How to Use Firefox and Get the Most Out of Your Browser

How to Use Firefox and Get the Most out of
Your Browser. Want to get the most out of your internet
experience? Check out the latest and greatest tips from
Mozilla’s Firefox. You will need Internet access and firefox. Step 1. Browse multiple websites from a single Firefox
window with tabs. Click the Plus sign to open a new tab; then,
type a URL or search item right into the Location bar, as if it were a new window. Click and drag tabs to reorder them in a window
or to move them to their own windows. To close a tab, click the X on the tab’s right
side. When searching, switch the search engine you
use by clicking on its icon in the search bar. Step 2. Make Firefox’s settings work for you. In Windows, select Tools, then Options to
set your own homepage, save your tabs for the next time Firefox starts, pick where to
store downloaded files, change your tab settings, and much more. On a Mac, click Preferences under the Firefox
menu. You can always restore Firefox’s default home
page. Step 3. Firefox makes it easy to find your favorite
sites. Just click the star icon in the Location bar
to bookmark a page; click it again to edit the bookmark’s name and the folder where it’s
stored or to input searchable tags you can type into the Location bar to find the page
quickly. To view bookmarks in the browser window, press
Command and B on a Mac or Control and B on a PC. Step 4. Use Firefox for safe and secure browsing,
too. Click Clear Recent History under Tools to
erase private data, such as your browsing and search history, cookies, and cache, or
choose Start Private Browsing and surf the web without saving any traceable data to your
computer. Firefox also blocks pop-ups and possibly malicious
sites automatically. Step 5. Really want to get the most out of your browser? Check out the add-ons that make Firefox unique
— plug-ins and extensions that provide additional functionality and features, or personas and
themes that change Firefox’s visuals for a truly personal experience — and discover
how a great browser gets better every day. Did you know The Firefox support website,
powered by volunteers from Mozilla’s community, has lots of information about using Firefox.

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