How to use your ePortfolio let’s get started in kiwiconnexion

Hi I’m David Bell. Welcome to these tutorials on how to increase
your creative output and share it wisely. I’ve got some exciting info to share. Info that will benefit you in two direct ways. First it will show you how to showcase your
creative work. And second it will give you loads of insights
into how others use and that can be very, very useful. Just before we begin, it really pays dividends
to apply your learning as you go. So rather than finish a video tutorial and
think about applying it tomorrow, why not do it immediately. At the end of each tutorial is a quick two
minute application for you to try. So, welcome to episode 1 of how to use the #kiwiconnexion ePortfolio. It’s powered by Mahara software version 16.04 That word mahara is from the Maori language. And it means recalling things to mind. Active reflection is the hallmark of creativity
in every way. And here that’s what we enable you to do. Actively reflect on theology, and the gospel,
in church life, Christian thought and history refining old ideas and creating new insights. And sharing them with others. So let’s begin by looking at a highly successful
ePortfolio which belongs to one of our most creative
participants. When you first login into #kiwiconnexion you
land at your personal dashboard. In another tutorial we will learn how to navigate
and change it. Meantime you need to learn just one fact. The most important page is actually your profile
page. To find it, go to the upper part of the screen
and click your name. Click any name or personal photo and you will
always go to a profile page. Now unfortunately, demostudent2 hasn’t got
a very interesting profile page. So let’s find a friend for him and see whether he can in fact see a better
profile page. So we will search for Stuart. And a couple of Stuarts come up and we want
Stuart Manins. We’ve gone to Stuart’s profile and over the years he’s put an impressive
output onto it. In this series of video tutorials you will
learn how to enhance your profile, give it a web presence – very helpful for
lay preachers, pastors and ministers, display Open Badges and other awards create collections and pages and write journals that feed out as blogs meet friends around groups join Night School and be part of Live-on-air. You can assign permissions for viewing in
and beyond your portfolio. But suppose you just want to be using
resources rather than creating them? Let’s go back to the dashboard for demostudent2. You can do that. Many of our participants are just there to
browse the resources and use them and we welcome them for that. Kiwiconnexion videos also appear in Facebook
and Instagram, Google+ and Twitter and Linkedin etc. But it’s fair to say none of those can compare to the complete
experience of a dedicated ePortfolio user where non-formal and informal social learning
really happens. So here’s your first application to try. When you next login into #kiwiconnexion and
you’re at your dashboard. you will see an Open Badge. Click it and read what it’s all about. But don’t apply for it just yet. If you want to go a little further before
the next video look for the profile completion tips. As these
are ticked off the badge starts to become available. Well, thank you very much for watching and let’s hope that as time goes on your able to do just that little bit more
on your profile and turn it into something that’s highly marketable highly desirable and your interest groups,
your parishioners, your congregations will be very interested to see how you develop
it. Of that I am sure. See you next time..

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