How to upload photos to Google drive from android

Hello everyone and welcome to my youtube
channel and today in this video we will see how to upload our photos from the
Android device to the Google Drive. Now for that one you need to at first
install Google Drive in your Android device. So let me go ahead and I need to
open Google Play Store and then I will look for the application Google Drive.
Then I will install this application I need to wait for a few minutes so that
the application will be installed in my Android device. So once the application
is installed in my Android device what I will do is I will close this window. Then
I will go to photos or the gallery. Then I will go to the camera app and then I
will select that picture which I want to upload in the Google Drive. If you want
to select more than one just select one picture and then select the other one
also and then what I will do I will tap on this share icon at the bottom here
and then I have to select save to drive. Now you need to allow Google Drive to
access your photos and medias, so allow. Now these are the two pictures which I
want to save in my Google Drive. Now if you have more than one gmail ID which
you have used in the android device then you can select from here. For me I would
select this one and then I will select save. So now those two pictures are saved
to the Google Drive. Now if you want to again go to the Google Drive and delete
those pictures what we will do is we have to go and open at first the Google
Drive and if I scroll down and if I see here, this is the picture which I have just
now uploaded to the Google Drive. So if I have to remove this picture from the
Google Drive. I will select this picture. I will tap on this menu scroll down and
then there is an option here remove I will select remove and then select move
to bin. So now this picture will be removed from the Google Drive. So this is
how you can upload pictures to the Google Drive or remove the picture from
the Google Drive. Thank you for watching this video. Please like
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