So like if 20 years from now you want to look
back and say what was being said about Trump’s handling of the virus at the time, what was
being said about Trump’s Ukraine, you know, corruption at the time, what you can find
people who defend Trump no matter what he does. So I worry that the widespread availability
of this it this disinformation on the Internet is going to prevent future generations from
accurately understanding the horrors of what we are seeing right now. I think that that’s a very serious concern. It might as well, David, France will talk
to you about this. I have no idea what’s really going on because
nobody watches Fox News. And so give me an example like this. Is that as far as the virus? What are some of the things your friends are
still saying? Not set like the virus, others are being taken
seriously, do understand how much Trump screwed up like we could have Salt Lake because they
know how South Korea already has it under control so much. And we had the same like we started the same
day with the virus. Right. And they don’t understand, like the degree
that Trump actually screwed it up. And like, he just talks like everything’s
under control and a reports lies about how serious it is. And I’m just afraid that they’re not going
to realize how much this person actually screwed the country over. It’s likely that they won’t. Now, let me ask you this. Are your friends who think Trump did a good
job? Are they also not really worrying about the
virus and just going out and acting like they shouldn’t be staying home? Stumblebum. Yeah, I’m a pretty young guy, so like in other
20, they’re not really concerned about it. Yeah. Yeah. Some of them just the lack of information. I guess some people are just I guess nowadays
just don’t watch news, but they do watch state. Sometimes you get the wrong information. That’s all they believe. Yeah. Yeah. No, I believe this is a major concern. It’s good that you’re thinking about it because
when the history books are written about this era, we want them written accurately. And of course, different people have a different
view as to what that means. But the amount of disinformation propaganda
could keep completely alternative narratives about the Trump administration going for decades,
hundreds of years. Is it possible and that’s a scary thing because
we’ve got to learn from our mistakes. Very much as I will, David Gratings now this
group. Rodrigo, thank you so much. Very appreciate very much. Appreciate the phone call.

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  • Winners write the history. You will need to look elsewhere for objectivity. I can't understand why Americans were so stupid to allow this guy into power, those who voted and those who protest voted/didn't vote.

  • you idiots live in an echo chamber, his approval rating is skyrocketing. He will be remembered as one of the greatests presidents ever.

  • Nothing is gonna happen. A bunch of retards still believe that the orange mofo is the saviour that came above or below….

  • after doing my own due diligence and thinking about this virus – this
    is my opinion as of today – my opinion as a layman –
    Virus was released prior to what china admitted – the us was being infected
    in dec and maybe even nov 2019
    china announced they had an infection / death Dec31st 2019 ( plausible deniability)
    what are americans doing dec31st and how do they behave toward each other
    on dec 31st – midnight
    Feb was a disaster for USA –
    madri gra
    chinese new year san Francisco
    chinese new year new york

    Bernie Sanders rallies huge crowd in Springfield“This is just not a campaign,” Sanders said to nearly 5,000 people at the MassMutual Center. “This is a movement that says to the corporate elite, you cannot have it all. We’re coming back.” FEB 27

    Bernie Sander political rallies  held a kickoff rally in Brooklyn, New York on March 2, 2019, with an estimated crowd of around 13,000 in attendance

    According to the Denver fire marshall, more than 11,000 people ended up filling the convention center halls Sunday evening. The campaign quickly claimed the event was the largest any candidate has held in Colorado during the 2020 election cycle. Feb 16 

    Michigan's March 10 presidential primary and big campaign rallies leading up to it, including one that drew 6,000 in Detroit for Bernie Sanders on March 6. In contrast, Ohio cancelled its March 17 primary.

    Rapid spread in Michigan:

    Detroit Metropolitan Airport, which has a large international hub and flights to Wuhan, China, where the outbreak originated in December and its airport remained open until Jan. 23.

    Supply lines between Detroit automakers and Wuhan, a major auto hub and home to five car manufacturers including Dongfeng Motor, one of the biggest in China. General Motors has 15 assembly plants in China with its partners, while Ford has six and Fiat Chrysler has two.

    Ties between automakers, particularly FCA, and Italy, which has more than 77,000 cases and 12,000 deaths.

    Michigan's March 10 presidential primary and big campaign rallies leading up to it, including one that drew 6,000 in Detroit for Bernie Sanders on March 6. In contrast, Ohio cancelled its March 17 primary.

    I have watched vids explaining china has a problem other than the virus we are
    fighting – it was and is 10 times worse – released by accident

    There were two whistle blowers the man who we know about – a woman who
    was disappeared
    the clown running WHO is in with china – pence gates pizzia hobbit and dr nurse nirx rachet
    are in bed together – with WHO

  • I think it kinda depends on who we're talking about.

    Future generations of regular Americans might very well be divided on the issue… In much the same way that many present day Americans still adore Reagan; or, going farther back, some people today still propagate the "Lost Cause of the Confederacy".
    But, like, actual trained and educated historians (and just non-Americans in general) will probably have a much more objective view of Trump, his administration, and his supporters (as is the case with the Civil War and its causes).

  • Donald Trump: JAN 22
    “We have it totally under control. … It’s going to be just fine.”

    JAN 30:

    “We think we have it very well under control. We have very little problem in this country at this moment — five. And those people are all recuperating successfully. But we’re working very closely with China and other countries, and we think it’s going to have a very good ending for it. So that I can assure you.”
    FEB 24
    “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. … Stock market starting to look very good to me”
    FEB 26:

    “And again, when you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that's a pretty good job we've done."
    FEB 28
    “It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.”

  • If there is any justice in the word he will have cuffs waiting for him when he leaves office.

  • The Republicans will turn him into another Thatcher/Reagan mythologising him. Talking about how he defeated the taliban and brought peace to Afghanistan and how he destroyed Islamic State.
    Worst thing about that is the fuckwit moronic idiots who vote Republican will believe it, as they believe all the merica lies and bullshit ?

  • If fox news viewers can see for them selves what's going on then there beyond help

  • Political observers still use the term “Bush’s Katrina” to describe an utterly feckless response to any natural disaster, but I believe most Historians will drop that term in favor of “TRUMP’S PANDEMIC RESPONSE.”

  • Hmmm…. I think it is going in a totally other direction.

    This Corona-virus thing: Take it for what it is – a giant civil defence exercise! The disease is nothing and has a lethality of less than 1/1000'th. To be honest: Measels is a much greater danger.

    It is not that other countries are sterling examples; but there are problably not a single country so ill prepared and so incredibly incompetently organised to handle even a minor upset than the USA.

    You saw it during the hurricane Katrina where there were all the resources in the western world at the fingertips – still there were about 2000 unnecessary deaths. It was the same order of magnitude as the 9/11 attack.

    It is not because not enough money is available – it is simply just a miserable lack of planning and preparedness – You can see the hospital ship Comfort lying at pier in New York with no patients on board.

    Never mind the climate change yada, yada, yada…. The problem is simply abysmally inadequate planning.

    The terrible thing is: It is not even expensive!

    The best thing is that it happens with just about the most incompetent administration in office. Not only is the country without any type of president – it is much worse: The appointment of Secretaries has insured that the most incompetent heads of administration are appointed and promoted.

  • What did Trump do, to have gained such loyalty and hero worship? He's physically repulsive; wears orange face paint (or whatever that is); he gives massive tax breaks to the wealthy; etc. And it's not as if he gradually gained their hero worship over this term. He has always had it. Not right away, though. Even Fox wasn't exactly for him, when he first started running. But, somehow, that ambivalence transmogrified into Trump being "sent by God." Somehow, Lindsey Graham, and all the other Republicans, who were against him at first, became his mouthpieces. I just don't get it.

  • America, this is what the world sees:-

  • Ha ha… History doesn't judge trump, trump judges history. The excellent master of all.

  • Smart kid. All you can do is try to educate your friends as best you can and steer them toward reliable sources of information. Good question bro. I think we are all worried about how history will look back on this crazy time

  • Americans put this Charlatan Self serving freak in Office; so perhaps we deserve what we sowed. Our fate was sealed 2016; and this is the predictable sad foul consequence. The older right wingers will be hit hard by this disease that trump let in the front door by 9 weeks of inaction.

  • I have a better question:

    How will history books explain Bernie Sanders loss?

    In terms of policy and who those policies benefit, Bernie might be the best presidential candidate in decades, and yet history books will have to explain why millions of Americans became convinced that all of his great policies were “bad”

    Let’s be real with ourselves, he lost support because of a huge misinformation effort by corporate media and the Democratic establishment (who is tied to corporations) to make all of his policies sound bad because his policies involved increasing corporate taxes, which they should be because many pay $0

    You think history books will explain that most Democrats (despite claiming to be “liberal”) are corrupt corporate sellouts and don’t want to upset their rich donors by supporting Bernie? Even though those corporations are hurting millions of people? Are they going to mention that? Because that’s the real history here

    Like seriously I remember in school learning about Reaganomics and they had to spin it like the intention was to help people. NO. The intention was to help corporations at the expense of the people, of course the government is going to lie and tell everyone that they’re “trying to help people”, but they aren’t, they’re trying to help the corporations that give these people millions in campaign funds

  • Complete ?

  • One of the friendly Trump supporters comment to me:

    Admiral Crunch
    9 minutes ago
    Most of the dead are progressives, so yes he's doing a wonderful job.
    You're probably already infected and only have days to live.

  • When trump won the election I thought "oh shit this is bad for the US". Nearly 4 years later it's a lot worse than I anticipated. I never expected him to be this bad or supported by idiots in his badness. He's truly, truly fucking awful.

  • The presidential historians have enough Trump material for decades. It will be interesting to see if the truth will outweigh the diatribe.

  • Poorly. The End.

  • The real history of this mad man will only be written years later when all the currently hidden communications are revealed and the big picture is exposed.

  • Like the worthless piece of human waste that he is???

  • David there is a video circulating with an app that shows 10 airplanes only flying throughout Europe and something like 600 throughout the United States. You guys are spreading the virus as if that was your explicit objective. A conference of governors should start acting regardless of what happens with Trump. If your assistant sends me her whatsapp I’ll forward the video even while in Spanish (made in Spain). [email protected]

  • This is not a question of how history will view this era, but rather how we who live it will actually remember it, and who we can blame for it. Covid-19 will largely define this presidential term, and this questioner has already forgotten the previous 3 years.

    Eventually, history will see the folly of the Reaganomics to Trump era in America for what it is. The problem is that far too many people in power now are still hell bent on perpetuating the mistakes of the past 40 years.

  • How will history judge him ? ……….as a moron.

  • One word: Bizarre.

  • Judge Trump? The American people should be judged for not riding him, his cronies, and his family down. Shameful.


  • I've never had any question about this. Historians will look back and say "How could those people be so stupid?" A lot of good that does us now

  • The world will view the US after trump the same as the world has viewed Germany since WWII.

  • The way history has judged the Nazis and their atrocities against humanity.

  • David, I am over 50 and grew up in Argentina, Trump is not even close to being the worst president. Neocon and neoliberals are all the same. If you think things are going to be that much better with Biden you are tripping. And I am no Republican.

  • History will view Trump as visibly red and disheveled.

  • David your assuming humanity will survive trump

  • History will show Trump as a corrupt, greedy, low-intelligent tyrant who weaponized a deadly virus, not only for his own political purposes but weaponized it as a true deadly weapon against the American people.

  • Why did he hold a Rally in March?

  • Ignorance or purpose?

  • Anybody else getting Epoch Times ads? I hate that I come here for a sobering commentary on world news and seeing ads for Epoch and some other right wing propaganda news channel I willed myself into forgetting the name of.

  • Rally in March ignorant or purpose?

  • Rally in March ignorant or purpose?

  • Rally in March ignorant or purpose?

  • As a tyrant with blood on his hands.

  • History will NOT be kind to CHUMP, and he will complain about it, till he dies! But I think the real damage in all of this, is the CHUMP supporters, who believe everything and anything, this president says. A real history lesson, will be WHY the CHUMP supporter was so willing to ignore this President's behavior!!!

  • Historians, I believe will not be influenced by all the lies and misinformation produced by the Trump prompaganda machine. Trump will be seen as "the psychopath" that he has become. Worrying and bragging about your press conference ratings while fellow Americans die, will not be accepted as nothing but horrific. THE WORST PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME!

  • Future historians (even present-day ones) will have no trouble at all distinguishing the reality from the lies and propaganda of Trump and his acolytes. Historians are not swayed by obvious lying. You aren't, I'm not, so why would highly educated historians be fooled? They won't be. They will write that Trump was the worst president in US history and will back this up with endless examples of misgovernment, corruption, and so on. Mostly, though, they will highlight how Trump failed monumentally on the greatest threat facing humanity: climate change.

  • I share your concern about this, David. History, it's often said, is written by the victors,. But this has not always been true. Case in point: the history of the American Civil War was in many instances written by Confererate sympathizers. Confederate generals were quick to publish memoirs and historians like Douglas Southal Freeman (who wrote a major and sympatheitc bio of Lee as well as a second book, "Lee's Lieutenants) quickly followed. The result was the genisis and propagation of the Lost Cause, a myth bought into by some until this very day. Similarly, the idea of the Dochstalb or stab-in-the-back which in the aftermath of the German defeat in 1918, sought with no small success to lay blame at the feet of treasonous politicians. A myth which contributed substantially to the rise of German National Socialism and all it brought with it. Regardless of what happens this November — please God, a blue Sunami from sea-to-shining sea — we may well be shortly seeing multi-volume panygyrics and paens to Trump and Trumpismo being used as texts in college history classes.

  • Fortunately, historians from other countries won't be distracted by US propaganda about Trump.

  • We all see this coming months before, most experts say something about Trump that was dangerous.

  • Who says our future will outlast Trump? I wouldn't be surprised if WW3 breaks out with China after the economy collapses from the current outbreak and we nuke ourselves to death.

  • Accordion tiny hands and red panda bear

  • The world history books are all that matters… they can’t be manipulated… They’ll see footage of a man in action, eyes buggy, conduct terse and undisciplined. They’ll recognize his facts are wrong (because they can count past 50) …his attitude is off in terms of a world leader … there’s no changing that.

  • I hope they judge him with extreme disdain and are in agreement and understand why we had to execute him.

  • LIAR in chief called this a hoax until his friends sold their stocks. Cheeto knew long ago about Covid 19, after all that's why it''s called covid 19 is that's when it came out, NOT 2020. I haven't heard him say he would let his resorts be used. After all, Americans pay a whole lot of money when his staff uses them. He said he wouldn't take pay. Know why? He's raped Americans. He's thrown Americans under the bus. But for some reason I dont understand why his base stay's by him..Are they really that racists, or just stupid.

  • Florida golf courses are open, essential business. The world is watching…

  • I think future historians will be looking primarily at the hard evidence and facts (documented official statements, recorded data, verified political actions, etc.) and less so at public opinion of the time. They will need to first separate fact from fiction, then draw conclusions.

  • hopefully they will do like germany and ban him from history books. he literally created a genocide of americans with his inactions of a pandemic.

  • What would the future propaganda narrative be, Trump & his supporters aren't really painting a detailed story.
    2016 to 2020 America: It was the best ever, on repeat.

  • trump will be again a loser, Hitler first,then trump as the most evil men in history!

  • Dotard Chump. The idiot.

  • It’s going to depend on which country you look in. The rest of the world will regard him as comparable to Hitler. The US on the other hand, will never fully admit to the failure they elected. Kinda like how some history books call the black slaves stolen from their homeland “migrant workers.”

  • It's not going to be kind that's for sure.

  • FAUX NEWZ needs to be shut down.

  • just heard a minute ago how they are taking over prime time and the sacred "news" hour 6pm slot, and lasting up to two hours as they are becoming the new rallies!!! yelling at reporters for asking questions that we all already know the answers to. but they are taking over the time slot from 6-8 pm so people cant see their local news and get the facts

  • A complete & total joke that let down our country!!!!!
    He s/b put on a raft alone & set out to sea forever!!!!

  • He is a murderer. 8,397 deaths from trump’s apathy of the seriousness of the pandemic.

  • I think the world feels bad for the U.S.A. I think they all hope he dissapears as much as we do!

  • Trump is doing a brilliant job on the virus. His numbers are the best ever, nobody has ever seen numbers like is, he has the best numbers in the world

  • I hope we get the opportunity to find out very soon.

  • I hope history shows ….that Trump … Was the first president to be removed from office with the 25th amendment ….

  • Given that it’s the intellectuals who write history books ???

  • I think actually he will be remembered as pretty good president honestly!

  • Trump will be remember as the only person knowing how many people are living in Seoul.
    And the only POTUS who has drawn with a sharpie on a weather-map.

  • You all think trump is bad just wait to you all vote him back in again


  • If they just read the facts they will know about how bad Trump is, but it might be hard to discern the facts!

  • Votes should be weighted by IQ. If you have an IQ of 150, your vote is worth 1.5 votes. If your IQ is 70 (most Trump voters) then your vote is worth .7 votes. This way the masses of low IQ voters can't hijack and ruin the country for the rest of us.


  • The truth is that some in the USA would want to rewrite history but the world isn't. They are laughing at us.

  • Trump is a president of his time. Maybe one of the greats. I think his sacrifices will be well noted. It's still too early to tell though.

  • Put more faith in the historians. Hitler had a whole committee whose job was to put out propaganda and yet once the dust settled, all of their false information was brought out to light. i believe that as long as our democracy stands strong, historians will be able to properly assess Trump's presidency. All of us must vote.

  • Just forget about him. One stops existing when nobody remembers anything about you.

  • Luckily in the future there will also be historians who aren’t American. That’ll be our best bet to getting closer to an actual portrayal of history. Imo.

  • Valid points. But consider:

    "George W Bush"

    What were the first things that came to your mind when you read that? Hmmm?
    Propaganda can only do so much.

  • They'll be studying him for centuries in how not to govern and to avoid. Mark my words.

  • Saying " This Motherfucker Does Not ! Deserve a Library ! " .Donald Trump should be THROWN IN A FEDERAL PRISON AND DEALT WITH THERE MOST AGGRESSIVELY.

  • History will judge him as the DUMBEST president ever! ????

  • He will be rememberd as the biggist asshole Off the Century.

  • This is my fear too. Trumpism forever, even after Don rump is gone.

  • Considering how many people are dying of this and the havoc its caused on the economy, crying "fake news" just won't be enough

  • In 4173 "Trump golfed while America coughed." will be as ubiquitous an indictment of ineffective political leadership in a crisis as the Nero adage.

  • I think Trump's failures and crimes will be remembered but some people will deny them, the way some people deny the holocaust or slavery motivating the confederacy.

  • Far beneath Benedict Arnold, except for his cult, to them his feces have no odor.

  • Oh boy…" like 20 or something..not concerned"….is now high demographic in the 'infected community ! Some who voted for him ( like their hero) will Never admit that he has lead them down a dangerous path.

  • History has had many boy Kings and Supreme Rulers who came to their thrones at 9 and 12 years of age. From China to Europe to Great Britain, the young rulers soon showed their inexperience, immaturity, jealousy, pettiness and ill conceived decisions. The United States of America now has a boy King……he just happens to be in an old man's body.

  • W was the worst president ever… then Trump took over that mantle. the difference is that W wasn't a narcissistic psychopath…he is actually a nice funny, self effacing guy…just a boob who let his handlers get us into endless war…so history will kind of gloss over his tenure. Trump is an abject liar and unfeeling assclown so hopefully history will bookmark this time as when america really lost it's mind and performed this perverse political experiment. unfortunately the future may be looking back at the 8 year mistake we made with the orange retard.

  • Future generations can still look at old youtube clips and make their own judgement on Donald 'I;m not a crook' Trump.
    . There have been a lots of average US presidents ..George Bush jnr comes to mind and Bill Clinton was pretty disgraceful. Donald's has started no new wars so that is a huge plus .

  • If a corporate CEO was in charge when his company, say for example a chemicals manufacturer, negligently allowed toxic waste to be released into the ground water and rivers, what would be the legal outcome? He would go to jail. Can someone explain why the President is not held to the same standards when clearly in the case of Trump, his decisions have cost lives. When does competency or lack thereof become the central focus of who has or has not the right to govern?

  • I think Donald Trump will be beside Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus.

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