How to selectively delete browsing history

a web browsing history makes navigating
to your favorite sites easy but what happens when you need to visit a site
that you don’t want everyone knowing about maybe you’re researching a gift
for a spouse or you forgot to enable private browsing whatever the reason
deleting your entire history might be overkill instead in this tech tip I’ll
show you how to remove specific sites from your search history in Chrome click
on the options button in the top right and select history if you hover over the
sites in the list a check box will appear in the column to the left check
that box and any others you want to remove then click remove selected items
at the top Google will remind you that you can browse in incognito mode which
doesn’t log anything in your history click remove and your tracks will be
raced in Internet Explorer click on the star icon in the top right then the
history tab in the drop-down menu click view by site or by date depending on
your preference if you choose view by site you can right-click on the site and
select expand to see the individual pages visited right-click and select
delete to remove the page or the entire site from your history in Firefox the
process is a little different go to history in the top menu bar then select
show all history click on a time period in the left column and all of your
browsing history will be displayed select a site in the right window and
right click on it click delete this page if you select forget about this site
Firefox will remove all entries related to that site rather than just an
individual page for The IDG News Service I’m Nick barber and that’s your tech tip

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