How to See, Download & Delete your Google Search history

Hello Friends!! How are you all? Today I am going to tell about whatever you searched on Google & Youtube. Google have it stored. so let’s learn how to see your entire search history , Download it & even delete it. So stick with me, I am Ashu and you are most welcome to my tech channel. Let’s get into it.. Intro Music To see your search history. First of all log in to your Gmail account Then search on Google MY ACCOUNT Click on My Account Then My acccount will open with lot of options to customize your account. but I am focusing about search history in this video. So click MY ACTIVITY So, I clicked go to my activity So here I can see whatever I searched today, yesterday and all & also what I searched & Saw on Youtube. Everthing I can see in listed manner what I searched in my entire life. Today’s, Yesterday, Day before yesterday and so on… So Friends! That’s how you can see your Google Search history So friends, Let’s move to next tutorial about How to delete your Search history So There are many ways to delete like you can delete today’s search data by clicking on 3 dots and delete. or you can even delete some specific search I opened today’s search and I want to delete one specific search so I am deleting this ‘How to get help from youtube..’ So I deleted this So that’s How I deleted 1 specific search history or if I want to delete bulk or entire search history. Then I have to go to Delete Activity there in Delete by date, I can select today, yesterday, last 7 days, 30 days or entire search I ever did. I can delete all here in bulk. So that was the tutorial of how to delete your search history Now let’s talk about how to download it For that go to other google activity So click on Other Google Activity When you’ll Scroll it Then you will find a option Download your past searches then click on Create Archive You can find the same option in Control your content under my account page under Download or transfer your content click on Create archive Both are same option, just available on 2 places then click on Create Archive so you can see Download your data page is open here i can select what I want to download or not Here I let all checked because I want all maps, youtube & all click next here choose in what format you want the file choose Zip file then select size, 2 GB Then select how you want to download the file, I selected by e-mail then click on create archive We are preparing your archive means Google is creating my download file, it may take time depends how much you searched then they will send it to my email So let’s check my email ID Email has arrived with subject ‘Your google data archive is ready’ there is a option to download archive and also written that I have to download it before 8 aug So click on Download Archive Finally , A final step to download and download started So that’s how you can download your google search history on your PC. THIS IS YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. KEEP IT SAFE. Don’t download it on any public computer download it on your own system I hope you liked this video. Hit LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE Plzzzzz

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