How to view, delete, or pause your YouTube watch history

In this video, we’ll show you
how to manage your watch history. To get started,
you’ll need to be signed into YouTube. Once you’re signed in,
you can get to your watch history by opening the Guide
and then clicking History.>From here you can choose
to clear or pause your watch history, or if you’d like to remove individual videos,
just click the X next to a video. To find a specific video
in your watch history, you can do a search right on this page
to find what you need. And that’s it! Want to know more about how YouTube works? Check these other videos out,
and be sure to subscribe.

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  • Youtube me pregunto que les pasan pedasos de #%€&%@ que borraron censuraron y borraron a los vídeos de katie ángel ella no asr nada sexuas ni malo ustedes son un pedasi de mierda hijos de puta no me inporta nada pero me quitaron a mi youtuber favorita y generosa mi ídola mi todo porque quieren arruinar la infansias de muchos chicos/cas EH son malos muy putos youtube es para divertirse y es la primera ves que puteo a youtube yo amaba youtube pero ahora creo que es una mierda😈😈😈😡😬😬😬😠😠😠🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅

  • Y si denunciare a youtube jaja si creo que asta que arreglen estos problemas no dejare de ser haiter

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  • Demonetized videos YOU ARE FAVORING PEOPLE. Why do you not get off all of your lazy butts fix SuperMarioLogan and just stop being high. What about the music video of work by Rihana or any other music video is it because you make more money this is what I mean when YouTube is favoring you can disagree but this is just a theory and my opinion, but YouTube has their way to get money so YouTube Help really you are helping us when you need some help

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  • Youtube has gone poopy. Hence DTUBE is better!

  • Why are you shuting down my YouTube version I cant update it my iPad wont let me it is messed up

  • I want help from the YouTube team: i have Auteursrechtstatus : Video strike 1 [Deleted video] Reason: Copyright takedown request Removed by Stichting MJG en Sharp Eye Media Productions on Feb 3, 2018 Expires on May 4, 2018 . today is 09 mei 2018, is more than three months , I want help from the YouTube team Please

  • I have 1.9 K on my video but youtube put just 800 and block the view ??? What the hell please help me

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  • Subscribe

  • If you don't know this you must be 8

  • How can I get YouTube to restore my videos, my likes and subscriptions, etc. to my two channels? The channels still exist but most of the content is not present (I am the only holder of the passwords, etc. for both channels, BTW).

  • Sunil raja Com

  • Sunil raja

  • So, once again, I am being ignored, censored and blocked by Youtube. There is no darn reason for this happening other than my race, weight and disabilities.

    I have been a Youtubber for well over 10 years and yet and still, with the exception of maybe 2 black men: Youtube does not promote cultural diversity.

    I did nothing wrong and I am sick as d tired of having my content not reaching out to the masses. Even is I started up another


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  • Por que tá aparecendo vídeos de criança pequena nos recomendados do YouTube?

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  • Date wise Watch history will creat more alertness regarding saving{ offline or not}

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    -Youtube incumple sus propios terminos y condiciones al borrarle el canal a OrioN.

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  • But the stupid APP on my phone doesn’t have the option to delete history anymore UGH iPhone help please.

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  • I have looked, search and looked again… How do I delete channels that I have subscribed to?

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  • Wow Thanks for the help ✌

  • Hi you tube team sir I have one problem please tell me mera 1 chanle h u tube pr song ka sir mere subscribers bhi dhere dhere kuch bade h mera new chanle h aur mere chanle ko 6 month ho gaye h start hue mere subscribe 3850 kuch aisa h aur maine 18 ghante bhi complete kr liya h sir mere chanle pr £ ka simble show ho raha h but sir mera monetization nhi hua h abhi tak na koi u tube ki trh se koi mail h sir kya hoga mere chanle ke sath plz rep me mai bahut pareshan ho aur kya hoga dari hui bhi bahut h sir plz plz please reply me sir mere questions ka ans deji plzzzz 😔

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  • Excuse me youtube, I have to tell you something since I removed the videos with copyrighted music in them the two videos that have copyrighted music in them but you guys are saying that I added it nope I didn’t because the creator of that games I played for those two videos they added the music into the game so it isn’t my fault music was added in there so please don’t give me a copyright warning for that.

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  • It is my most Humble request to you that please Review My Channel I have Completed 16000 watch hours and 11000subscriber..
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  • How do I recover my deleted watch history

  • Please help to find the deleted video 5weeks ago

  • This must be the most unuseful video about something you can figure it out by yourself . Where can I find the name of the video that was removed in History ? Why we do NOT have the right to search it elsewhere ? Why is that secret my own activity ?

  • Why do i have to give google acces to my watch history?
    What is google going to do with it? Probably ALOT but youtube/google won't tell us.
    I KNOW that using ANY service or device that google is involved in will track my movement and collect all browserhistory&Metadata,
    They also activate camera's and microphones on phones tablets and laptops without permission and more!
    This widespread info-mining that google does is what normal people would call SPYING
    and we should all make an effort to minimize the ammount of data google recieves from us.
    That information is private and the options you show for this are only TWO and they do not suit my needs.
    There is no option that allows for watch history to be recorded and not share it and be monitored by google.
    I don't like it when companies sell my data without my knowledge and i hope Youtube adds a 3rd option in this menu.
    personally i think Google is the worlds first 'digital cancer'.

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  • Hi
    log views stopped working suddenly and no longer recorded the videos I'm watching, for the information settings application is true and there is no error please help

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  • @TeamYouTube [Help], does a video removal from history affect recommendations based on it? It'd be great if there were a button DON'T recommend videos like this as I watch. Cleaning the recommended section is time-consuming.

  • Theo dõi & đăng ký

  • I like japanes song kahit maputi na ang buhok ko i like lang hehehe

  • A question here, if I pause the view history, is my view still count by YouTube when I watch video

  • Lots of people having trouble with watch history not updating.

  • Youtube TINOROSSI

  • I have a brand account. How do I move the YouTube history from one of the brand account to another?

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