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  • Really hoping you spend more time and do some vids on autotrack thanks!

  • Thank you very much for your videos! Hope you'll find some time to explain how to use the Rich Snippets with GTM 🙂

  • Great vvideo! Thanks a lot! that`s very useful)

    I remember once in your video about Ecommerce tracking you promised to post one about implementing and setting an Enhanced Ecommerce with GTM..
    Hope to hear from you!
    Thank you, Julian!

  • Great Video – short and functional

  • In the funnel – can we use regex?
    Basically the format we choose on top is the one used in the funnel so if we choose starts it uses starts in the funnel?

  • Finally o/ Thanks !! I was stuck for days because I did not know how to setup a funnel on several category pages with different URL structures. Thanks to RegEx now i can 🙂 !

    Suggestion :
    It would be nice if you added a comment regarding Regex in your funnel videos, because every time I watched one I thought "Ok, that's great video. But I can't do that if I have several URL to match instead of a single one :'-( "

    Also the title of this video is very accurate, it's about RegEx, however I did not help people like me who did not know about RegEx a few hours ago. Some SEO about the problem you fix rather than the tools used to fix them might bring you more traffic. When I had my funnel issue I searched for "multiple url funnel" not "RegEx"obviously 🙂

    Great job and great channel. Keep up the good work !

  • Outstanding Video! What is the limit of number of RegEx terms you can "gang" together using the pipe character "or" operator? Also do the RegEx operators in this video, this work when setting up custom segments in Google Analytics?

  • Fantastic. Having spent hours on the phone with Google specialist my issue was solved by watching this 10 min video. Good stuff!

  • Julian you are the man. Been following your videos and completed your auto event course and I must say you are a superb teacher and have great lessons all the time. Keep up the good work. Support from Sweden. //Adam

  • Happy Ninja FTW!

  • This is really good, helped a lot. Would wish for an even advanced video

  • I use only GTM script in my site, and i have a site search which has url query,
    how to setup to track my site search in google analytics site search

  • It shouldn't work, should it? Because the RegEx you use is "flying-ninja|happy-ninja" in which the hyphen "-" is a meta character. Shouldn't it be "flying-ninja|happy-ninja"?
    Please explain! Thank you very much.

  • Great Tut as always 🙂 love your videos! :)))

  • Thanks a lot for explanation of regular expresion setup for goals!

  • Great work clear and short to point.

  • hey julian can you do a video about GA goals vs GA ecommerce transanctions vs google ads tracking??

  • Your lessons are very helpful. Keep it coming ; ) this one is just what i was looking for.

  • if there are a total of three products and we want to make a segment only for those three and they have more than one character in their name how we can make that…

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