How to View Your File Sharing History [Easy Search]

How do you view your sharing history? From the activity section of your account, go to the share activity. Locate the folder you want more details
about it and click to view the settings. Entries are listed in the
order they were shared. You can search for shared folders, search by folder name, email address of recipient, name of file that was sent or part
of the path to the shared folder. If your shared folder is still active, you can click the button on the
right for additional options. View the settings, invite, preview or stop sharing. To view the shared folder
details click the folder, a new window will pop up. You can see a direct link
to the sheriff available, the user who shared, if a password was specified, files and folders included, who was invited to the share folder, along with the recent activity. And that is how ExaVault makes
viewing you’re sharing history easy. For more great tips and how tos check
out our other videos or visit our support page, Thanks for watching!

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  • ExaVault makes viewing your sharing history easy! Like and comment so we know what other features you want to see how-to videos on. 
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