How to Search, Open and Download torrents with Vuze Bittorrent Client 5.0

Vuze Bittorrent Client video guides part 1:
How to Search, Open and Download torrents with Vuze. Let’s start by opening Vuze. Now, to search for a specific torrent within Vuze just move your pointer to the big search box at the top of the window, click it, type your desired search item and hit enter. In the results page, make sure to click on the Meta Search header to display the actual torrent results. To download a torrent, click on the big download button next to it in the results list. The download process will start and will be notified by blinking the ‘Downloading..’ item under the My Torrents category. Going there you will see the download status of the recently added torrent. The start and completion time will depend on the number of peers the torrent has and also on your internet connection bandwidth. Moving back to the Getting Started page, time to talk about opening or adding torrents to Vuze. To do this, go to the top left of the window and click the Open Torrents button.
A menu for adding torrents will pop up and you will notice there are several options here. To open a locally stored torrent file, just click the Add Files button.
Browse to where the torrent file is stored, select it and click Open. You will notice the Open Torrents window will be updated with the contents of the respective torrent, allowing you to see and select which of the containing files will be downloaded. Click OK to start. Once again, when the torrent is added, you can see the status in the Downloading window from the sidebar. For each active torrent you will have 6 options: Play selected content, Open using default application, Move up, Move down, Start or stop selected items and Remove selected items To delete from your computer or to remove from Vuze’s library one or multiple items, simply select the desired items and click the Remove selected item icon. Next we will show you how to add torrents downloaded from your internet browser to Vuze. After you find a torrent link on the Web, it’s as easy as downloading that torrent file and clicking on it after it has been downloaded. Please note that you can also copy the Torrent’s URL by right clicking the download link and selecting “Copy link/URL”. Clicking OK will automatically add it to Vuze in the “Downloading…” window. Next we will show you how to add torrents to Vuze using magnet links Simply copy the magnet link, click on Open Torrents, select Add Magnet and paste the link Alternatively you can paste the magnet link directly in the search box That’s it for now, thank you for watching and be sure to also tune in next time for more tips on using Vuze!
Until then, happy downloading!

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