How to see and delete your Google Assistant history

if you use google assistant it’s
possible to go back and get a history of every single command that you’ve issued
Google home and how it responded you can do it through the web or through an app
I’m going to show you through the app but the web system is quite simple too
so the first thing you want to do in your phone is you want to go find the
Google home app which is of course we’re all this stuff kind of ties and comes
together and then click on the hamburger icon in the top corner and you’ll find
my activity on the web if you do my activity then you get to see all of your
Google activity from all of the ways that you interact with it youTube
searches Google searches Gmail Google assistant on the phone what you’re
getting here is a pre filtered list of just the assistant stuff so if you’re
only interested in a system it’s easier to do it this way and then we can just
start scrolling down and seeing all of the times that I’ve used it the top one
here this is the most recent one this is what I’ve heard stop playing the front
door on the office TV that’s exactly what I said I was trying to switch a
security camera off from streaming if you click on details here then you can
also see that it came in through the Google app if we scroll down a little
bit more we can see for example this one at ten o’clock this morning what’s the
status of my security that’s when I was testing out a security system if I click
on details this one came in through Google home if it did come in through a
Google home then you can also listen to an audio recording of exactly what the
Google home heard so let’s do that let’s um let’s play this and see what it heard now you might want to do this if you’re
trying to troubleshoot the system I was doing that the other day I kept saying
something on my phone and it kept misunderstanding me and I couldn’t
figure out what was going wrong it was only when I played back the recording
off here that I realized that my phone wasn’t picking up on my voice at all the
Google home was picking up on my voice and it was more than a room away so it
was getting a very echoey listen to what I was saying and that’s why I kept
messing up what I was saying so you can go through and you can you
can find all of this stuff if there’s stuff in it there that you want to
delete then you also have the ability through the app to go through and click
down there and just delete it and it removes it from your history so now you
know that’s how you do it Google home or on the web it’s my activity

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