How to Use Smart Call History in Truecaller

Let’s talk about smart call history for Truecaller on Android This is the call history on Truecaller. The little ‘true’ symbol next to someone’s
name means that the call has been identified by Truecaller. What you may also see is ‘Last Seen’. This indicates when it’s a good time to call. Also in the call history if you want to get rid of numbers you can just slide it down. No blocked calls – life is good! If you want to get rid of any of your calls you can look just here on the menu and you can decide to clear all calls or you can slim the view if you have multiple calls from one caller. You can look at incoming calls… oops! we don’t have any incoming calls… You can look at outgoing calls, missed calls,
blocked – anything. Let’s go ahead and clear all calls.

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