How to zoom in Chrome easily – Chrome zoom function

Hello everybody it’s Lurgs here. Welcome to my Channel and today the Chrome web browser how to zoom in and out. So put
your glasses away and use this Top Tip. So let’s get cracking, so I’m in the
Chrome web browser here I’m just gonna go to a well known YouTube channel and
what I’m going to do is actually edit one of my videos and try and add a new
language. Now because there’s so many languages here the Chrome web browser won’t actually show me the ‘Add new language’ feature because the screen is not small
enough. So on your keyboard press the [Ctrl] and the [-] key, [Ctrl] and the [-] key. And this actually zooms out as you can see that’s made the drop-down list smaller so now I can select the ‘Add new language’ and then you can just click on Reset if you want to that sets it back to 100% and likewise
if I want to zoom in I can just press the [Ctrl] and the [+] button so we
can just go zooming in and in and in so if your eyesight’s not very good you can
do that instead of putting on your glasses! If you would like to subscribe
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other videos around here that would be really cool. I really do appreciate you
visiting my channel Guys and Girls, I really do mean that. Check you later. you

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