How To Visit Old Websites Which Are Currently Offline | TechWonk Tutorials

Missing a old website which you loved to visit?
or want to visit a website for information, which is currently offline? well then, this tutorial is for you. In this post i will be showing a way how to
visit website which are currently offline, this works most of the times & it did worked
for me to get some information out from websites i loved to visit. You can use this guide to visit older version
of some websites too. So, follow instructions given in tutorial
to visit a website or older version of a website. Open up your browser & head to ”Internet
Wayback Machine by Archive” & wait for the page to load. type ”” into browser’s
address bar. Once loaded, you will see a address bar on
the page, type in the url you want to visit & hit “Enter” key from your keyboard & wait
for the results to load. Once results are loaded, select in the year
you want to see the website in & select in a exact date, which have a blue or green circle,
then click on the date/circle. That’s it, you can see the in front of you. You can use controls on above bar to visit
next or previous snapshots too.

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