How to review your Apple Watch workout history in the Activity app – Apple Support

Whenever you work out
with your Apple Watch, it logs a summary which you
can use to track your progress. Here’s how to review
your workout history. To get started, open
the Activity app on your iPhone. Then, tap Workouts. Here you’ll see all of
the workouts you’ve completed while wearing your Apple Watch,
organized by month. This includes workouts completed
using the Workout app, as well as third-party fitness
apps that record workouts to the Apple Health app. Each workout is color coded
based on the goal you set. Green is for an open goal,
red if for calories, blue is for distance,
and yellow is for time. To look at
a specific type of workout, tap All Workouts
in the upper-right corner, and then select a workout type. We’re going to look
at our hiking history. If you’d like to learn more
about your performance during a certain workout, tap it to take a look
at your metrics. For hikes, you’ll see your
active and total calories, distance, elevation gain,
total time, heart rate, average pace,
and more. The metrics will vary depending on what type
of workout you’re viewing. If you scroll down, you may see
that day’s weather conditions, as well as
a map of your route if you’re looking
at outdoor walks, hikes, bike rides,
open water swims, or runs. Tap the map to see more detail, including a heat map
of your speed at various points on your route. Green shows your fastest pace,
red is your slowest, and yellow is your average pace. Tap Back when you’re done. Want to see your
workout averages by month? Tap the back arrow
in the upper-left corner to go back
to the previous screen. Then tap the back arrow again. Here, you’ll see how many times
you worked out each month, plus your total and average time
and calories. You might see other metrics too, depending on the workout type
you selected. This is a great way to get
a general sense of performance or to see if your average pace
is improving. And that’s how to find
your workout history. Way to keep it up! For more helpful
Apple Watch tips, subscribe to
the Apple Support channel or click another video
to keep watching. ♪ Music playing ♪

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