How to Write a Better Dating Profile: Finding Love After 40 Dating Advice for Women Dance Tip

That’s one of the things that’s kind of happened. In the early days of internet dating, we’re all just like so happy to be talking to each other that, you know, the women are typically the ones who have slightly better communication skills ice breaking skills conversation starting skills that if the man didn’t demonstrate that that much we would like really throw them a bone for like the first couple of emails to like help you know help him out there. And women have been doing internet dating long enough now that we’re much more sophisticated, and it’s like, “Okay, well, I’ll be a little bit forbearing with you, but only for about two emails not three.” So both genders, I’m recommending weaving in those kind of elements of not just, “Oh hey, I like to watch football.” “Oh hey, I like to watch golf.” It’s a little of, “Here’s how, this is what I do.” “Here are some specifics. I like to go dancing.” Whatever your hobbies are… more of the brainstorming homework writing… Brainstorm your hobbies. “I like to go to go dancing. What kind? There’s something like 77 dance styles you know that are registered in the American Dance stuff. So it’s like my and I’ll mention this one because there’s a couple of different ones like by age group. My brother met his wife and they did most their courtship through Salsa Dancing. So Salsa is a marvelous one and even though you don’t think of this as online dating. There’s a ton of it the community, and they’re, like, boards forums and communities pretty much for each of the dance styles. And they’re often like very geo local. So it’s like Southern Cal there’s like LA (Los Angeles) Salsa and there’s Orange County Salsa, Riverside County Salsa, Northern California, Fresno. You know it’s like each of these and there’s sometimes they’re like there’re conventions. So like my brother would go to the even like he was on a team likes of course yeah commanding. You’ve got to be competitive. He’s no longer getting to do it like ice hockey. So competitive dancing you know. So he did that for a while and it was very very significant for their courtship. This is something where if there is any dance style you’re interested in that’s one of the things you can mention your profile. “You know, I like to dance. It’s been a little while. So, I’m trying out Square Dancing, Salsa and Argentine Tango to see which one I really really like now. Do you do any of those? See? Come on like hold a mirror up. Bless her heart, she nodded and smiled at me. That’s, and thank you. Cool ooh fabulous. So, do you have cute shoes? Everyone has cute shoes you see who does salsa. It’s like they’re just like most fabulous dance shoes Sparklies? Color? But they’re fabulous. How are they fabulous? Heels? Yep it’s like cover back which is that she [foot ankle] support while looking fabulous. One of the things. What I just did was, I put out a couple of choices. I didn’t list drop list all 77 or how many it is of dances [styles] that are out there. I named about three, three to five, two, three. Something like that. It’s no more than about five. Because the brain like, “This is overload,” at about that number. A couple of things that you’re actually genuinely going to go do. At least like one class or Club or something and try. But show, like I’ve already like I’m still involved in life. I’m still trying [new] things. Give them a couple of couple things you’re gonna do so they can picture this. Specific things. If I just hear, “I like to dance,” brain glazes over. We have no idea of what kind it is. Could be, could be County Western dance, you could be line dancing, could be two-step dancing. Whatever they are, mentioned a few of them. And say that too, it’s like, “You know, I really like ballroom but I want to try country western [dancing ] this year. I hear it’s really fun. Something like that. And I asked, “And how bout you?”

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