How to turn Restricted Mode on and off

In this video, we’ll show you
how to turn on restricted mode on computers and phones. This can help hide videos
with potentially mature content but note that
filters might not be 100% accurate. Now we’ll show you how to enable this. On a computer, click
your account icon at the top of the page. Now click “Restricted mode”
at the bottom of the menu. Click “Activate restricted mode”. On a mobile device,
tap your account icon at the top of the screen. Now tap Settings. Tap the Restricted mode toggle
to turn it on if you’re on iOS. For Android, you’ll need
to tap “General” to get to this. By the way, you can always
go back to these settings in the future to enable or disable this. If you’d like to learn more
about restricted mode visit the help center article
in this video’s description. And that’s it! Subscribe for more YouTube tips and tricks.

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  • I now I am talking about this is different but one channel just disappeared the channel is called toy caboodle I hope you will reply ………?

  • At 0:42 there are some settings missing like the take a brake or mobile data usage. I got the newest version of YouTube but I can't find them.

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  • I don't understand what " some filters might not be 100% accurate" means.
    I understand this feature should keep 18+ material from the 13yo audience, but it seems flawed, or has it been improved?

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  • Well this literally doesn't help and I'm using a VPN to post this comment.

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  • I can’t turn it off because it is locked please help it’s been going on for a very long time and I hate it

  • Mam problem z uruchomieniem transmisji na żywo na youtube. Zweryfikowałem konto parę dni temu a nadal wyświetla mi się informacja, że transmisja na żywo będzie dozwolona za 24h. – nie pasuje do żadnych odpowiedzi w Pomocy usługi YouTube.

  • Why is restricted mode “either or”. When enabled it restricts way too many videos I deem innocent, causing great frustration to me and my son. But I don’t want to open the gates completely. Why not more fine-grained control? At least 2-3 levels of restriction would be nice. Or better yet, if a parent could white-list videos.

  • Thx now i can comment again

  • Is there anyway to permanently block the comments? I don't want YouTube suitable for kids since I'm an adult but the comment section on YouTube is horrific. I want to have no access to the comments, I want to enjoy YouTube again. Ty. 🙂

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  • How I get YouTube all features???? Supose videos, playlist etc

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  • Your help section sucks I am unable to find way to contact Google for support. My YouTube became locked down by restricted mode. Apprently by a device administrator. I own this phone why would option be greyed out. Well under security and administrators. Find my device and Google pay were setup as system administrators. I had to remove the rights from them to regain access to turn off restricted mode. I find this to be total BS.

  • O modo restrito está desativado e tenho mais de 18 anos, mas os vídeos com restrição de idade não carregam para mim

  • The real question is why isn't this setting in the "settings" page, WTF.

  • Good job..

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  • I got a Chromecast and wanted to use it with Google Assistant on my phone, so I said "Okay Google, play Vivaldi on Living Room TV", but rather than start playing I got a blank screen saying I had to turn disable Restricted Mode. I looked in my Account on the PC and on my Phone, the Restricted Mode was disabled on booth units, the strange thing is that I can start Youtube, start a video and then cast it to TV without any problem, this is only when I try to use Google Assistant.

    Do anyone know why that happen and how to fix it? I want to use the TV through the Routines in Google Clock, the channel/video I want to play do not contain any mature or adult rated content.

  • thanks

  • "On your computer………" This doesn't help Android and iPhone users…….😒

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  • I turned it off and I still can’t see my comments that people said on my videos

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  • Bagai mana mengaktipkan dan nonaktifkan mode teebatas

  • How do I change my old account to watch restricted videos? Are you telling me please?

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  • on my PC it says resticted mode is turned on but i did not turn it on and i cant turn it off… someone pls help (btw no one else has acces to my PC so i dont think that is the problem)

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  • I'm trying to exporte a vídeo from Editor Rockstar but this restrict mode is interrupting me. IT'S DEACTIVATED BUT DOESN'T WORK !!!

  • Thanks for info.

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  • I have a problem with restricted mode (i have this mode off but i still couldnt see somme videos ,it says that restricted mode is on )Also my phone is an android

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  • i wish restricted mode did not disable comments

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  • I'm glad this exists….I couldn't turn off restricted mode in forever! Thx

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  • Hi, I've disabled monetization from my channel without any warning, even though I do not violate YouTube policies

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