How To Sync Safari Web Browsing History to iCloud?

Hello YouTube. This is Praveen for TechEmpty. Here in this video we are going to see the
procedure on how you can sync the safari web browsing history to iCloud on your Mac computer
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new. So, without any further ado, let’s get started. Do you know, by default, you can’t sync the
Safari web browsing history of your Mac computer which prevents you to access the browsing
history on all your iOS devices or Mac computers? If you don’t know the fact, that’s fine. Here in this video you will see the steps
on how you can sync Mac Safari browsing history to iCloud. This enables you to access the web browsing
history on all your iOS devices and Mac computers which shares the same iCloud account. When you open the Safari browser, there you
won’t see any option at the menu to sync the browsing history to iCloud. Actually, this option is not available to
everyone until you run a command with full administrative rights. To do that, open System Preferences then Security
& Privacy then Unlock to make changes then Choose Full Disk Access and here add the Terminal
which is inside the Utilities folder. Now lock to prevent further changes. Before running the necessary commands, you
must quit the Safari browser. Now open Terminal and run the following command. defaults write IncludeInternalDebugMenu
1 Once you run the command, open the Safari
web browser and there you see the Debug menu. Here choose Sync iCloud History to access
your browsing history across all your iOS devices and Mac computers. To disable the Debug menu, just run the following
command by quitting the Safari browser. defaults write IncludeInternalDebugMenu
0 Again you will need to relaunch Safari for
the changes to take effect. That’s it for this quick video. I hope you find the video useful. If you do, please hit the like button and
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