How to search for grants with grantwatch if you do not have a login please sign
up enter your email address and click login if you’ve gotten your password
click forgot password otherwise if you know your password type it in and click
log in to search for a grant change your location you can search for us outside
the US or a specific state once you’ve chosen your location enter a
keyword relating to your grant into the search bar and press search it has now narrowed down the grants to
all the available plans containing your keyword click search filters to narrow
down your search results I can choose particular categories types of funding source particular states or countries click apply filters the results are more defined this is our
advanced keyword search click view full grant as a member plus
you’ll be able to view the agency type, the funding source, the deadlines, a
description, the GrantWatch ID The estimated size of
grant the eligibility pre-application information, and any contact information click Add to my calendar if you want to
be reminded about this particular grant if you need assistance you can also
request a grant writer or alternatively you can use the right side menu to pick
a category after choosing the category for this
particular state you can see the narrow down the search results click my account
to see Grant’s view today this makes it easy to see all the grants you have you
today click on my account click my grants calendar click on my
Grants calendars to be notified of the due dates for the upcoming grants being
a member plus also gives you access to MWBEzone where you can find grants for
minorities women business and enterprise GrantWatch time to apply

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