How to Submit your VAT Return Online

Welcome to this video on how to submit your
VAT Return. Nearly all VAT-registered businesses have to submit their VAT Returns online. There
are two ways you can do this. You can use HMRC’s free online service or you can use
commercial software. An advantage of using commercial software is that it will help you
prepare your return and submit it automatically. Also, because you don’t have to copy your
information to the HMRC service there’s less chance of making a mistake. Do you know
that if you’re already using accounting software you can probably use it to submit
your VAT return directly to HMRC? You can find out by checking the list of commercial
software on the GOV.UK website, or you can ask your service provider. The easiest way
to find the list is to search on GOV.UK for ‘VAT commercial software’. Whether you
use commercial software or HMRC’s online service you’ll need to have an HMRC online
account – also known as a Government Gateway account. If you registered online for VAT,
HMRC will have set you up with an online account at the same time. Now let’s look at how
to submit a VAT return using HMRC’s online service. First you’ll need to sign in. You
can do this through GOV.UK. We’ll give you a link to this screen at the end of the video.
Sign in using the User ID and Password you were given when your online account was set
up. If you don’t have them, select the appropriate link on the screen. Once you’ve signed in
you’ll see the services you’ve enrolled for. Here, you can choose to complete a VAT
return. You’ll then be given the option to set up a direct debit. Most businesses
find this the easiest way to pay. Next, choose the return that you wish to submit by selecting
the relevant period. The following screen will show the VAT period for your return and
the date the return is due. In this example the due date is 7 March 2015. It’s also
where you’ll enter your VAT figures. If you need to enter a negative amount, put a
minus sign before the figure. If you can’t complete the return in one go, you can save
what you’ve done and come back to it later to finish off. Use the ‘Save draft return’
button at the bottom of the screen to do this. But remember to complete and submit the return
before the due date. On the next screen check that all the figures are correct, particularly
those for boxes 3 and 5 which are calculated for you. If you’ve made any mistakes you
can go back to the previous screen to fix them. Once your return is submitted you can’t
amend the figures online, so it’s important to make sure they’re right, and when you’re
confident that the figures are correct, you can go ahead and submit your return. As an
additional security check you’ll need to enter your User ID and Password once more
on this screen. When you’ve successfully submitted your return you’ll get an instant
acknowledgement on screen. From here you can print, view or save a copy of the return for
your records. And, if you wish, you can view, print or save a copy of a receipt to prove
that you have successfully submitted the return. You can see details of the returns you’ve
completed using the ‘View submitted returns’ screen of your online account, but it can
take 24 hours for a submitted return to appear here. You can sign up for email alerts so
you don’t forget to send in your VAT Return and pay on time. If you haven’t done this
already, you can do it now through your HMRC online account. We hope you’ve found this
presentation useful and will now go on to submit your VAT Return online. You can find
further guidance, including details of how to fill in each box of the return, on GOV.UK.
There’s also further HMRC support to help you with VAT such as webinars, e-learning,
emails and other videos. Finally, click on this link to go to the sign in screen on GOV.UK
and submit your return. Thank you for watching this video.

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