How to Tie a Tie: THE TRINITY KNOT (slow+mirrored=beginner) | How to Tie a Trinity Knot (easy)

Hi my name is Ben and I’m going to teach you
how to tie one of the coolest knots of this generation. The Trinity Knot. All right, so first a quick word about the
type of tie you want to use when tying this knot. In my experience, you want to go stripes all
the way. It gives it the contrast it needs and makes it stand out. Otherwise, it just
blends in and looks like any other tie. However, when I teach this knot I’m going
to use this tie because the stripes kind-of make it hard to follow what I’m doing. So, I’ll use the yellow tie. Both of these
ties are found on our website and with that, lets get started. All right, so you have your necktie over your
neck, you shirt buttoned and your collar up. The Trinity Knot is tied with the skinny end,
so, you want to line the wide end up to about the tip of your belt. Then, cross your left hand over and pinch
the wide end. Cross your right hand over and pull the skinny end over the wide end. There.
That is the first step. Pretty easy. All right, so you have the skinny end pulled
in front of the wide end. and then the second step is to take the skinny end, push it up
through the hole between your necktie and your neck. Pull it all the way out and then you keep
the skinny end on the right side. Then, you push the skinny end behind the knot that is
now forming, up and through the hole between your necktie and your neck but this time the
opposite way that you went through last time. At this point, I try to get this middle knot
as tight as I can because this is going to hold the shape of the knot and you’re going
to need the length later on (depending on your tie). So now, you take the skinny end and you pass
it in front of that triangle that you just made. And that starts to look like a necktie.
This will eventually be the bottom peice of our Trinity Knot. So, now I’m going to push the skinny end up
through (like we’ve already done one time). Pull it through. And then I’m going to loosen
this front piece. Remember, I said it was the bottom of the trinity knot. I’m going
to stick the tip of the skinny end through the cover piece, the bottom piece. And this
is the top piece of the Trinity Knot. At this point the skinny end is still on the left
side. Then, I’m going to pass the skinny end behind
one more time and then up and through the top piece. Fish for it. 🙂 Pull it through just a little bit. So at this point the knot is tied. We’re done.
But we need to tighten it. And tightening is particularly important when
you’re tying with a striped tie. The way that is done is…when you pull on this piece,
the right piece, it is going to tighten the top. See that? And when you pull on the top piece, it is
going to tighten the bottom. Obviously, when you pull on this end, it is going to tighten
the side piece. So, remember how we put the bottom piece in
place first? So, you’re going to want to…if you need more slack, you’re going to want
to tighten the top piece first, then the side piece, and then the third one. Walla! I always like to open the bottom of the knot
up just a little bit. All right, so I just tied a striped tie to
show you how tightening is so important. Right now, the Trinity Knot looks ok. You
can tell it is the Trinity Knot but it looks the best when you get the stripes to all hit
the center of the knot at the same place. And so, tightening is critically important. Remember, by pulling the bottom of the side
piece, you’re going to tighten the top. And by pulling the top you’re going to tighten
the bottom. And so, this stripe already looks like it is in place, we just need to get the
top and the right piece aligned with it. To get the top aligned with the bottom I’m
going get a little more slack on the top and then I’m going to pull the right/side down
so that those two lines meet at the center of the knot. Then, I just pull the right piece so that
it meets at the same place and walla! For the experts, practice tightening and you
can get a knot that just looks fabulous. And that is the Trinity Knot. If you master
this knot post a picture or a video on instagram and tag it #mynicetie. Those videos and pictures
will be show in a feed at (as long as they are appropriate). And, subscribe
to our channel so that you remember where to find the best videos for tying ties online. And with that, keep looking classy. This is
Ben, signing out.

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