How to view past history in uTorrent

Hello guys welcome back to learn4free’s channel
on youtube, it’s good to be back. I’ve been away on my holidays for a few weeks and I’m
fully refreshed and back and I wanted to show you a brief little tutorial. This one is gonna
show you how to find out your past history in uTorrent ok it’s a pretty simple procedure.
I’m running on windows 7 on this one to show you but the procedure is similar on every
other platform so… we have a full tutorial on the site I’ll put a link in the description
to the site and let’s crack on, let’s see what we need to do. Ok the first thing we
need to do really is go to your start button and click on computer. Ok You will see, you
will get an image like this. What we do then is we double click on the main hardrive which
in this case is C and that opens into a new window, then we look in down here and come
up to Users and double click on Users and go up to your account which is usually a name,
double click on that and look for Appdata and double click on that and go down to Roaming,
double click on that. Seems a bit far winded I know but you will see in a minute what’s
going on. Then look for uTorrent ok so then simply double click on that and that will
give you a list of all the files that are currently on uTorrent and all the files that
you have deleted from your uTorrent program. It stores everything in here, you can if you
want delete the files BUT one thing to know only delete the files that are torrent files
ok don’t delete any of the DAT files or the OLD files or anything like that. These contain
your settings and history and stuff like that that are needed for Utorrent to maintain it’s statistics
and what have you. In this case I had to delete this 5 here and then carry on delete the rest
down all the way down. That’s really about it, one of the thing I’d like to show you,
a couple of points I’d like to mention. The first is: if you have got one of your or more
of your files are in here still seeding on uTorrent, if you delete this file it will
stop it from seeding in uTorrent ok it will come up with an error, so if you’ve got anything
currently you want to remain seeding or you want to remain downloading or anything like
that do not remove those files, leave those ones in, just remove the files, the old ones.
And the second point is: if you come across something that you really wanted since deleted
it by accident from your hardrive or anything like that so it’s way down, all you’ve got
to do is find the file here double click it and it automatically come up and ask you if
you want to add that pack into uTorrent and it will go back to the original file, the
original torrent file and it can start downloading it from there. So if you double click one
of these files it will start downloading the original file and if you delete one of these
files currently still been used in uTorrent ie. downloading or seeding you will come up
with an error, it will come up with an error, so you will have to delete it from uTorrent.
That’s the only couple of things to remember, ok pretty simple, straight forward, what have
ya, this is just one of the easy tips we’ve got on our site I’ll put
the site description … the site’s link, should I say, in the description, that’s better
and I’m refreshed after my holidays, never mind. We hope to see you down there we’ve
got tens of thousands of tutorials down there we literally have, we’ve got lots and lots
of stuff for you. To have fun with, to learn with, to view.. everything ok I can’t even
begin to describe so pop on down and see us. Thanks for watching this video, hopefully
I will see you again very soon, Take care guys and I think that’s it! Bye bye for now.

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