How to Vent Your Portable Clothes Dryer

Here’s how to vent your NewAir Mini
Dryer26W and 36W in three easy steps. Step 1
Attach the exhaust pipe to the exhaust fan at the back of the dryer choose an
up or down position depending on the way, how and the location where you want to
vent your dryer. Step 2 Connect a 3-inch dryer duct to the
exhaust pipe. Make sure it’s tightly sealed by using
clamps or dryer vent installation tape. Step 3
Vent your dryer duct out of a window or door. If possible ensure that the duct is
well sealed. You can also purchase an indoor vent kit and vent your dryer
indoors. Now you’re all set to make quick work of loads of fresh clean laundry
with your NewAir MiniDryer26W and 36W

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  • Do we have to do this prior to using the dryer? Can't we just use the tubing that comes with it?

  • I love my dryer! I didn't use the duct it came with I purchased an indoor kit and it's great. My house doesn't get hot , my walls are fine and it catches the lint. I know a lot of people are against the indoor dryer kits but I'm not having any problems. Plus I'm a single mom and coin laundry was just not an option. I love washing my clothes in my apartment. Thank you guys so much!

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