How to Use Google Calender : Searching Within Google Calendar

Since Google Calendar is made by Google, of
course the search works really well. It’s pretty easy to spot, right up here. You’ve
got two options; search public calendars and search my calendars. I should make that three
options, because you can also show your search options for your “search my calendars.” Just
quickly though, the search public calendars; remember earlier when you can add a public
calendar, and it takes you to this page where you can browse calendars, and search for them
right there. It basically just makes it a little bit easier, because it puts the search
right on your calendar page. So I could search anything right here, and if I search public
calendars it would show me all the public calendars that have anything to do with Austin;
like that. But, if you’re just going to be searching your events, you would do search
my calendars, and just to show you real fast a search for dinner. I accidentally clicked
the wrong calendar. I accidentally clicked search public calendars. Make sure that you
click the right one. I’ll just search my calendars, and now any event containing the word dinner
pops up right here. But let’s say I’m trying to find this dinner with Matt, right here.
Let’s say I have a whole lot of other dinners between now and March 4th, and just searching
dinner brings up a whole lot of search results, and I can’t really find what I’m looking for.
In that case, I would want to go to show search options. You just get a lot more detailed
things to search, and it might make it easier to find what you’re looking for, and to narrow
down your results. You can search the what, which is the basic thing you enter whenever
you make an event. The who; if it was created by somebody else, or you invited somebody,
those people will be listed under the who. You can search the where section. Of course,
you would have had to have filled this out when you created the event. You also have
the option to search a certain calendar, or all your calendars. You can say if it doesn’t
have these words bring it up. You can also set a date range, and it brings up a little
pop-up to make it easy to do that. Just to give you an example; say I couldn’t even remember
who I was having dinner with, but I could remember where we were going to have dinner.
If I search that it brings it up right away, because Maudie’s is in the where section.
It will bring up your search results and a little search results tab just like that.
If you wanted to actually look at the event, you could just click on it, and then you’ve
got all this information right here, and you can go ahead and edit all the details, just
like that. So that’s how you use the search option in Google calendar, and the advanced
search option. It’s just a really easy way to find what you’re looking for. You don’t
have to waste your time searching through the months, looking for it on your own. Just
go ahead and search for it if you remember anything about it, because it works so well
that most likely you’re going to find it really fast.

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