How to View and Delete Google Chrome Browsing History

Hello and welcome, In this video you will learn and view and clear your browsing history from Google Chrome, Open your Google Chrome and go to menu You can see History, Go to history, you can use shortcut keys Ctrl + H click the History, this page is showing your today browsing history and previous history you can scroll down, To clear your browsing data click on clear browsing data in clear browsing data there is basic option and advance. In basic tab you can select the time range from last hour Last 24 Hours, last 7 days or All time you can select clear browsing history Cookies and other site data, cached images and files or you can go to advance tab, you can also select password and other sign-in data Autofill form data, site settings, hosted app data to clear browsing data from this device while keeping it in your Google Account You can just click sign out, click on the clear data button to clear my browsing history Thanks for watching, if you have any question please write down in comments below. Thank you.

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