How to Restrict Deleting / Clearing Browser History in Windows 10 / 8.1

It is easy to clear all the tracks of internet
activities, just with a click of mouse, and you may never know, what sites your children
were visiting behind your back. But now, you can prevent this by disabling the Delete History
button. To do this, press Windows + R key, to open
run command, and type GPEdit.MSC. Navigate to Administrative Templates under Computer
Configuration. Under Administrative Templates, expand Windows Components, and then click
Internet Explorer. Expand Internet Explorer, and move to Delete Browsing History. From
right-side pane, double-click on “Prevent Access to Delete Browsing History”, and enable
this policy. Apply the changes. Now, you can easily track which website has
been visited, because they were no longer be able to Delete the browsing history data.
Keep in mind that, you must close and reopen Internet Explorer, for settings to take effect.
There is still one more glitch in the settings. If you access History bar, from view menu,
you can see that, the users are still able to delete a particular site from the history
list. To prevent this, you need to enable one more policy from GPEdit. Navigate to Delete
Browsing History as mentioned earlier. Double-click on, �Disable Configure History�, and enable
this policy as well. This setting will remove the delete option from the context menu, when
a user right-click on history list. But if your children are smart enough, then
they can use In-Private Browsing option from Tools menu, and you may never know, what sites
they had visited, because in-private browsing data will not be included in the history.
To prevent them accessing in-private browsing option, open G P Edit again, and configure
one more policy for Internet Explorer. Under Internet Explorer settings, click on Privacy,
double-click on Turn Off In-Private browsing, and enable this policy as well.
Now, they will no longer be able to access in-private browsing option either from tools
menu, or through keyboard shortcut. Hope you will like this video. Keep liking,
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  • can you do something similar to this for a windows phone?

  • Cách để chặn người dùng xóa lịch sử duyệt web trên google chrome?

  • Nice tutorial but one question…should I do this on the admin account(mine) or the standard user account (my kids)?

  • This is soooooo helpful with my very tech-savy teen! Thank you so much for not only showing how to prevent deletion but also turn off the hidden search option as I only knew of this on apple but not the PC. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

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