How to Use EndNote in 6 Minutes: Macintosh

How to Use EndNote in 6 Minutes
Macintosh This video will give you a
fast start on using EndNote. It will show you— How to create an EndNote Library. Two ways to import a reference from an online
database, using PubMed as an example. How to create a custom group
and add references to it. How to use Find Full Text to
download PDFs for references. How to insert a reference in a Word document. How to format a bibliography,
using the APA style as an example. How to add page numbers to a citation. On Macintosh, EndNote will
automatically create your first library. To create an EndNote library,
select New from the File menu. EndNote will name the library “My EndNote
Library” but the name can be changed. Do not save it in any cloud syncing folders, such as those for Dropbox,
Google Drive, or OneDrive. Syncing folders such as these will
corrupt the EndNote library over time. Also, do not save it to a network drive. EndNote libraries should be kept
on your computer’s hard drive. Click the Save button to save the new library. The first method of importing is Online Search. In EndNote, click the
Online Search Mode button. Select the online database you want to search. There are thousands more available,
these are just the most popular ones. Build your search. Click the Search button to perform the search. Click the OK button. Select the references you want in the list. Click the Copy to Local Library button. Click the Local Library Mode button to
see the contents of your EndNote library. The references you just copied are shown
in the temporary Copied References group. To create a permanent
group for your references, select Create Group from the Groups menu. Enter the name of your group and press Return. Select the references to add to the new
group and drag them into the group. Another method of importing
references is direct export. I am going to import some references
from PubMed as an example, but this method can be used with
many other online databases. I am using Firefox for this example
because it supports direct export on both the Windows and Macintosh platforms. Direct export will not work with Safari. Perform your search of the
online database in your browser. Select the references you want to import. For PubMed, mark the
references to select them. Click the Send to link, then
select Citation Manager. The link or button to start direct export may be called different things
by different data providers. Look for something that talks about saving,
exporting, or importing references. If offered a choice of formats, select
the one that mentions EndNote or RIS. For PubMed, selecting Citation Manager will
save it in the correct format for direct export. Click Create File. Firefox will ask if you want to open the file
and what program you want to open it with. Select EndNote. For Macintosh, you will need to navigate
to the EndNote folder in Applications to select the EndNote application. Click the OK button. On the Macintosh, the references might
import right into your open library or you might be asked to select a library. The new references are shown in the
Imported References temporary group. Drag the new references to the
permanent group they should belong to. To have EndNote try to find the PDFs
for references, select the references, then click the Find Full Text button. If EndNote is able to find the PDFs, you will see paperclip icons
appear by the references. After a reference is in the EndNote library,
it can be added to a Word document. In Word, click where you want
to put an EndNote citation. Then click the Go to EndNote button. Select the reference or
references you want to insert. Click the Insert Citation button. The reference is inserted into your
paper and instantly formatted. To change the style, click the
Configure Bibliography button. Be sure the option to link citations
to the bibliography is unmarked until you are finished working
with the document, to avoid jumping to the bibliography
whenever you click in a citation. Select the style from the list of favorites. If your favorite style is not showing, you can
use the Browse button to see more styles. Click the OK button. To add page numbers to a
citation, click on the citation, then click the Edit & Manage Citation(s) button. Add page numbers to the Pages
field, then click the OK button. EndNote can do a lot more than this. If you would like to learn more, there are many training resources
available in the EndNote LibGuide.

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